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50 valuable science Questions asking for PSC Examinations

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50-Precious Science Questions Especially Appearing for PSC Exams(03/01/2016-B)

The following are basic questions in Science section and most of them will appear for any of PSC online exams and other psc exams also ..Certain percentage of people start to study after PSC notification come ,but that will not help them to enter in PSC Rank list.

  1. The scientist who discovered cell
    Ans:Robert Hook
  2. Father of Microscopy
    Ans:Leeuwen Hock
  3. Concept of tissue culture conceived by
  4. The scientist formulated Cell theory
  5. Fluid mosaivc model of cellwall was proposed by
    Ans:Singer &Nicolson
  6. Cell nucleus was discovered by
    Ans:Robert Brown
  7. DNA was first isolated by
    Ans:Fredrich Meischer
  8. Theory of spontaneous generation was disproved firstly
    Ans:Francesco Redi
  9. Modern hypothesis of origin of life was formulated by
  10. Origin of life was written by
  11. Chemical evolution theory was proposed independently by
    Ans: Oparin&Haldane
  12. Modern synthetic theory of Evolution was designated by
  13. Carbon assimilation in C3 plants was explained by
    Ans:Melvi Calvin
  14. TCA cycle(Tricarboxylic cycle) is known as
    Ans:Krebs cycle
  15. Fermentation is discovered by
    Ans:Gey Hussac
  16. Blood circuit in body was discovered by
    Ans:William Harvey
  17. Split genes were were discovered by
    Ans:Robert And Sharp
  18. Chromosome theory of linkage was put forwarded by
  19. Double Helix structure of DNA was put put forwarded by
  20. Central dogma of of molecular biology proposed by
    Ans:Francis Crick
  21. The term genetics was coined by
  22. The term ecology was coined by
  23. The concept of Ecological pyramids was developed by
  24. Father of Genetic Engineering
    Ans:Paul Berg
  25. The first nonfunctional gene was synthesized by
  26. Father of white revolution
    Ans:Varghese Kurian
  27. Father of Green Revolution
    Ans:Norman Bourlag
  28. Father of Green Revolution in India
  29. CT scan was first developed by
    Ans:Godfrey Hoursfield
  30. Medical use of MRI was first reported by
    Ans:Raymond Damadian
  31. Artificial pacemaker was first reported by
    Ans:Great Batch&Chardak
  32. Biologically inhabited part of the earth is known as
  33. Basic unit of biosphere is
  34. Where does ozone form in earth
  35. Which day is celebrated as ozone day
  36. Plants dry habitats are known as
  37. The pants that grow on another plant for shelter but are nutritionally independent are known as
  38. Epiphytes exhibit the intraction named
  39. Certain plants grow on the surface of animals are called as
  40. The interaction in which growth and survival of both populations is benefited is known as
  41. Each level of food chain is known as
    Ans:Tropic level
  42. Which is the first tropic level of any food chain
    Ans:Producers and Green plants
  43. The biome type where the annual rainfall is 200-350cm is known as
    Ans:Tropical rain forest
  44. The biome type where long cold winters are happened and rainfall less than 25 cm is termed as
  45. Which is the branch of forestry that deals with the establishment and cultivation of the forest plants
    Ans:Silvy Culture
  46. When did social forestry programme start
  47. When did chipko movement start
  48. Chipko movement was started by
    Ans:Sunderlal Bahuguna
  49. Bio diversity Act was passed in
  50. Project tiger was started in


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