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Details of Various Musical Instrument-Frequently appearing for PSC Examinations

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Music Instruments(10/01/2016-B)

1 Accordian:

A musical instrument with small key board and metal reeds


Ancient instrument having a flexible bag inflated by being blown through a tube by bellows.Differant types of bagpipes are the Bulgarian gaida,the Cornemuse of France,Belgium and gaita of North Western Spain and the Irish Uilleam pipes


It is a three stringed musical instrument.It has a triangular body and long fretted neck


Musical instrument with a circular body and four or more strings


Greek fretted string instrument with a long neck and four sets of strings

6.Cabaca or Cabasa

Latin American instrument .Round or pear shaped gourd covered with beads and fitted with a handle


Small key board instrument with metal plates struck by hammers which produce bell like tones


Bass violin,It is held between the players knees


Single reed wood wind instrument with a straight tube and a single reed in its mouth piece


Two round brass plates struck together to make clanging sounds


It is a simple cylindrical tube of uniform bore.Flutes vary in size held horizontally and is inclined downwards when it is played


It is one of the oldest percussion instruments of South India.It is a mud pan with a narrow mouth.


Little bells used as percussion


It has a large flat-backed sound box in the shape of a violin.A long fretted neck usually six strings.


Mouth organ with metal reeds .Two types of Harmonica are chromatic and the diatonic


It is a traditional and popular instrument.It has a key board of over two and one half octaves and works as a system of bellows.Key board is played with the right hand while the left hand is used to operate the bellows


Free standing instrument whose vertical strings are played with the fingers


It is the largest and grandest of 18th century keyboard string instrument .The strings are plucked by jacks made of leather or quill.


Japanese vertical flute made of Bamboo.


Wind instrument with a single reed and a cows horn fitted on the end

21.Irish harp

It ia small harp played while held in the lap


An instrument consisting of a set of 18 porcelain cups of varying sizes

23.Jews harp

Small folk instrument consisting of a metal frame held between the players teeth while the metal strip in the frame is twanged


Brass Mandolin


Instrument with 8 wire strings toned in 4 pairs

26.Mouth organ

It is an instrument with metal reed similar to harmonica


It is one of the most popular classical instruments.It is a barrel shaped double headed drum.The right head is smaller than the left.

28.Nose Flute

Bamboo flute blown through the nostrils


It is barrel shaped drum with two heads which are made of layers of skin.The heads are expanded by leather straps which run along the sides of the body over small cylindrical wooden blocks that used for tuning.


Made of a series of pipes or reeds played by blowing across the opwen ends


Instrument with a keyboard.Hammers strike wire strings and produce sounds.Full name piano Forte

32.Piano Accordion

Accordion with a piano like keyboard played with the right hand


It is one of the most popular and oldest bowed instruments.Its body is hollow and made of teak wood adorned with ivory inlays.It has forty strings of which 37 are sympathetic.It is held in a vertical position and played with a bow


It has a small wooden body covered with skin and a finger board that is covered with steel.


Single reed instrument usually metal sometimes plastic ,invented by 36.Adolphe Sax


It has a long neck with twenty metal frets and six to seven main chords.Some famous sitar players are Ustad Vilayath Khan,Pt.Ravisankar,Ustad Imrat Khan


It is double reed instrument with a tapering bore which progressively increases towards the lower side .It has finger holes to produce semi quarter micro tones.


It consists of a pair of drums made of wood and its head is made of stretched animals skin.Both drums have a black spot in the centre made of Manganese or Iron dust.


Long necked round bodied lute .Indian tamburas have 4 strings ,drones and a movable ivory bridge to adjust pitch


Brass instrument larger than a trumpet with a sliding tube to extend notes


Brass wind instrument consisting of a long metal tube looped once and ending in a flared bell .It has 3 valves


Stringed instrument with a long fretted finger board resting with a resonating gourds at each end


A four stringed instrument larger than a violin have deeper tone


Four string musical instrument played with a bow


It is an instrument consisting of a mounted raw of tuned wooden bars graduated in length to sound dramatic scale.It is played with two mallets


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