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50 Frequently appearing PSC online questions and answers

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50-Precious Science Questions Especially Appearing for PSC Exams

The following are basic questions in Science section regularlyappearing for PSC Examinations,so should not neglect any of the given below details because that should destine you to enter in the any of the rank list published by Kerala Public Service Commission .This questions frequently appearing for the PSC 2015&16 online Examinations too.

  1. The most abundant element in Petroleum
  2. Which organic acid is realized by a bee when it sticks an organism
    Ans:Methanoic acid
  3. Bladder worms or cycticerus larvae are the larval forms of
    Ans:Taenia solium
  4. Blood flukes are the causative agents of
  5. Transmission of round worms ,ascaris through
    Ans:contaminated food
  6. The main function of B-cells are to produce
    Ans:Plasma cells
  7. The common secondary diseases that kill AIDS victims areand
    Ans:Karposis Sarcoma and Protozoan Pneumonia
  8. Rheumatoid arthritis is
    Ans:An autoimmune disease
  9. An ecosystem has two components which are they
    Ans:Biotic ad abiotic
  10. The purest form of carbon
  11. The metal used in Cyanide process to extract gold
  12. Eczema is an allergic condition affects
  13. Leucopenia is a blood condition in which
    Ans:Abnormal low count of WBC
  14. Interferon is a glycoprotein secreted by host cells when they are affected by
  15. Antiserum provides type of immunity to the recipient
    Ans:Temporary immunity
  16. Cholera is a bacterial disease caused by bacterial genus
  17. Name the major vector that transmit Dengue fever
    Ans:Aedes aegypti mosquito
  18. Which diarrhieal disease is caused by a bacteria called shigella
  19. Anaemia is caused due to the lack of
  20. The fastest reptile
    Ans:Spiny tailed Iguana
  21. Which element has the same crystalline structure of Diamond
  22. Which allotrope of carbon has lubricant property
  23. Chemical property of a metal is determined by
  24. Plant ash contains mainly
  25. The plant hormone that is abundant in coconut water
  26. The region where the presence of electron can be detected around the nucleus of an atom is called
  27. Kala Azar is a dreadful disease caused by
    Ans:Leishmania donovani
  28. Name the pathogen that caused Malignant Malaria
    Ans:Plasmodium falciparum
  29. Pork tapeworm is caused disease in man called
  30. Japanese encephalitis is transmitted by
  31. Electron was discovered by
  32. Botanical survey of India located at
  33. A chemical equation balanced according to the law of
    Ans:Conservation of mass
  34. In known element maximum number is of
  35. Which property of an element is always a whole number
    Ans:Atomic Number
  36. The lusture of the metal is on account of
    Ans:Reflection of light due to the presence of free electron
  37. The law which relates the solubility of a gas with pressure is
    Ans:Henrys law
  38. Kinetic energy of a molecule is highest in
  39. At what temperature the volume of a gas would become zero
    Ans:-273.15 degree celsius
  40. What are the soaps
    Ans:Sodium or potassium salts of heaviest fatty acids
  41. How does the common salt help in separating soap from the solution after saponification
    Ans:By decreasing solubility of soap
  42. In vulcanization natural rubber is heated with which element
  43. Deep blue colour is imparted to glass by the presence of
    Ans:Cobalt Oxide
  44. Glass is made of the mixture of
    Ans:Sand and silicates
  45. The device used to measure the depth of ocean sea and using sound waves
  46. The inert gas that possess radio active properties
  47. The primary function of plasma membrane is to
    Ans:Regulate the flow of materials into and outside the cell
  48. Annapurana is a variety of
  49. In termites the cellulose of wood is digested with the help of
    Ans:Protozoan living in the intestine of termites
  50. Semi conductor used for making integrated circuits


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