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Power of Britishers in Kerala-Details asking for KPSC Exam

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Power of Britishers in Kerala

In all the Kerala Public Service Examinations ,number of questions are asking from Kerala History and related facts.That should detemine the rank of a KPSC exams too.so study them with that interest.

  • First Englishman who came to Kerala was Master Ralph Fitch.
  • He was valuable consultant in British East India Company.
  • He is known as Pioneer Englishman.
  • The 1616 Caption Keeling arrived in Calicut with three ships which brought Sir Thomas roe to the court ofJahangir. Sir Thomas Roe was an English diplomat.
  • British merchants exported pepper to England for the first from Cochin in 1626.
  • First English factory in Kerala was set up at Vizhinjam.
  • In 1695 the English constructed the Anjengo fort with the permission of Attingal Rani. The construction was started in 1684.
  • The Attingal outbreak was on 15 April 1721. It was between the natives and the British traders. 140 Englishmen were massacred by the natives. The event was occurred near Anjengo.
  • Attingal Revolt was the first organized revolt against the English in Kerala.
  • The April 1723 a formal treaty was concluded between the English East Indian Company and the king ofTravancore. It was the first treaty negotiated by the English east India Company with an Indian state. This was a treaty of friendship.
  • Tipu Sultan ceded Malabar District to the British in 1792, and South Kanara, which included present-dayKasargod District, in 1799.
  • Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja was the ruler of the Kingdom of Kottayam in Malabar, India between 1774 and 1805. He is popularly known as Kerala Simham (Lion of Kerala). He led the Rebellion (Wynaad Insurrection) against the English East India Company.
  • Kerala Simham is a historical novel written by Sardar K.M. Panicker about Pazahassi Raja.
  • By 1800 Cochin came under the control of the English East India Company.
  • The treaty concluded in 1795 Travancore accepted the supremacy of the company.
  • Co. Macaulay was appointed as the first British resident in Travancore.
  • The treaty of 1805 which was negotiated by velu thampi Dalawa resulted in the loss of political freedom ofTravancore.
  • Kundara Proclamation made by Velu Thampi Dalawa in 11 January 1809.


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