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50 point Kerala History Questions-Details Kerala PSc Examinations

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Kerala History –Questions Set-8(08/02/2016-)

Kerala History Questions are played very important in determining the rank of both LDC and LGS examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Commissions.So all the probable questions appearing for both LDC and LGS Examinations are available in the site www.pscclassroom.com. Kerala History questions are giving as different set .Each set having a particular sections in Kerala History.So don’t avoid a single set in  Kerala History  

  1. Who issued Kundara Vilambaram
    Ans:Velutahmpi Dalawa
  2. Kundara Vilambaram took place in the year
    Ans:January 11 ,1809
  3. The joint army of Veluthampi and Paliyathachan attacked the residence of Resident Mecale in
    Ans:December 18,1808
  4. Who was the British officer assigned to suppress the revolt of Veluthampi
    Ans:Colonel Leeger
  5. Which was the birth place of Veluthampi Dalava
  6. Veluthampi was killed at
  7. Who became the Diwan of Travancore after Veluthampi
    Ans:Ummini Thampi
  8. Kurichya and Kuruma of Wayanad revolted against the new tax policy of the British in
  9. What was the real name of Pazhassi Raja
    Ans:Kottayam Kerala Varma
  10. In which period was Pazhassi’s first phase of revolt against the British
  11. The Pazhassi’s revolt was in the period
  12. The Kurichiya warrior leader in Pazhassi’s army
    Ans:Thalakkal Chandu
  13. Who was appointed by the British to curb the Pazhassi’s revolt
    Ans:Arthur Wellesly
  14. In which year was Pazhassi Raja killed in the fight against the British
    Ans:November 30,1805
  15. Where is Pazhassi’s memorial
  16. ‘Mulaku Madisseela Karyakar’of Travancore  was equivalent to
    Ans:Commerce minister
  17. Who was the founder of Balaramapuram town
    Ans:Ummini Thampi
  18. Which was the period of Rani Gouri Lakhmi Bhai’s rule in Travancore
  19. Who was appointed as Diwan by Rani Gouri Lakhmi Bhai
    Ans:Colonel Monroe
  20. Which ruler banned the slave trade in Travancore
    Ans:Rani Gouri Lekshmi Bhai
  21. For the first time who was the Diwan to introduce the secretariat system in Travancore
    Ans:Colonel Monroe
  22. What was ‘Chattavariyolakal’
    Ans:Compilation of Law
  23. Who prepared ‘Chattavariyolakal’ in 1811 for the better functioning of the courts
    Ans:Colonel Monroe
  24. In which year the Travancore government directly undertook the administration of Dewasvams
  25. Which period was the regent rule of Rani Gouri Parvathy in Travancore
  26. Which ruler’s period is known as the ‘Golden Age of Travancore’
    Ans:Swathi Thirunal
  27. Which Travancore ruler was known as ‘Garba Sreeman’
    Ans:Swathi Thirunal
  28. Which Travancore ruler banned ‘Suchindram Kaimukku’
    Ans:Swathi Thirunal
  29. During the rule of which King ,did the English Education started in Travancore
    Ans:Swathi Thirunal
  30. The observatory zoo and government press at Trivandrum were started during the reign of
    Ans:Swathi Thirunal
  31. The first Kaneshkumari (Census)conducted in Travancore in the year
  32. The first comprehensive census in Travancore was held in 1875 during the reign of
    Ans:Ayilyam Thirunal
  33. Where was the first post office in Travancore opened
  34. The first post office in Travancore was opened in the year
  35. Name the American who opened the first modern coir factory in Travancore
    Ans:James Dara
  36. In which year was Travancore’s first modern coir factory opened
  37. What was the name of the coir factory opened by James Dara
    Ans:Dara’s mail
  38. Which was the period of Swathi Thirunal’s rule in Travancore
  39. Who was the first Travancore King to be awarded in the title of ‘Maharaja’ by the British Queen
    Ans:Ayilayam  Thirunal
  40. Under the rule of which King did the Ayurveda College ,Sanskrit college and Law college were started at Trivandrum
    Ans:Sree moolam Thirunal
  41. Which Travancore king started the archeological department
    Ans:Sree moolam Thirunal
  42. Which was the first Princely state in India to start the Legislative council
  43. Which was the second Princely state in India to have a legislative council
  44. The legislative council of Travancore came in to being in
  45. Who was the ruler of the Travancore to start the legislative council
    Ans:Sree moolam Thirunal
  46. The legislative council of the Travancore was known in the name
    Ans:Sree moolam Thirunal
  47. In which year the Sreemoolam Prajasabha started functioning
  48. Which was the period of Sethulakshmi Bhai’s regent rule in Travancore
  49. The grama panchayath were formed under the rule of —–in Travancore
    Ans:Sethu Lakshmi Bhai
  50. In which year was grama panchayaths formed in Travancore




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