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Most Useful 201 Kerala PSC Questions And Answers

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Hallo dears! certain relevant 201 Kerala PSC Questions and Answers are given below from the different valuable parts repeatedly appearing in the question papers of PSC Examinations.Systematically arrange the variety of PSC questio

ns and answers after giving sub-heads for the convenience preparations for examinations.


Various sections in questions and answers dealt here is given below

  •   Typical psc questions and answers from History
  •   Relevant psc questions and answers from Science Sections
  •   Include latest Current affairs questions from all over the world.
  •   Miscellaneous questions appearing in psc question bank
  1. The Travancore State Manual was compiled by-
    A. Pachu Moothathu
    B. G P Pillai
    C. V Nagam AiyahD. K P Kesavamenon
    Answer: V Nagam Aiyah
  2. Kerala Soil museum  is at –
    A. Sree Karyam
    B. Parothukonam
    C. Poojapura
    D. Kazhakootam
    Answer: Parothukonam
  3. Keolade Khana National Park situated in Rajasthan also known as-
    A. Sulthanpur Bird Sanctuary
    B. Bharathpur Sanctuary
    C. Ranganathitha Bird Sanctuary
    D. Vedathangal Sanctuary
    Answer: Bharathpur Sanctuary
  4. Name the leader of Paliam Sathyagraha who died in police action —-
    A. Madathil Appul
    B. Koyittatil Chirukandan
    C. A G Velayudhan
    D. Potora Kunhambu Nair
    Answers: A G Velayudhan
  5. ‘Hereditary laws are related to which scientist-
    A. Ronald Rose
    B. Charles Darwin
    C. Robert Hooke
    D. Gregor Mendel
    Answers: Gregor Mendel
  6. In which year state human right commission formed-
    A. 1992
    B. 1993
    C. 1996
    D. 1998
    Answers: 1998
  7. Who compiled the work ‘Ayini Akbari’-
    A. Firdousi
    B. Akbar
    C. Abul fasal
    D. Albaruni
    Answers: Abul fasal
  8. Name the freedom fighterWho turned from theevravadam to spirituality-
    A. J B Kripalani
    B. Arabinda Ghosh
    C. Bala gangadhara Thilak
    D. Madan Mohan Malavya
    Answers:Arabinda Ghosh
  9. The poltical party formed by Meda padkar
    A. Party for Environmental Protection
    B. Party for Democratic Protection
    C. People’s Political Front
    D. People’s Democratic Party
    Answers: People’s Political Front
  10. The Rennaissance leader who is known as the ‘Kalvin of Hindhu Religion’-
    A. Swami Dayananda Saraswathi
    B. Ramakrishna Parama Hamsan
    C. Swami Vivekanandan
    D. Raja ram Mohan Roy
    Answers: Swami Dayananda Saraswathi
  11. The living period of Dr:B C Roy-
    A. 1889-1964
    B. 1861-1941
    C. 1856-1920
    D. 1882-1962
    Answers: 1882-1962
  12. Who got the Bharat Award for the first time-
    A. Naseerudeen Sha
    B. P J Antony
    C. Uthamkumar
    D. M G Rama Chandran
    Answers: Uthamkumar
  13. Which famous French Philosophers autobiography is ‘The Confession’-
    A. Russo
    B. Adolf Hitlor
    C. Leo Tolstoy
    D. Jeen Pole Sathru
    Answers: Russo
  14. Whose work is ‘A Confession’-
    A. Russo
    B. Adolf Hitlor
    C. Leo Tolstoy
    D. Jeen Pole Sathru
    Answers: Leo Tolstoy
  15. Who was the British Prime Minister when Cabinet Mission reached in India in 1946-
    A. Ramse Mcdonald
    B. Winsten Churchil
    C. Harol Macmillan
    D. Clemant Atlee
    Answers:Clemant Atlee
  16. In which year P J Antony got Bharath Award –
    A. 1973
    B. 1977
    C. 1972
    D. 1970
    Answers: 1973
  17. In which year Mammooty got Bharath Award for the first time –
    A. 1987
    B. 1989
    C. 1990
    D. 1991
    Answers: 1989
  18. How many times Mohanlal got Bharath Award-
    A. 2
    B. 1
    C. 3
    D. 4
    Answers: 2
  19. In Which year Prarthana Samaj established –
    A. 1867
    B. 1875
    C. 1828
    D. 1857
    Answers: 1867

    Confusing facts in PSC Questions on Science & History Of KeralaThese are the source of infinite questions for psc examinations.Avoiding this sections, nobody can achieve to reach the required level in psc rank list. Keep it mind this general knowledge questions answers  while you prepare for examinations.
