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Most Important Science Questions asking for pSC Examinations

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50-Precious Science Questions Especially Appearing for PSC Exams(29/12/2015)

The following are basic questions in Science section and most of them will appear for any of the Kerala PSC exams in 2015 or PSC Exams in 2016.Certain percentage of people start to study after PSC notification come ,but that will not help them to enter in PSC Rank list.

  1. Rectifiers are used to convert
    Ans:Alternating current to Direct Current
  2. Magnetism at the centre of a bar magnet is
  3. Who isolated insulin ,the hormone to control diabetes
    Ans:Frederick Banting and Charles Best
  4. The scientist who is known as Second Darwin
    Ans:Ernest Mayor
  5. Which element is known as little silver
  6. Blue green bacteria are also known as
  7. Who discovered Electro Cardiogram
    Ans:William Einthoven
  8. Red data book provides data on
    Ans:Endangered plants and animals
  9. What is hematite and magnetite
    Ans:Ores of iron
  10. The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves
    Ans:Capillary action
  11. The structure of atom was discovered by
    Ans:Niels Bohr
  12. Television signals cannot be received ordinarily beyond a particular distance due to
    Ans:Curvature of Earth
  13. Hyperglycemia is a condition associated with hormone
    Ans:Insulin Hormone
  14. Which part of the human body directly absorb Ozone
    Ans:Cornea of eyes
  15. What condition is caused by iodine deficiency during pregnancy and is
    characterized by stunted growth,deafness,and mental retardation in children
  16. Which element is required as a component of blood hemoglobin
  17. On a rainy day small oil films on water show brilliant colours .This is due to
  18. RADAR is used for
    Ans:Detecting and locating the position of objects such as aeroplanes
  19. Selenium deficiency leads to
    Ans:liver necrosis
  20. Which vitamins is essential for the absorption of calcium from the intestinal part
    Ans:Vitamin D
  21. Heavy alcohol consumption leads to
  22. Colour blind people cannot distinguish —-colours
  23. Struggle for Existence is one of the main concept of
    Ans:Darwinian Evolution Theory
  24. What is the colour of Ozone
  25. The rarest gas element in the atmosphere of Earth
  26. Who discovered Bacteria
    Ans:Antone van Leuwanhock
  27. Who is called as the father of first aid
  28. Which animal has the normal gestation period of 22-24 months
  29. Indhira Gandhi is the name of a variety of
  30. An instrument that can accelerate charged particles to high energy particles
  31. What is a super cooled liquid
  32. Who invented lift
  33. In the bionmeal systems of naming ,the first part of the name of a organism is
    Ans:Genus name
  34. The nucleic acid of AIDS virus is
    Ans:Single stranded RNA
  35. The main gas emitted during the combustion of petroleum fuels
    Ans:Carbone Dioxide
  36. Enzymes are basically
  37. Sound of frequency below 20Hz is called
  38. The temperature at which Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are equal
  39. Bradycardia is a condition of heart with
    Ans:Low heart beat
  40. Oedema is abnormal accumulation of tissue fluid beneath the skin and reason is
    Ans:Due to Kidney and heart disorder
  41. —are the medium of transport of Ascaris
  42. Kwashiorkor is due to deficiency of
    Ans:Proteins and essential fatty acid
  43. Scurvy is disorder due to the deficiency of
    Ans:Ascorbic acid
  44. Xerophthalmia is common children due to the deficiency of
  45. The founder of Electromagnetic Wave Theory
    Ans:Jamed Clerk Maxwell
  46. The particles with integral spin values are called
  47. The particle with half integral spin values are called
  48. The collision in with both kinetic energy and momentum are conserved are called
    Ans: Elastic collision
  49. The most of the mass of rotating wheels are concentrated at the rim because
    Ans:To increase the moment of inertia

50. The clock which cannot be used in spaceship orbiting round the Earth are
Ans:Pendulum clocks


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