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Valuable Constitutional Questions

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Constitutional Questions

  • Which parliament is known as ‘mother of all parliament-Britain
  • Legislature in India is known as-Parliament
  • Indian parliament consists of-President Lokh sabha&Rajya sabha
  • The parliament house of India was designed by-Herbert Backer &Edwin Lutyens
  • A draft of a legislative proposal is known as A bill
  • Zero hour starts at-12 noon
  • The term Zero hour is coined during 1960s by the-Press
  • Adjournment Sine-die-means-Termination of the sitting without any definite date being fixed for its next meeting
  • Article 101 of the constitution of India deals with-Disqualification of a member absented himself for a period of 60 days from the meeting of either two houses of without prior permission
  • The two houses of parliament works through-committees
  • Which Act is known as ‘The Prime Charter of Indian Legislature –councils act of 1861
  • The parliament of India is constituted on the basis of –Principles of bicameralism
  • The parliament of India was inaugurated by- Lord Irvin 1927
  • Summoning of the sessions of parliament is done by- The Presidents
  • The first hour of every sitting of both the houses of Parliament is known as- Question hour
  • For a bill to become a law it requires-Assent of the President
  • A bill which is not a constitution amendment bill or a money bills classified as- Ordinary bill
  • A money bill can originate only in – Loka Sabha
  • A money bill should be returned from Rajya Sabhato Lok Sabha with in-14 days
  • Any bill relating to Revenue and Expenditure is- Finance bill


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