  20.  Name the first dog created through cloning
    A. Dolly
    B. Snupy
    C. Garima
    D. Samrupa
    Answers: Snupy
  21. Name the disease not because of bacteria-
    A. Rat fever
    B. Trachoma
    C. Pig fever
    D. Anthrax
    Answers: Pig fever
  22. Number of Chromosome in humanbeings
    A. 42
    B. 44
    C. 46
    D. 48
    Answers: 46
  23. The biggest irrigation project in Kerala
    A. Idukki
    B. Kallada
    C. Edamalayar
    D. Sabarigiri
    Answers: Kallada
  24. Name the state which supply milk in the form of money from ATM –
    A. Madhya Pradesh
    B. Haryana
    C. Gujarath
    D. Rajasthan
    Answers: Gujarath
  25. Name the company which firstly brought mobile phone into markets-
    A. Motorolla
    B. Samsung
    C. Nokia
    D. Apple
  26. Dry ice is the solid form of which chemicals-
    A. Amonium
    B.Sodium Chloride
    C.Potassium Chloride
    D.Carbon Dio Oxide
    Answers: Carbon Dio Oxide
  27. The elements which is known as the ‘ metal of future’-
    A. Magnesium.
    B. Titanium
    C. Platinum
    D. Vanedium
    Answers: Titanium
  28. Constituents of elements in sugar-
    A. Carbon,Hydrogen
    B. Carbon,Oxygen
    C. Carbon,Hydrogen,Oxygen
    D. None of this
    Answers: Carbon,Hydrogen,Oxygen
  29. The example of acid of Carbon-
    A. Nitric Acid
    B. Sulphuric Acid
    C. Acetic Acid
    D. Hydrochloric Acid
    Answers: Acetic Acid
  30. Name the element having no neutron in their atom-
    A. Helium
    Answers: Hydrogen
  31. The strongest part of human body-
    A. Enamal
    B. Bone at thigh
    C. Bone at jaw
    D. Back bone
    Answers: Enamal
  32. Name the deficiency  of Vitamins for the disease  Rickets-
    A. Viamin B12
    B. Vitamin C
    C. Viatamin D
    D. Vitamin E
    Answers: Viatamin D
  33. Name the gland which is active only in children-
    A. Thymus
    B. Pitutary
    C. Parathyroid
    D. Adrenalin
    Answers: Thymus
  34. Name the disease which increase the pressure of eye-lids-
    A. Astigmatism
    B. Squint Eye
    C. Cataract
    D. Glucoma
    Answers: Glucoma
  35. Who is the leader of Malayali Memorial-
    A. K Kelappan
    B. V T Bhattathiripad
    C. Mannath Padmanabhan
    D. G P Pillai
    Answers: G P Pillai
  36. Who address V K Gurukkal as Vaghbadananthan for the first time
    A. Sri Narayana Guru
    B. Brahmananda Sivayohi
    C. Chattambi Swamikal
    D. Ananda Theerthan
    Answers: Brahmananda Sivayohi
  37. Who is known as ‘Kerala Lincon’-
    A. K P Kesava Menon
    B. Mannath Padmanabhan
    C. K Ayyappan
    D. Pndt:Karuppan
    Answers: Pndt:Karuppan
  38. In which year the drama ‘Adukkalayil Ninnu Arangathekku’published-
    A. 1923
    B. 1926
    C. 1927
    D. 1929
    Answers: 1929
  39. The first electricity minister of keralam-
    A. K R Gouri
    B. T A Majeed
    C. V R Krishna Ayyer
    D. T V Thomas
    Answers: V R Krishna Ayyer
  40. Name the country having the same time-zone of India
    A. Nepal
    B. Bhutan
    C. Srilanka
    D. Myanmar
    Answers: Srilanka
  41. Which articles of Indian Constitution declares Hindi as our official language-
    A. 343
    B. 334
    C. 434
    D. 346
    Answers: 343
  42. In which day observe as international water day-
    A. Jan:22
    B. Feb:22
    C. March:22
    D. Aprl:22
    Answers: March: 22
  43. With which revolution relates ‘Gilletin’-
    A. American Freedom Struggle
    B. French Revolution
    C. Russian Revolution
    D. Irish Revolution
    Answers: French Revolution
  44. Which game is known as ‘Ping-Pong-
