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Kerala History Questions Asking for Kerala Public Service Examinations

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Kerala History Questions Set-1(24/01/2016)

The following are the typical questions asking for Kerala public Service Examinations.These are appearing both On line and offline PSC Examinations.So study them with utmost care.No question paper in the Kerala Public Service Examination is with out Kerala History questions

  1. Which is the earliest written record mentioning Kerala
    Ans:Aitareya Aranyaka
  2. Name the Ancient Emperor who in his 3rd century rock inscription mentions Kerala as Keralaputra
  3. Which dynasty was the rulers of Kerala during first century BC,who traded with Greeks,Romans and Arabs
    Ans:Chera Dynasty
  4. Which place in Kerala is mentioned by Megasthanes in his work indica asAutomela
  5. Who is the author of Naturalis Historia
    Ans:Pliny the Elder
  6. Which w3as Indias first port of importance
  7. In which year was Kodungallur fort ravaged due to the flood in the Periyar
  8. Puthuvaip Samvat started in the year
  9. Which Greek navigator is credited with finding the direction of South-West monsoon in 45 AD
  10. What is the present name of the city earlier known in the names Muziris and Mahodayapuram
  11. According to the Christian belief,in which place did Thomas the Apostle arrive in the middle of the first century
  12. Which is the oldest mosque in India
    Ans:Cheraman Juma Masjid
  13. According to the tradition ,who built the Cheraman Juma Masjid in 629 AD
    Ans:Malik bin Dinar
  14. Which prominent spice of Kerala is also known as Black Gold
  15. Which Kerala river is mentioned as Choorni in Chanakyas Arthasasthra
  16. Name the Kerala river which was called Baris in the ancient times
  17. Who was the first foreign traveler to call Malabar by that name
    Ans:Al Beruni
  18. Who was the author of Mushakavamsam
  19. Who was the first Keralite to write a book on history
    Ans:Shaik ainudheen
  20. Who is credited with the introduction of Christianity in India
  21. Which is believed to be the probable year of St.Thomas arrival to India
    Ans:AD 52
  22. Who is believed to bring Islam to India
    Ans:Malik bin Dinar
  23. Who was the contemporary Chera king at the time of Malik bin Dinars arrival
    Ans:Bhaskara Ravi Varma
  24. Which is considered as the life period of Adi Sankara
    Ans:788-820 AD
  25. Which was the birth place of Sri Sankara
  26. The philosophy propagated by Sri Sankara
  27. The contemporary Chera King of Sri Sankara
    Ans:Kulasekhara Azhvar
  28. Who was the Guru of Sankara
    Ans:Govinda Yogi
  29. Who is called as Prachanna Buddha
    Ans:Adi Sankara
  30. In which field was Sankaranarayana an exponent
  31. Which rulers court was decorated by Sankaranarayana
    Ans:Sthanu Ravi
  32. Name the author of ancient book Mahabhasya ,in which Kerala is mentioned
  33. Who was the first known Chera King of the Mahodayapuram
    Ans:Sri Rajasekhara Devar
  34. In which year Kollam era began
    Ans:825 AD
  35. First Mamankam was celebrated in the year
    Ans:829 AD
  36. Which king is considered to have established the Kollam era
    Ans:Udaya Marthanda Varma
  37. Who issued Tharisapalli copper plates to the Syrian Christian
    Ans:Sthanu Ravi
  38. Sankaranarayaniyam is a treatise based on
  39. Who was the author of Sankaranarayaniyam
  40. Which rock edict of Asoka mentions Kerala
    Ans:Rock Edict No-2
  41. In which year did the Jews arrive in Kerala
    Ans:68 AD
  42. Which ancient study centre of Kerala was called Dakshina Nalanda
    Ans:Kantalur Sala
  43. Athulan was the court poet of which Mushaka King
  44. Which 14th century work discusses Manipravalam
  45. Who was the famous female poet of Sangam period
  46. Who was the author of Silappathikaram
    Ans:Ilango Adikal
  47. Ilango Adikal was a —monk
    Ans:Jain Monk
  48. Name the Chera ruler who was the brother of Ilango Adikal
  49. Who were the central characters in the Silappathikaram
    Ans:Kovalan and Kannagi
  50. As per Silappathikaram which city was cursed by Kannagi


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