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Valuable LDC Model Questions on All parts of GK

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Model Questions for LDC Examinations-Surely asking for PSC Examinations

Followings are the typical model questions for LDC Examination.Important questions from the different parts of General knowledge are taken.Thoroughly study them and attain the highest rank for LDC Examiantions

  • What is the function of gall bladder in human beings
    Ans:store bile
  • Which minerals are needed for healthy bones
    Ans:Calcium and phosporous
  • What is the role of heavy water in a nuclear reactor
    Ans:as moderator
  • A magnet loses its magnetism permanently when the temperature reaches at a level known as
    Ans:curie point
  • Oort cloud is the repository of —
    Ans:comet supernova explosion
  • According to Watson and Crick model of DNA it is—
    Ans:double helix
  • For removing brain tumors ,physicians used—
    Ans:Gamma knife
  • Which state governments has declared October 5 as Dolphin Day
  • Who received the 2012 Seoul Peace Prize
    Ans:Ban Ki Moon
  • Who was awarded Nobel Prize for Literature 2012
    Ans:Mo Yan
  • Which island country has recently launched the world’s biggest marine park
    Ans:The Cook Island
  • The world’s highest railway bridge is now being constructed over —river in India
  • Indian Patent Act was formed in—
  • Volunteer captain of Guruvayoor Temple Sathyagraha—
  • Panchayath Raj institution came into effect with the amendment of the constitution—
  • The term knock out is associated with—
  • “A friend in need is the friend indeed” is associated with-
  • The first English school in Kerala was established at—
  • According to the Gregorian calendar saka era ,our national era begins in the year—
    Ans:AD 78
  • India first underground nuclear explosion experiment was done at—
    Ans:Pokhran in Rajasthan
  • First chairman of Kerala film academy—
    Ans:Adoor Gopalakrishnan
  • How many districts were there at the time of the formation of Kerala state
  • Who was the first woman to become the Chief Justice of Kerala High Court
    Ans:Sujatha Manohar
  • Which great poet of Malayalam died in 1924 in a boat accident
    Ans:Kumaran Asan
  • Which common wild fruit found in Kerala has the scientific name artocarpus birsutus
    Ans:Wild Jack
  • Who was the first education minister of Kerala
    Ans:Joseph Mundassery
  • Karumadikkuttan is a remnant of which culture
  • In which districts Edakkal Cave situated
  • Which is the only Cantonment in Kerala
  • In which taluk of Kerala is the blak soil abundantly found
  • Which river of Kerala once called as ‘English Channel in India’
  • The Election Commission holds election to
    Ans:Parliament,President,Vice President,State Legislature
  • Which part is known as the soul of Indian Constitution
  • The introduction of two tie system of Panchayath Raj was recommended by
    Ans:Ashok Mehta Committee
  • In India right to vote is a
    Ans:Constitutional right
  • Article 352 was declared in India during the years of
  • Who inaugurated the one year long 125th anniversary celebration of the Kerala
    Ans:Shankara Narayan
  • A common High Court for two or more states and Union Territories may be established by
  • Anglo-Indian representatives in the Lok Sabha is nominated in terms of Article
  • The non constitutional posts Rajya Sabha
    Deputy Chairman of rajya Sabha,Deputy Speaker.Deputy Priome Ans:Minister



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