    A. Table Tennis
    B.Lawn Tennis
    C.Volley ball
    Answers:Table Tennis
  45. Who invented X-ray –
    A. William Einthoven
    B. Marconi
    C. Samual Guthri
    D. Rontgen
    Answers: CF Rontgen
  46. Who got Saraswathi Samman for first time in Malayalam
    A. K Ayyappa Panicker
    B. Bala Maniyamma
    C. Lalithambika Antherjenam
    D. Sugatha kunmari
    Answers:Bala Maniyamma
  47. In which country ‘Karathe’formed-
    A. China
    B. Korea
    C. Thaivan
    D. Japan
    Answers: Japan
  48. Total number of member in Rajya Sabha –
    A. 545
    B. 550
    C. 235
    D. 250
    Answers: 250

    Treasury of questions and answers from psc questions bank on independent struggles and related facts .
    Much of scope is there for asking questions from this typical sections.Avoiding this section is quiet impossible for questions maker. Analysing any PSC examination question papers large number questions appearing from this sections.
  49.  In the history of Indian census, which census shows less population than the previous-
    A. 1901
    B. 1921
    C. 1941
    D. 1961
    Answers: 1921
  50. Who is called ‘Vidyadirajan’
    A. Chattambi Swamikal
    B. Vaikunda Swamikal
    C. Dr.Palpu
    D. Brahmananda Siva Yohi
    Answers: Chattambi Swamikal
  51. In which year Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yoham’started
    A. 1904
    B. 1903
    C. 1905
    D. 1901
    Answers: 1903
  52. Who led the agitation ‘Adilahala’
    A. Chattambi Swamikal
    B. Vaikunda Swamikal
    C. Dr.Palpu
    D. Poikayil Yohannan
    Answers: Poikayil Yohannan
  53. Name the malayalee who participated in the first meeting of congress
    A. Kesava Pillai
    B. Dr.Palpu
    C. Sree Narayana Guru
    D. V P Menon
    Answers: Kesava Pillai
  54. Who is the second president of Congress
    A. Kesava Pillai
    B. Badarudeen Thyabji
    C. Geogre Yul
    D. Subramanya Ayyer
    Answers: Badarudeen Thyabji
  55. Who is the first foreign president of Congress
    A. Kesava Pillai
    B. Badarudeen Thyabji
    C. Geogre Yul
    D. Subramanya Ayyer
    Answers: Geogre Yul
  56. The foreigner who became two times the congress president
    A. William Wederbun
    B. Badarudeen Thyabji
    C. Geogre Yul
    D. Subramanya Ayyer
    Answers: William Wederbun
  57. In which congress meeting Jawaharlal Nehru was elected as the president of congress for the first time
    A. Lahore meeting in 1929
    B. Belgam meeting in 1924
    C. Haripura meeting in 1937
    D. Phaispur meeting in 1936
    Answers:Lahore meeting in 1929
  58. In which meeting of congress passed the non-co-operative policy passed
    A. Lahore meeting in 1929
    B. Belgam meeting in 1924
    C. Haripura meeting in 1937
    D. Nagpur Congress in 1920
    Answers: Nagpur Congress in 1920
  59. In which congress meeting Subhash Chandra Bose elected the congress the congress president for the first time
    A. Lahore meeting in 1929
    B. Belgam meeting in 1924
    C. Haripura meeting in 1937
    D. Nagpur Congress in 1920
    Answers:Haripura meeting in 1937
  60. Who was the chairman of congress meeting in Madrass -1927 ,decided to boycott the Simon Commission
    A. William Wederbun
    B. Badarudeen Thyabji
    C. Geogre Yul
    D. Dr.Ansari
    Answers: Dr.Ansari
  61. How many members were participated the first meeting of congress
    A. 72
    B. 78
    C. 6
    D. 74
  62. The first Vanitha president of Congress
    A. Nelli Sen Gupta
    B. Sarojini Naidu
    C. Ani Beasant
    D. Non of this
