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50 Valuable Indian History Questions Regularly asking for PSC Examinations

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50-Valuable Questions in the History of India for PSC Examiantions(24/12/2015)(Set-24B)

  1. Who is called as Desabandhu
  2. The first English factory in India was at
  3. Who published the magazine Udbodhana
    Ans:Swami Vivekananda
  4. The first cotton textile mid in India was established at
  5. Who sent William Hawkins in to the court of Jahangir
    Ans:James I of England
  6. Who wrote the book , Gora
    Ans:Rabindranath Tagore
  7. R.Das died in
  8. When did Central Hindhu college ar Eanaras become Banaras Hindu university
  9. Name the anchor of the book , Father of Indian unrest
    Ans:Valentine Chirol
  10. Who is called as Frontier Gandhi
    Ans:Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
  11. The third Mysore war ended with the treaty of
    Ans:Treaty of Sreerangapatanam
  12. Who was called as Andhra Bhoja
  13. Who wrote the book Kavirajamarga
    Ans:Amogha Varsha
  14. The last maurya ruler
  15. Who was the exponent of the Central Asian theory regarding the origin of the Aryans
    Ans:Max muller
  16. Who represented the Indian National Congress at the congress of oppressed nationalities in Brussels held in 1927
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  17. The Japanese dictator who made talks with Subhash Chandra Bose in 1943
  18. Name the day Muslim League observed as the day Deliverance
    Ans:Lord Linlithgow
  19. Who was the leader of the national conference in Kashmir during integration
    Ans: Sheikh Muhammed Abdulla
  20. The Royal Indian Navy Mutiny was held in
  21. Who moved an objectives Resolution in the constituent Assembly in 1947
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  22. Name the exponent of the Laissez Faire theory
  23. Who founded the Deccan Education Society
  24. Who wrote ,Ghare Baire
    Ans:Rabindranath Tagore
  25. Who was known as the Father of Revolutionary thought in India
    Ans:Bipin Chandrapal
  26. Who criticized the government of India Act of 1935 as thoroughly rotten fundamentally bad and totally unacceptable
  27. Name the founder of city Agra
    Ans:Sikandar Lodi
  28. The general service enlistment act which required every recruit to serve wherever required was passed in
  29. Name the Viceroy who was considered as Gladstones agent
    Ans:Lord Rippon
  30. The ruler of Afghanistan during the first Anglo-Afghan war
    Ans:Dost Muhammed
  31. Who was the winner of the Crimean was held from 1854 to 1856 between Britain and Russia
  32. The Empress cotton mill at Nagpur was opened J.N.Tata in
  33. The Bengal coal company was formed in
  34. The muddiman committee was appointed in
    Ans:Examine the working of Dyarchy of the Montague-Chelmsford Reforms
  35. Who appointed the Inam commission which confiscated 20000 estates in Bombay
    Ans:Lord Delhousie
  36. Name the document prepared for the integration of of Princely states into Indian Union
    Ans:Instrument of Accession
  37. Name the Viceroy who is called as Saviour of India and Organiser of Victory
    Ans:John Lawrence
  38. FICCI was founded in
  39. Old name of Ghadar Party
    Ans:Hindi Association of Pacific
  40. The Harappan site in Afghanistan
  41. Who was crowned as the king of Oudh by rebel sepoys during the revolt of 1857
    Ans:Birjis Qadr
  42. Name the Sulthan of Delhi when the Portuguese reached in India
    Ans:Sikandar Lodi
  43. The battle place ,Ranipatt is in the state of
  44. Who called Indian civil service as the steel frame which reared and sustained British rule in India
    Ans:Llyod George
  45. Who wrote the book We Our Nationhooddefined
  46. The Viceroy who was known in the literacy worlds as Owen Meredith
    Ans:Lord Lytton
  47. Who founded the association Quam
    Ans:Qasi Abbas Hussain
  48. Who founded the Sidharataha college
  49. Who built the Labore fort
  50. The capital of Carnatic


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