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Words often confused -in English

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  • Affect-to pretend to feel or think something ,to have an influence on some one or something

Effect-to bring about(Economic reforms were effected in Indiaby Dr.Manmohan Singh

  • Adverse-hostile(The officer lost a chance of getting a promotion because of an adverse report about him)

Averse-harbouring dislike to(Gandhiji was always averse to violent methods)

  • Ancient-very old(Some people harp on the ancient glory of their ancestral families)

Antique-old fashioned(Many shop in the city sell antique things

  • Assent-official concurrence(The bill passed in the assembly has been sent for Governors assent)

Ascent-climbing up(The ascent of Everest By Tensing and Hilary was a historical event)

  • Amiable-lovable(He has endeared himself to everyone because of his amiable qualities

Amicable-friendly(India is trying to find an amicable settlement  of the Kashmir dispute with Pakisthan

  • Adapt-make some thing suitable to(When you live in a foreign country you should adapt yourself to the customs of that country

Adopt-to take new relationship(The childless couple adopted an orphan as their heir)

  • Allusion-reference(Milton makes several obscure allusion in Lycidas

Illussion-false notion(I had no illusion about her talent as a singer

  • Abstract-a brief summary(The Principle has asked me to prepare an abstract of the project and submit it tomorrow)

Extract-a passage taken from a book(This is an extract from Geetanjali)

  • Avert-to turn away(The alertness of the driver averted the accident)

Invert-to turn upsidedown(In English the word order is inverted in questions

  • Accept-to receive with favour(The politician accepted the people’s verdict in all humility

Except-not included(He participated in all items in youth festivel except dancing

  • Aught-anything(For aught I know he is sincere and meticulous

Ought-should(We ought to support our parents in their old age)

  • Beside-by the side of (The ADC stands beside the Governor

Besides-in addition to(Besides being a poet Tagore was agreat painter)

  • Canvas-Following tsunami ,government erected many tents made of canvas

Canvass-to request votes(He is contesting the election and is now engaged in vigorously canvassing the support                of the voters

  • Bridal-of bride or wedding(Anne looked lovely in her bridal dress

Bridle-control(If you do not know how to bridle your tongue you will be in deep trouble)

  • Canon-a rule or principle(The writers of the 18th century followed classical canons

Cannon-a heavy gun(Some of the enemy’s cannon have been put out of use by our artillery

  • Corporal-physical(Many nations have abolished corporal punishment)

Corporate-of or belong to body politic(All educated adults should take corporate responsibility for the       eradication of illiteracy)

  • Confirm-ratify(The decisions of the Director were confirmed by the Governing body)

Conform-comply with(Students must conform to a strict dress code

  • Capture-seize(He was captured by his enemies)

Captivate-fascinate(Mark Anthony was captivated by Cleopatras beauty

  • Collision-violent contact(There was acollision between a bus and a truck on the NH yesterday

Collusion-secret understanding to in order to deceive somebody(It is said that some policeman are in collusion with pick pockets)

  • Compliment-expression of regards(When you say I take after my father ,I take it as a compliment

Complement-full number required(The plane had its full complement of passengers when it crashed



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