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Various Economic Committee asking regularly for Kerala Public Service Examinations

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The following are the differant committee regularly asking for Kerala Public Service Examinations.The exam conducted by KPSC give special focus to ask questions in this sections

Economic Committees


Asoka Mehta . Reforms in panchayath Raj
Bhagawati . Unemployment
Bhootlingam . Wage, Income and prices
C Rao . Agricultural policy
C. Rao . Agricultural policy
Chatalier . finance to small scale industry
Chesi . Direct taxes
D. R Mehta . Review progress and recommend improvement measures of IRDP
Dantwala . Employments
Dave . Mutual funds
Dharia . public distribution system
G Sundharam . Export credit
G. V Ramakrishna . Disinvestment commission
Gadgil . Lead banking system
Godwala . Rural finance
Indira Goswami . Industrial sickness
Janakiramanan . Securities transactions of bank and financial institutions
K Madhav Das . Urban cooperative banks
Kamath . Education loan scheme
Karve . Education loan scheme
Khusrau . Agricultural credit
L K Jha . indirect taxes
L.C Gupta . trading of shares
Mahadevan . Single window system
Malhotra . Insurance privatization
Narasimhan I&II . Banking sector reforms
Pro sukhamonyChakravarthy . Working of Indian monetary system
Purshottam das . Agricultural finance and cooperative societies
R.S Sarkaria . Central state relationship
Raghavan . competition law
Raja Chelliah . Tax reforms
Sen . Decentralization of powers to panchayth Raj institutions
Tandon . Industrial sickness
Usha thorat . financial inclusion
Venkataswami . Deals with the enquiry of tehalka tape exposure of bribery defense deal
Vijay Kelkar . Direct and indirect tax structures
Wanchoo . Direct taxes
Y V Reddy . Reforms in small savings



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