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50 precious Science Questions asking for any PSC Examinations

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50-Precious Science Questions Especially Appearing for PSC Exams(30/12/2015)

The following are basic questions in Science section and most of them will appear for any of PSC online exams and other psc exams also ..Certain percentage of people start to study after PSC notification come ,but that will not help them to enter in PSC Rank list.

  1. When a body is in force fall under gravity its apparent weight will be
  2. The shape of water drops are spherical because of
    Ans:Surface tension of water
  3. Which is known as the metal of hope
  4. GMcrops means
    Ans:Genetically modified crops
  5. Downs syndrome is agenetic disorder associated with —pair of chromosome
    Ans:21st pair
  6. Centre of mass of a uniform spherical sphere is at
    Ans:At its centre
  7. What is the mode of nutrition of mushroom
  8. What is known as rock oil
  9. The smallest atom is
  10. The lightest metal in the periodic table
  11. Amalgams are
    Ans:Amalgams are
  12. Sonara-64 is a variety of
  13. Mercury sticks to the surface of the glass when it comes to contact with
  14. The gas emitted by plants during respiration is
    Ans:Carbon dioxide
  15. Cinnabar is an ore of
  16. The founder of Quantum Theory
    Ans:Max plank
  17. Keplers 2nd Law is a consequence of
    Ans:Law of conservation of Angular momentum
  18. Small pox is caused by
    Ans:Variola Virus
  19. The first disease that was eradicated from Earth through vaccination
    Ans:Small pox
  20. Albert Einstein awarded Nobel Prize for his contribution to
    Ans:Photo Electric Effect
  21. The mass of the same body in earth and in moon
  22. The weakest force out of the four fundamental forces
    Ans:Gravitational force
  23. The artificial geostationary satellites are having time period of
    Ans:24 hrs
  24. The acceleration due to gravity value at the centre of the Earth is
  25. Escape velocity of Earth
  26. Which constituent of light of the spectrum has the shortest wavelength
  27. Which organism converts milk into curd
    Ans:Lactiform Bacteria
  28. The working principle of a rocket
    Ans:Newtons Third Law
  29. Who discovered that combination of constituent colours give white colour
  30. John F.Kennedy is the name of a variety of
  31. A hereditary disease in which the blood does not clot is called
    Ans:Haemophilia or Royal disease
  32. Glossy objects are often stored with soft spongy materials Why
    Ans:To reduce impulsive force
  33. The element with atomic number 100
  34. Rajapalayam is related to variety of
  35. Hibiscus rosasinensis is the botanical name of
    Ans:Shoe flower
  36. The height above the ground which the artificial satellite to be projected to have a rotation time period of 24 hrs is
    Ans:36000 km
  37. The scientist who got Nobel Prize in both Physics and Chemistry
    Ans:Madam Currie
  38. The scientist who got Nobel prize for Physics two times
    Ans:John Bardeen
  39. The plant which has fruits but has no well developed seeds
  40. Who discovered radio activity
    Ans:Henri Becquerel
  41. Which ecosystems covers the largest area of the earths surface
    Ans: Marine Ecosystem
  42. The phenomina of Gravitational lensing can be explained by
    Ans:General theory of relativity
  43. The general trajectory of a projectile is
  44. The cyclones in Northern hemisphere is in anti-clockwise because of
    Ans:Cariolis force due to rotation of Earth
  45. The name given to the plant group in which individual plants grow on other plants without taking food from the host plant is
  46. Artificial heart was discovered by
    Ans:William Kolf
  47. Anti particles are those
    Ans:Which got same mass of particle but opposite charge
  48. Who gives the Theory for Gravitation as due to the curvature of space time
    Ans:Albert Einstein
  49. Universal law of gravitation was put forwarded by
    Ans:Isaac Newton

50. Which is the laziest mammal


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