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Valuable one word substitution

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  • Place where dead bodies are kept-mortuary
  • An ancient story or set of stories explaining the history of a group of people or about natural events and facts-Myth
  • Morning prayer in a church-Matins
  • Dull and uninteresting-monotonous
  • Shortness of sight-Myopia
  • A person suffering from nervous breakdown-neurotic
  • A medicine that induces sleep-Narcotic
  • Undue favour shown to relatives-Nepotism
  • One who looks at the bright side of the life-Optimist
  • One who is present every where-Omnipresent
  • One who knows everything-Omniscient
  • One who is all powerful-Omnipotent
  • One who is eighty years old-Octogenerian
  • One who cures eye-disease-Ophthalmologist
  • A place where orphans are housed-Orphanage
  • A study of birds-Ornithology
  • Study of mountains-Orology
  • Government by a few-Oligarchy
  • Ceremony at which a person becomes apreist-ordinations
  • Correct spelling-Orthography


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