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Valuable Basic Questions

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Basic Questions

  • The raised place in Attapady-Sholayar
  • The first Chambu in Malayalam-Unniachi Charitham
  • The deepest trench in Moon-Neuton trench
  • In which place Darjiling situated-West Bengal
  • Name the planet having less density-Saturn
  • The capital of Poland-Warso
  • The animals having more pregnancy period-Elephant
  • Whose work is ‘David Copper Field’-Charles Dickens
  • The biggest ocean-Pacefic Ocean
  • The Asian country having more sea shore-Indonesia
  • The rarest element found in human body-Manganese
  • From where the river Kavery originates-Brahma giri from Kurg districts
  • The first congrete dam in India-Mattupetty Dam
  • The father of population explosion theory-Malthus
  • The first cinemascope picture in India-Kagas ke phool
  • Name the state situated west in india-Gujarath
  • World television day-November 21
  • In which year Kerala acdemy started-1956
  • The first non congress prime minister who completed the term-A.B.Vajpey
  • The mother of Indian revolution-Madam Bhikaji Kama
  • The place in Kerala having more rain-Nerya Mangalam(Ernakulam)
  • Who wrote the line, ‘Kakke Kakke Kood Evide’-Ulloor
  • Who started railway in India-Delhousie
  • In which year Huyansang visited Keralam-AD 630
  • The birth place of coffee-Ethopia
  • In which country the Orange river flown-South Africa
  • Whose work is ‘Paradise lost’-John Milton
  • The person who is known Keral Asokan-Varagunan
  • Who was known as second Alexander-Alavudeen Khilji
  • How many times Lokh Sabha meeting occurred in an year-3 times
  • The spiritual predecessor of Gandhi-Vinobha Bhave
  • Who wrote the short story in Malayalam, ‘Vasana Vikruthi’-Vengayil Kunji Raman Nair
  • In which year crips mission reached in India-1942
  • Name the port in Malappuram districts-Ponnani
  • The first open jail in Keralam-Nettukaltheri
  • In which state Patyala city situated-Punjab
  • The motherland of Tolstoy-Russia
  • In which year Youth Festival started in India-1957
  • In which country ‘the mother land statue can be seen’-Russia
  • Whose work is ‘One day wonder’-Sunil Gavaskar
  • How many union territories is there in India-6
  • Who wrote ‘war and peace’-Tolstoy
  • The lengthiest river in China-Yangtsee
  • The first cinemascope picture in India-Thacholi Ambu
  • The ocean having trigonometric shape-Pacefic
  • Whose work is ‘Kinglear’-William Shakespere
  • Who started Saka era-Kanishkan
  • The capital of Madhyapradesh-Bhopal
  • Which state in India is known as ‘Tiger State’- Madhyapradesh
  • The ‘cathedral city of India’-Bhuvaneshwar


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