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50 Valuable Questions in Science section asking for PSC Exams

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50-Precious Science Questions Especially Appearing for PSC Exams(N)

The following are basic questions in Science section regularlyappearing for PSC Examinations,so should not neglect any of the given below details because that should destine you to enter in the any of the rank list published by Kerala Public Service Commission .This questions frequently appearing for the PSC 2015&16 online Examinations too.

  1. Which bird egg that has the longest incubation period
  2. The element with highest boiling boint
  3. When a moving bus stops suddenly the passengers are pushed forward because of the
  4. The most abundant metal in human body
  5. Which isotope of carbon is used for Carbon dating
  6. Which is the only bird that can see blue colour
  7. Pure gold is—carat
    Ans:24 Carat
  8. Chemically respiration is
    Ans:Oxidation reaction
  9. Which is known as the the age of reptiles
    Ans:Mezozoic era
  10. The infective stage of Wuchereria bancrofti is
  11. New world hook worms otherwise known as
    Ans:Necator americanus
  12. Cycle of Ross is associated with a disease called
  13. Endo-erythrocytic cycle in Malaria is also known as
    Ans:Cycle of Golgi
  14. Eosinophilia is a pathological condition caused by —- count
    Ans:High Eosinophils
  15. Birth of Blue baby is a pathological condition associated normally due the entry of —and immunological reaction
    Ans:Rh factor of baby to mother ,by mother
  16. Graves disease is associated with overproduction of
  17. Overproduction of Parathermone causes the pathological condition
    Ans:Demineralisation of bones and teeth
  18. Atoms elements belonging to the same group of the periodic table have the same number of
    Ans:Valence Electrons
  19. The cause of periodicity in proportion is
    Ans:The recurrence of similar other electronic configuration
  20. During evaporation of liquid temperature
    Ans:temperature of liquid falls
  21. Stainless steel contains
  22. Bordeaux mixture which is used as fungicide in agriculture is
  23. Iron is manufactured from the ore
  24. Psoriasis an immune disorder with
    Ans:scaly patches on skin
  25. Lunar caustic is
  26. The number of periods in the periodic table is
  27. Which is known as philosophers wool
  28. Silver get tarnished in air due to the reaction of silver with
    Ans: H2S
  29. Variable valence is generally exhibited by
    Ans:Transition elements
  30. Penicillin was discovered by
    Ans:Alexander Fleming
  31. The metal present in insulin
  32. Natural rubber is
    Ans:Poly isoprene
  33. In the modern long form of the periodic table elements are arranged in the increasing order of
    Ans:Atomic number
  34. The elements with highest electro negativity value is
  35. The arm of a spanner is made longer because
    Ans:To increase the torque
  36. In Earth the value of acceleration due to gravity having the maximum value at
  37. Two trains moving parallel tracks in opposite direction with speeds 50 KM/Hr What is the velocity of first train seeing from the other
    Ans:100 Km/Hr
  38. Two trains moving parallel tracks in same direction with speeds 50 KM/Hr What is the velocity of first train seeing from the other
  39. The value of escape velocity of Moon is
  40. For getting maximum horizontal range the projectile should project with an angle of projection
    Ans:45 degree
  41. Who proposed Laws of Planetary Motion
  42. Who proposed the General Theory of Relativity
    Ans: Albert Einstein
  43. Non stick cooking utensils are coated with
  44. Carbon,diamond and graphite are carbon—-
  45. Ans:allotropes
  46. In fire works ,the green flame is produced because of —
  47. When washing soda applied to hard water ,the hardness
  48. Which gas is known as marsh gas
  49. LPG consists of mainly
  50. Air is a /an
    Ans:Methane ,butane and propane
  51. The most important ore of aluminium is


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