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Kerala Public Service Examinations -Indian History :Chronology of Events-Appearing for any PSC Examinations

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Indian History :Chronology of Events-(Kerala Public Service Examinations)(Section 1)

The following details are inevitable part of any Kerala Public Service Examinations.Kerala Public Service Commissions are specially concentrating to include the following details.

  • 7000BC:Mehrgarch Culture begins,which was one of the Worlds earliest Neolithic cultures
  • 5500 BC: Period II Mehrgarch begins
  • 4800 BC:Period III Mehrgarch begins
  • 3500 BC: Period IV Mehrgarch begins
  • 3300 BC: Period IV Mehrgarch ends
  • 3300 BC:Antecedents of the Indus Valley Civilization begin,one of the worlds three earliest urban civilizations ,contemporary to Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt
  • 2500 BC:Kot Diji phase of the Indus Valley Civilization.The cities of Harappa,Lothal,Kalibangan and Mohenjo-daro become large metropolises and the civilization expands to over 2500 cities and settlement in northwestern and western India,and parts of Afghanistan and Iran.It covered a region of around one million square miles,which was larger than the land area of its contemporaries Egypt and Mesopotamia combined,it had superior urban planning and sewage systems.
  • 1900 BC:Late Harappan phase of the Indus Valley Civilization
  • 1500-1000 BC:Early vedic period or Rigvedic period
  • 1000-500BC:Later Vedic period,use of iron in India
  • 817 BC:Birth of Parswanantha,23rd Thirthankara
  • 600 BC:Sixteen Maha Janapadas.A number of these Maha Janapadas are semi-democratic Republics rather than oligarchies,beginning of second urbanization.
  • 563 BC:Gautama ,founder of Buddhism born as prince of the Shakya tribe
  • 540-468 Bc:Period of Mahavira
  • 500 BC:Vedic Civilization comes to an end after the Vedic religion evolves into early Hinduism.


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