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Kerala Time Line-Valuable information for PSC Examinations

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Kerala Time Line(12/01/2016-B)

The following details are inevitable for any PSC online and offline examinations.If you are analyze any PSC Question paper ,it should be clear that in all the question paper, questions related years should be asked. Along with it explaination also given .That is helpful to study other relevant factors.

Years and happenings in that year-Brief Expainations

  • 1721-Attingal Revolt
  • 1729-Marthanda Varma becomes the king of Travancore
  • 1741-Battle of Kulachal-Marthanda Varma defeated the Dutch
  • 1750-Thrippadidhanam
  • 1755-Last Mamankom festival at Tirunavaya
  • 1766-Hyder Ali invades Malabar Kingdoms
  • 1772-Samkshepa Vedartham,the first book in Malayalam was published
  • 1792-Treaty of Sreerangapatanam
  • 1797-Revolution of Pazhassi
  • 1805-Death of Pazhassi Raja
  • 1809-Kundara Proclamation of Velu Thampi&Velu Thampi commits suicide
  • 1812-Kurichya revolt against the British
  • 1831-First census taken in Travancore
  • 1834-English education started by Swathithirunal in Travancore
  • 1847-Rajyasamacharam the first newspaper in Malayalam ,published
  • 1855-Birth of Sree Narayana Guru
  • 1865-Pandarapatta Proclamation
  • 1891-Malayali memorial
  • 1895-96-Ezhava memorial
  • 1904-Sreemulam Praja Sabha was established
  • 1920-Gandhijis first visit to Kerala
  • 1920-21-Malabar Rebellion
  • 1921-First All Kerala Congress Political Meeting was held at Ottapalam,under the leadership of t.Prakasam
  • 1924-Vaikom Satyagraha
  • 1928-Death of Sree Narayana Guru
  • 1930-Salt Satyagraha
  • 1931-Guruvayoor Satyagraha
  • 1932-Nivarthana Agitation
  • 1934-Split in the Congress.Rise of the Leftist and Rightists
  • 1935-P.Krishna Pillai and EMS Namboothiripad jointly formed the Communist party in Malabar
  • 1936-Temple entry Proclamation ,allowing the lower castes(untouchables)to enter temple
  • 1937-Travancore university established (in 1957 it is renamed Kerala University)
  • 1940-The first hydro-electric project of Kerala was started at Pallivasal
  • 1941-Kayyur Samaram
  • 1946-Punnapra Vayalar Revolt
  • 1948-The first Ministry in Travancore assumes charges with Pattom Thanu Pillai as Chief Minister
  • 1949-Integration of Travancore and Kochi
  • 1952-Consequent to the General Election of December 1951 a new ministry headed by A.J.John assumes charge
  • 1954-General Election in Travancore-Cochin&mahe was united with Indian Union
  • 1956-Formation of Kerala State
  • 1957-General Election .The first Communist Ministry headed by E.M.Sankara Namboothiripad assumes power
  • 1959-Beginning of the liberation Movement (Vimochana Samaram ),Kerala under president rule
  • 1960V.V.Giri appointed Governor of Kerala
  • 1961-Kerala Postal Circle established
  • 1963-Land reforms Act enacted in Kerala
  • 1965-First Jnanapeeda Award was given to G.Sankara Kurup
  • 1968-Muncipal election all over Kerala.Calicut university established
  • 1969-Resignation of EMS Ministry
  • 1970-Death of Mannathu Padmanabhan&Death of Pattom Thanu Pillai


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