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Kerala History Set-6 -Invasion of Foreigners-Kerala Public Service Examinations

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Kerala History Questions Set-6

The following details depicts clearly the various things in Kerala History.That is the coming of Portuguese rulers in India and establishing power in India and Kerala .They are the first foreigner came in India and last foreigner gone from India .In Kerala History they have very important role in various happenings.Vasco da Gama plays a key role in the invasion to Kerala.Such different things are clearly explained through this following objective type questions

  1. Who were the Europeans to find out the sea route to India

    Ans:The Portuguese

  2. In which year did Vasco da Gama arrive at Kappad


  3. Name the ship which was commanded by Vasco da Gama in his first journey to India

    Ans:Sao Gabriel

  4. Which King of Portugal sent Vasco da Gama to India

    Ans:Dom Manual

  5. Who lead the second Portuguese expedition to India

    Ans:Pedro Alvaris Kabral

  6. Vasco da Gama arrived Kerala for the second time in


  7. Who was appointed as the first governor and Viceroy of Portuguese India in 1505

    Ans:Francisco de Almeda

  8. What is the importance of the ship Santa Catarina

    Ans:Ship captured by Gama in his third voyage to India

  9. Which was the first headquarters of the Portuguese in India


  10. Who shifted the Portuguese base in India to Goa from Kochi

    Ans:Afonso de Albuquerque

  11. Name the Portuguese Viceroy who banned the practice of Sati in areas under their control


  12. In which year Vasco da Gama arrived India for the third and final time


  13. On December 24 ,1524,Vasco da Gama died at


  14. Vasco da Gamas body was buried at

    Ans:St.Francis Church

  15. Who proclaimed himself the title the captain of India Ocean

    Ans:Kunjali IV

  16. Who was the captain of Zamorins navy

    Ans:Kunjali Marakkar

  17. Which feudal ruler of Kerala was given the title of Military partner of the Portuguese king

    Ans:King of Purakkadu

  18. Who built the Chaliyam fort in 1531

    Ans:The Portuguese

  19. Where was the Marakar fort built under the leadership of Kunjali III


  20. Which Kunjali Marakkar was killed by the Portuguese

    Ans:Kunjali IV

  21. The agricultural products that were introduced by the Portuguese in India

    Ans:Cashew nut,Pineapple,Guava,Tobacco

  22. The art form of Chavitunatakam,Christian imitations of Kathakali ,evolved by the influence of

    Ans:The Portuguese

  23. Which incident marked first permanent split among the saint Thomas Christians in Kerala

    Ans:Coonan Cross Oath

  24. In which year was the Coonan cross Oath


  25. Which place witnessed the Coonan cross oath


History Related PSC Questions


  1. Who is the author of Athyadma Ramayanam and Harinama Kirthanam
    Ans:Thunjathu Ramanujan
  2. Which was the period of Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri
  3. Who is the author of Narayaneeyam
    Ans:Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri
  4. Narayaneeyam is based on
    Ans:Bhagavatha Puranam
  5. Which was the period of Poothanam Namboothiri
  6. Jnanappana,Sreekrishna Karnamrutham and Santhanam Gopalam are the works of
    Ans:Poonthanam Namboothiri
  7. Which Krishna story in Malayalam is written in the model of Jayadevas Geeta Govind
    Ans:Krishna Geethi
  8. Which temple is known as the Guruvayur of South Kerala
    Ans:Sreekrishna Swami Temple,Ambalappuzha
  9. Who was the first king to hold the throne as per matriarchy in Venad
    Ans:Veera Udaya Marthanda Varma
  10. Name the king who ruled for the longest period in Venad
    Ans:Chera Udaya Marthanda Varma
  11. Leelathilakam was completed during the rule of
    Ans:Chera Udaya Marthanda Varma
  12. Which place was earlier known as Thenvanji
  13. Who was the king of Venad at the time of Venads battle with Vijayanagar
    Ans:Bhoothala Veera Udaya Marthanda Varma
  14. Who ruled Venad during the time of the arrival of the missionary saint Francis Xavier
    Ans:Veera Keralavarma
  15. Who was the ruler of Venad during the invasion of Thirumalai Naikkan
    Ans:Ravi Varma
  16. In which year did the English open their trading centre at Vizhinjam
  17. At the time of the English opening their trading centre at Vizhinjam ,the king of Venad was
    Ans:Ravi Varma
  18. Who was the first female ruler of Venad
    Ans:Umayamma Rani
  19. Which was the period of Umayumma Ranis rule in Venad
  20. Who was given the title of Hiranyasimhanalloor Rajakumaran(Iraniyal Prince)by Umayamma Rani
    Ans:Kottayam Kerala Varma
  21. Mughal sardar invaded Venad during the reign of
    Ans:Umayamma Rani
  22. Who repealed the custom of Mannepedi and Pulappedi in 1696
    Ans:Kottayam Kerala Varma
  23. What is the importance of the Thiruvithamcode rock edict
    Ans:Repealed pulappedi and mannepedi
  24. In which year the English established a trading centre at Anchuthengu
  25. In which year the native people attacked the Anchuthengu fort and killed 140 English men


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