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Valuable Questions in Constitution

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Constitutional Questions(3)

  • Federal court of India was set up under –The act of 1935
  • The idea of Independence of judiciary is taken from-USA
  • Which part of the Indian constitution deals with Union Judiciary-Part 5
  • Article 124 to 147 of the constitution deals-    Union Judiciary
  • Who has the power to interpret the constitution of India-The supreme court
  • Which court act as a ‘court of record’-The supreme court under article 129
  • Which is the final court of Appeai in India-The Supreme Court
  • The Supreme court came into being on-28th January 1950
  • The chief justice of India India is appointed by-The President
  • The idea of judicial review is borrowed from-USA
  • The inauguration of Supreme Court in India took place in-Chamber of Princes in Parliament
  • The judicial review in India is based on –Procedure established by law
  • Supreme court judges retires at the age of 65 yrs
  • Which is the newly launched Scheme to train young advocates practicing in Magistrate and Munsif-Rajiv Gandhi Adhivakta Prashikshnan Yojana
  • Abbreviation of NALSA-National Legal Service Authority
  • A type of writ seeking judicial review ie.an order by a higher court directing a lower court-Certiorari
  • Name the Indian state which passed the Lokayuktha Bill in 2011-Bihar
  • The main bench of Green Tribunal is set up at-Bhopal
  • In which year the Parliament passed the Supreme Court under article the protector of Fundamental Rights-1956
  • Who appoints the Chief Justice of India-The President
  • Who is the 37th the Chief Justice of India-K.G.Balakrishnan
  • Article 214 to 231 deals with-High courts
  • Which is the oldest High Courts in India-Kolkata High Courts
  • Kolkata High Courts was established on 2nd July 1862
  • Which High Courts celebrated its 150th anniversary in August 2012-Madras High Courts
  • Temporary courts which holds proceedings for a few selected months in year is called-Circuit courts
  • In India who has the power to issue writs-Supreme Court(Article 32)High Court(Article 226)
  • Which court aims at promoting conciliation in and securing speedy settlement of disputes relating to marriage and family affairs-The family courts
  • Which is known as People’s Court-Lok Adalat
  • Name the court established by the Govt:to settle dispute through conciliation compromise- Lok Adalat
  • The first Lok Adalat was held in-Chennai,1986
  • What is the main condition of Lok Adalat-Both the parties in dispute ready to agree settlement
  • The first law commission was set up in 1955
  • Chairman of 18th Law Commission-P.V.Reddy
  • Which article of the constitution provide free legal aid to the poor and weaker sections of the society-Article 39A
  • Lok Adalat is very effective in settlement of-Money claims


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