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50 important questions in science section asking for PSC Examinations

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50-Precious Science Questions Especially Appearing for PSC Exams(02/01/2016)

The following are basic questions in Science section and most of them will appear for any of PSC online exams and other psc exams also ..Certain percentage of people start to study after PSC notification come ,but that will not help them to enter in PSC Rank list.

  1. Bhaskara I was a famous in the field of
  2. The density of milk is measured by
  3. Fountain pen was invented by
  4. The acid used in car battery is
    Ans:Sulphuric Acid
  5. The steam engine was invented by
    Ans:James Watt
  6. Sodium carbonate is commonly called
    Ans:Washing soda
  7. Brass is alloy of
    Ans:Cu and Zn
  8. Capillary action of liquid can be explained on the basis of its
    Ans:Surface Tension
  9. The branch of science deals with biology chemistry ,genetics and biochemistry is
    Ans:Molecular Biology
  10. Galvanisation of iron sheets is done by
    Ans:Zn plating
  11. Cellular organisms use —to carry the genetic information that direct the synthesis of protein
  12. Cariolis force arises due to
    Ans:Rotation of frames
  13. Which radioactive ray is more penetrating
    Ans:Gamma rays
  14. How many colours the sunlight spectrum has
  15. Which type fire extinguisher is used for petroleum fire
    Ans:Powder type
  16. Rayon is chemically
  17. Oology is the study of
    Ans:Bird eggs
  18. ISAC stands for
    Ans:ISRO satellite Centre
  19. The first atomic power station established in India the
  20. Hardness of diamond is measured in —scale is used
    Ans:Mohs scale
  21. The most common element in the earths crust by mass
  22. Who discovered vaccination
    Ans:Edward Jenner
  23. Who discovered uranium
    Ans:Martin Klaproth
  24. 916 gold means—carat gold
  25. Who discovered superconductivity in 1911
    Ans:Kamerlings Onnes
  26. 10,00,000 watts are called
    Ans:One mega watt
  27. The fear of women is known as
  28. The fear of men is known as
  29. The fear of crowd is called
  30. The fear of book is called
  31. The fear of going to bed is called
  32. Sodium was discovered by
    Ans:Sir Humphry Davy
  33. Electric lamp was invented by
    Ans:Thomas Alva Edison
  34. Bifocal lens invented by
    Ans:Benjamin Franklin
  35. Cement invented by
    Ans:Joseph Aspidin
  36. Laser invented by
    Ans:Dr.Charles H .Townes
  37. Electromagnet invented by
    Ans:William Sturgeon
  38. Rayon invented by
    Ans:Sir Joseph Swann
  39. Glider was invented by
    Ans:Sir George Caley
  40. Safety matches invented by
    Ans:J.E Lundstrom
  41. Radio valve invented by
    Ans:Sir J A Fleming
  42. The electro cardio graph was invented by
    Ans:William Einthoven
  43. Chronometre was invented by
    Ans:John Harrison
  44. Stethoscope was invented by
    Ans:William Stockes
  45. Spinning frame was invented by
    Ans:Sir Richard Arkwright
  46. Nylon was invented by
    Ans:Dr.Wallace H.Caothers
  47. Electric razor was invented by
    Ans:Jacob Schick
  48. The word robot was coined by
    Ans: Carl Chepek
  49. Radium was discovered by
    Ans:Marie and Pierrie Curie
  50. The existence of isotopes was invented by
    Ans:Frederick Soddy


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