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Malabar Rebellion-KPSC Exam

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Details regarding Malabar Rebellion asking for Kerala Public service Examinations

  • The Malabar Rebellion was in 1921.
  • The policed attempted arrest of Vadak keveetil Muhammed the Secretary of the Khilafat Committee at Pukottur inEranadu Taluk, led to a series of violent clashes between the police and the Mappilas in the Eranadu and ValluvanaduTaluks.
  • Variyankunnathu Kunjahammad Haji, Koya Tangal and Ali Musaliyar were the famous leaders of the revolt.
  • One of the tragic episodes of the rebellion was the Wagon Tragedy.
  • The Wagon tragedy was the death of 67 Mapilas on 20 November 1921.
  • The prisoners had been taken into custody following Mappila Rebellion against British Colonial rule and landlords.
  • On 10 November 1921 almost 90 detained Muslim rebels were despatched by train from Tanur to the Central Prison in Podanur (near Coimbatore). They were bundled into a freight wagon and the train set off. Pothanur jail was found to be full to maximum capacity, so orders were given to take the prisoners back. During the return journey, 67 of the 90 rebels suffocated to death in the closed iron wagon.
  • Historian Sumit Sarkar referred to it as the “Black Hole of Podanur“.


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