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Fifty above valuable questions for PSC Examinations

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Valuable Fifty and above questions for PSC Examinations(22/12/2015)

  1. The high court issue writs under Article
  2. Which was the fist Indian state to establish permanent lok Adalats
  3. Nalanda was destroyed by the army of .in 1193
    Ans:Bakhtiyar Khilji
  4. Which commission recommended the 10+2+3 pattern education system in India
    Ans: Kothari Commission
  5. Which national leaders birth anniversary is observed as Samatha Diwas
    Ans: Jagjivan Ram
  6. Which type of clouds are producing tornadoes –
  7. After the attainment of monkhood, Chattampi Swami assumed the name –
  8. Atma Vidya Sangam was founded in the year –
  9. Vakkom Maulavi started the Swadeshabhimani newspaper on Ans:January 19, 1905
  10. Atma Bodini Sangam was started was founded by
    Ans:Subhananda Gurudevan
  11. The recently held joint naval exercise between India and Royal navy Ans:Konkan 2015
  12. Indias fastest train Gatimaan express connects New Delhi and
    Ans: Agra
  13. The term Gandhian Economics was coined by
  14. Which state becomes first to put the village data available on net Ans:Punjab
  15. How many sports persons are selected for Arjuna awards 2015 –
  16. Who is the longest serving viceroy of India
    Ans:Lord Linlithgow
  17. The border between USA and Canada
    Ans:49th parallel
  18. The worlds biggest metal statue of a cartoon character is of
    Ans:Common man
  19. Who is the first Keralite to win the Ashok chakra
  20. Which was the first human virus to be discovered
    Ans:Yellow Fever Virus
  21. Which national leader wrote under the pen name of Ghanashyam –
  22. Which world famous writer wrote A letter to a Hindu
    Ans:Leo Tolstoy
  23. Which Indian has the record of fifty years of service as a parliamentarian
    Ans: N.G.Ranga
  24. Who was the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2015
    Ans:Svetlana Alexievich
  25. Which river was considered as sacred by the Vedic Aryans
  26. The famous Thirunelli temple lies in the valley of
    Ans: Brahmagiri
  27. Rajiv Awas Yojana aims at
    Ans:Slum free India
  28. National Mission for Justice Delivery and legal reforms in India was set up in the year
    Ans:August 2011
  29. What are the books written by Brahmananda Sivayogi Ans:Anandakkummi, Ananda Ganam, Ananda Suthram
  30. .. is the name of the military operation in Yemen against Shia Houthi group
    Ans:Operation Decisive storm
  31. Nirbhaya Day is observed in
    Ans:December 16
  32. The name of first talking Robot send to space
    Ans: Kirobo
  33. The Keezhariyur bomb case in Kerala was related to
    Ans:Ouit India Movement
  34. The system of competitive examination for civil service was accepted in principle in the year
  35. The Vijayanagara ruler , Krishnadev Rayas work Amuktamalyada, was in which language
  36. The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called
  37. Prothrombin which helps in the clotting of blood is released by
    Ans:Blood Platelets
  38. Todar Mal was associated with
    Ans: Land Revenue Reforms
  39. The use of spinning wheel (Charkha) became common during the
    Ans:14th Century AD
  40. Which nationalized bank completed its 150th year establishment in April 2014
    Ans: Allahabad Bank
  41. In which five year plan was the National Horticulture mission launched
    Ans:Tenth plan
  42. In which year the British Committee of Indian National Congress founded
  43. Who amongst the following is the author of the book The Namesake
    Ans: Jhumpa Lahiri
  44. Merdeka Cup is associated with the game of
  45. The original name of Nana Phadnavis was
    Ans:Balaji Janardanan Bhanu
  46. The soil salinity is measured by
    Ans:Conductivity meter
  47. The hydraulic brake used in automobiles is a direct application of
  48. The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of
    Ans: Jhelum and Chenab
  49. Who advocated the adoption of PURA model to eradicate rural poverty –
    Ans:Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  50. Who was the author of the famous work Malabar Gazaetteer
    Ans:Charles Alexander Innes
  51. Where is the head quarters of the World Monument Fund(WMF)
    Ans:New York
  52. Ustad Mansur was a famous painter in the court of
  53. Which among the following cities will host the Winter Olympics 2022
    Ans: Beijing(China)
  54. The 16th world Sanskrit conference was organized in June-July 2015 in –
    Ans: Bangkok
  55. The total number of writs envisaged in the constitution are –
  56. How many Indian states are situated on the Tropic of cancer –
    Ans: 8


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