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Brief Explanations about Brain-Asking for any KPSC Examinations

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Those who prepare for Kerala Public Service Examinations it is very necessary to study brain and its various parts.So in one way or other it will appear for KPSC Examinations

The brain is protected by cranial bone and meninges The brain is marked into forebrain, midbrain and hind brain. The forebrain consists of cerebrum, the largest part human brain. Cerebral cortex is outer layer of cerebrum. It is made of grey matter and contains many layers of nerve cells. Cerebral hemisphere is divided into frontal parietal temporal and occipital lobes. The surface of cerebral hemisphere shows many convolutions called Gyri separated by depression called Sulci. The Gyri increase the surface area of cortex to accommodate more nerves cells. The general sensory or somesthetic area in parietal lobes perceives general sensation viz pain touch and temperature. The motor area in frontal lobe control voluntary movement of muscles. The premotor area in frontal lobe is the highest centre of involuntary movement of muscles. The visual and auditory areas are in occipital lobe and are centre for visual and hearing sensation. Association area in frontal lobe is responsible for association between various sensations and movements. Memory intelligence and judgment depends on coordinated and integrated activities of different cortical centre. Hypothalamus contains higher nerve centers for temperature regulation, hunger, thirst and emotional function. It secrets neurohormones which control secretions of anterior pituitary hormones. It synthesizes the posterior pituitary hormones. The medulla oblongata controls the involuntary actions. The central control of respiratory activity in human body is exercised by medulla oblongata. EEG (Electro encephalogram) is used to record changes in the electric potential in various areas of brain. Biological death of patient means the death of tissues of the brain. Encephalitis is caused by virus. The final weight of the brain in an adult male is 1.4 kg and1.3 Kg in the case of women

Cerebellum is second largest portion of brain located at the base under cerebrum Cerebellum contains centers for the maintenance of posture and equilibrium of body and for the muscle tone. It also modulates and moderate voluntary action initiated by the cerebral cortex


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