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Important Science section details-for PSc Examinations

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Some important compounds and their uses(N)

  1. Acetaldehyde:as an antiseptic in nose drops
  2. Aceticanhydride:used in the manufacture of aspirin ,rayonand dyes
  3. Acetone:As nailpolish remover,solvent
  4. Alum(Potassium aluminium sulphate):as a mordant in dye industry,as a styptic to stop bleeding,for sizing of paper in tanning of leather and purification of water
  5. Alumina(Aluminium oxide):as a abrasive,refractory material for the manufacture of cement,artificial gems,in chromatography
  6. Aniline:In the synthesis of dyes and dye intermediate &sulpha drugs antioxidant and accelerators
  7. Bleaching powder(mixture of calcium hypochlorite and basic calcium chloride):in the disinfection of water
  8. Calcium Ammonium Nitrate(CAN):as a fertilizer
  9. Calcium carbonate(limestone,marble,chalk):as a building material ,flux in metallurgy,in paints,distempers,toothpowder,toothpaste,medicine for indigestion,manufacture of carbon dioxide)
  10. Calcium Sulphate:In the manufacture of black board chalks,plaster of paris,sulphuric acid,ammonium sulphate and cement(Hydrated calcium sulphate is called gypsum)
  11. Carbon black:As a filler in rubber industry ,in printers ink and black paints
  12. Chloropierin:as insecticide and teargas
  13. Chloroform:as anaesthetic,preservative for anatomicalspecimens,in the preparation of chloropierin and chloretone
  14. Blue vitriol(Hydrated copper sulphate)as insecticide ,fungicide(Bordeaux mixture)in dyeing ,calicoprinting,electro typing,electroplating, preparation of fehlings solution,anhydrous copper sulphate(colourless)is used in the detection of moisture
  15. Formalin(40% solution of formaldehyde in water):used as preservative for biological specimens)
  16. Freon-12(dichloro difluoro methane a efc):used as a propellant and refrigerant
  17. Gammaxane or BHC or Lindane:as an insecticide
  18. Green vitriol(hydrated ferrous sulphate):as insecticide,mordant in dyeing, in ink and tanning industry
  19. Hydrogen peroxide:as rocket propellant,germicide,antisceptic,oxidizing agent,bleaching agentfor restoring white colour of lead painting blackned by H2S
  20. Hydrogen Sulphide:as laboratory reagent and reducing agent
  21. Hypo:Sodium thio sulphate or thio):in the metallurgy of silver and gold, as a fixing agent in photography,antichlorin volumetric analysis


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