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50Point Kerala History Questions-Kerala Public Service Examinations Details

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Kerala History Questions Set-7

The following details throws light on the Kerala History especially in rule of Marthanda Varma ,Dharamaraja etc.And also the invasion of Dutch ,Portuguese and French.Differant battles of them with foreign countries and its after effect.These questions plays important events in Kerala History in step by step by each short questions .Those who write any Kerala Public Service Examinations should study Kerala History in detailed manner.Questions from Kerala History parts plays an important role in any PSC Examinations.

  1. The first agreement between the British and the Venad King was signed in the year
  2. Name the Yuvaraja,who signed in the agreement for Venad with the British
    Ans:Marthanda Varma
  3. In which year was the Dutch East india Company established
  4. The English East Company was founded in the year
  5. Who were the first protestants in Europe to establish trade link with Kerala
    Ans:The Dutch
  6. The first Indian ruler to execute an agreement with Dutch
  7. The first Dutch expedition team to India was led by
    Ans:Admiral Steven Vander Hagen
  8. In which year the Dutch captured Kochi from the Portuguese
  9. The Dutch captured Kollam fort of the Portuguese in which year
  10. The Vettam war was in the year
  11. Who propagated the scientific coconut farming in Kerala
    Ans:The Dutch
  12. Which Europeans introduced sea salt harvesting in Kerala
    Ans:The Dutch
  13. The industry of dyeing was popularized in Kerala by which foreigners
    Ans:The Dutch
  14. In Kerala history which people were natively called as Lanthakkar
    Ans:The Dutch
  15. Which Europeans were widely known as Paranki
    Ans:The Portuguese
  16. Paranthriswere native name of which foreigners in Kerala
    Ans:The French
  17. Name the book which was conceived by the Dutch deals with the medicinal properties of the flora of Kerala
    Ans:Hortus Malabaricus
  18. In which language was Hortus Malabaricus originally written
  19. What is the literal meaning of Hortus malabaricus
    Ans:Garden of Malabar
  20. Name the Dutch governor of Malabar who conceived the Hortus Malabaricus
    Ans:Hendrik van Rheede
  21. Who translated Hortus malabaricus into English and malayalam
  22. In which year was Hortus malabaricus first volume published
  23. The Hortus malabaricus was published in twelve volumes in between 1678 and 1703 from
  24. Which was the first work to print Malayalam letters
    Ans:Hortus Malabaricus
  25. Who is known as the founder of modern Travancore
    Ans:Marthanda Varma

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  26. Which was the period of Marthanda Varmas rule in Travancore
  27. In which year was the Kulachal war
  28. Which Travancore ruler defeated the Dutch in the Kulachal war
    Ans:Marthanda Varma
  29. Name the Dutch commander who was captured by the Travancore army in the battle of Kulachal
  30. Who was later known as Valiya Kappithan in Travancore
  31. In which year the feudal state Kayamkulam engaged in Mannar treaty with Travancore
  32. In which year Marthanda Varma conquered Kayamkulam
  33. Which European engaged in Mavelikkara treaty with Marthanda Varma
    Ans:The Dutch
  34. The Mavelikkara treaty was signed in the year
  35. Who built ponmana Ana and Puthan ana
    Ans:Marthanda Varma
  36. Who was the important minister of Marthanda Varma
    Ans:Ramayyan Dalava
  37. Name the Minister of Marthanda Varma who divided the land into Devaswam,Brahmaswam,Dhanam and Pandaravaka
    Ans:Mallan Sankaran
  38. During Marthanda Varmas rule what was equivalent to todays village
  39. Mandapathum vathukkal is equivalent to
  40. The system which stands equivalent to budget system during Marthanda Varma reign
    Ans:Pathivu Kanakku
  41. Which Travancore ruler made the famous Thrippadi Danam
    Ans:Marthanda Varma
  42. Thrippadi Danam took place in the year
  43. The rituals like murajapam and bhadradeepam started at Padmanabha Swamy temple during the reign of
    Ans:Marthanda Varma
  44. The famous poets who decorated the court of Marthanda Varma
    Ans:Ramapurathu Varier and Kunjan Nambiar
  45. Who is considered as the pioneer of Vanchipattu
    Ans:Ramapurathu Varier
  46. The most celebrated work of Ramapurathu Varier
    Ans:Kuchela Vritham Vanchipattu
  47. The successor of Marthanda Varma as the ruler of Travancore
  48. The king popularly known as Dharma Raja
    Ans:Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma
  49. The Travancore king known as Kizhavan Raja
  50. Who was the king of Travancore during the invasion of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan


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