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50 valuable Indian History Questions-asking for PSC Examinations

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50-Valuable Questions in the History of India for PSC Examiantions(24/12/2015)(Set-24)


  1. Which was called by Gandhiji as Joyfull Pilgrimage
    Ans:Fifth visit of Gandhiji in Kerala in 1937
  2. Who was the president of the Lucknow Session of the Indian National Congress in 1916
  3. Name the Policy of Britain towards the Princely states from 1935 to 1947
    Ans:Policy of equal federation
  4. Name the Governor General of India who was associated with the trial of Nanda Kumar
    Ans:Warren Hasting
  5. Who is called as Vichitraditta
    Ans:Mahendravarman I
  6. Which is called as the Ancient City
    Ans:Varanasi or Banaras
  7. Name the founder of the Sayyid Dynasty
  8. Who restored Mysore to the Wodeyar Dynasty
    Ans:Lord Rippon
  9. Who became the president of the Indian National Congress after the resignation of Subhashchandra Bose
    Ans:Dr:Rajendra Prasad
  10. The second visit of the Prince of Wales was in
  11. Who created the North Western frontier Province
    Ans:Lord Curzon
  12. Who is called as the Machiavelli of the Marathas
    Ans:Nana Phadnis
  13. Who is called as Todar Mal of Decan
    Ans:Malik Ambar
  14. Name the first independent ruler of Awadh
    Ans:Saadat Khan Burhan-ul-mulk
  15. What was the main purpose of the fourth visit of Gandhiji in Kerala in 1934
    Ans:Upliftment of Harijans
  16. Who was the president of Indian National Congress when India got Independence
    Ans:Acharya J.B.Kripalani
  17. The Red Fort Trial of the I.N.A .Soldiers was held in
  18. Name the Viceroy when the Calcutta Corporation Act was passed in
    Ans:Lord Curzon
  19. The Post Office Act passed in
  20. Who was the first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India
    Ans:Homi J Bhaba
  21. Who formulated the 14 points in 1929
    Ans:Muhammadali Jinnah
  22. Who boycotted referendum at NWFP in 1947
    Ans:Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan
  23. Name the only European who declared the Revolt of 1857 as a National Revolt
    Ans:Benjamin Disraeli
  24. The British general who recaptured Jhansi
    Ans:Hugh Rose
  25. Who was the first secretary of Brahma Sabha
    Ans:Tarachand Chakravarty
  26. The second visit of Gandhiji in to Kerala in 1925 was in connection with
    Ans:Vaikom Satyagraha
  27. Who is considered as the first Nawab of Bengal
    Ans:Murshid Quli Khan
  28. Name the founder of the Khilji Dynasty
    Ans:Jalaluddin Khalji
  29. The first Jain Council was held in
    Ans: Pataliputra
  30. Who founded the Young Bengal Movement
    Ans:Henry Vinan Derozio
  31. The Ancient Monument Preservation Act was passed in
  32. Who called the revolt of 1857 as legitimate war than a rebellion
  33. When was the Brahmasamaj of India founded
  34. What was the original name of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
    Ans:Gangadhar Chattopadyaya
  35. Who was the founder of the Radhaswami Movement
    Ans:Tulsi Ram
  36. Who is considered as the father of Indian Revolutionary Terrorism
    Ans:Shishir Kumar Ghosh
  37. Who started the paper Sulabh Samajar
  38. Name the author of the book ,Builders of Modern India
  39. Which document is called as Intellectual Charter
    Ans:Woods Despatch
  40. Education was enlisted in the concurrent list of Indian Constitution in
  41. Who was the Viceroy of India during the Ilbert Bill controvercery
    Ans:Lord Rippon
  42. Name the father of British Indian Army
    Ans:Major Stringer Lawrence
  43. Who founded the Indian Association of Calcutta
    Ans:Surendranath Banerjee
  44. Who proposed the name ,Indian National Congress
    Ans:Dadabhai Naoroji
  45. Name the mother of Indian Revolution
    Ans:Madam Bhikaji Kama
  46. Which is known as Black Pagoda
    Ans:Sun Temple at Konark
  47. The ahoms revolt was held in
  48. Name the leader of the Revolt of 1857 at Arrah/Jagadishpur
    Ans:Kunwar Singh
  49. Who completed the work of Ganges Canal
    Ans:Lord Delhousie
  50. When was Punjab annexed to the British Empire



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