    Answers: Ani Beasant
  63. The first Indian Vanitha president of Congress
    A. Nelli Sen Gupta
    B. Sarojini Naidu
    C. Ani Beasant
    D. Non of this
    Answers: Sarojini Naidu
  64. Who proposed the name Indian National Congress for it
    A. William Wederbun
    B. Badarudeen Thyabji
    C. Geogre Yul
    D. Dada Bhai Naoroji
    Answers: Dada Bhai Naoroji
  65. The moderate era of Congress
    A. 1885-1905
    B. 1857-1906
    C. 1905-1919
    D. 1919-1947
  66. The extremist era of Congress
    A. 1885-1905
    B. 1857-1906
    C. 1905-1919
    D. 1919-1947
  67. Gandhian era of congress
    A. 1885-1905
    B. 1857-1906
    C. 1905-1919
    D. 1919-1947
  68. The renaissance leader of India
    A. Raja ram Mohan Roy
    B. Sree Narayana Guru
    C. William Bentic
    D. Dada Bhai Naoroji
    Answers:Raja ram Mohan Roy
  69. In which year Sathi stopped in India
    A. 1829
    B. 1830
    C. 1828
    D. 1835
  70. Whose work is ‘Sathyartha Prakasam’
    A. Raja ram Mohan Roy
    B. Sree Narayana Guru
    C. Dayanada Saraswathi
    D. Dada Bhai Naoroji
    Answers:Dayanada SaraswathiMiscellaneous Questions asking for PSC Ecaminations
  71. The real name of Dayananda Saraswathi
    A. Mool Shanker
    B. Adi Sanker
    C. Daya Sanker
    D. Jayasanker
    Answers:Mool Sanker
  72. The capital of Rama Krishna Mission
    A. Srinkeri
    B. Belur Madam
    C. Mettur
    D. Badari Nath
    Answers:Belur Madam
  73. Whose birth day is observed as National  Youth day
    A. Rama Krishnan
    B. Swami Nathan
    C. Swami Vivekananda
    D. Sree Narayana Guru
    Answers:Swami VivekanandaShort answers questions and their answers from various sections for quick reference
  74. Name the national leader called as the ‘Jewel of India’
    Answers:Gopala Krishana Gokhale
  75. The first person who became three times the congress
    Answers:Dada Bhai Navroji
  76. Who was the president of congress at the Suarat meeting in 1907
    Answers:Rash Bihari Bose
  77. The only Malayali who became the congress presidentAnswers:C Shankaran Nair
  78. Who was the Viceroy at the time of formation of congress
  79. The second meeting of congress tookplace in which city
  80. The first Muslim president in Congress
    Answers:Badaruddeen Thyabji
  81. Who formed the symbol for Indian Rupee
    Answers:D Udaya Kumar(2010)
  82. In which year decimal system formed in India
  83. The approved flag production centre in India
    Answers:Hubli in Karnataka
  84. The proportionate size of Natioanl flag
  85. From which Upanishad ‘Satyameva Jayathe’ was taken
  86. National calendar of IndiaAnswers:Saka Year
  87. The time taken to complete the national song
    Answers:52 Second
  88. In which year Bengal Tiger was declared as our national animal
  89. Which emperor started Sakha Era in AD 78Answers:Asokan
  90. Who formed the organization, ‘Bachpan Bachavo Antholan,
    Answers:Kailash Sathyarthi
  91. The highest volacanes in the solar system
    Answers:Olympus Mons
  92. The date of reaching Mangalyan in the orbit of Mars
    Answers:2014 Sept:24
  93. Who got nobel prize for literature in 2014
    Answers:Patric Modiyano
  94. Who got nobel prize for economics in 2014
    Answers:Zhang Tirrol
  95. The first Asean country reaching the orbit of Mars
  96. The biggest warship built by India-
    Answers:INS Kolkotha
  97. The Indians who became the chief executive of Microsoft
    Answers:Sathya Nadelle
  98. The 29th states in India
  99. Who got first G-Smaraka Puraskaram
    Answers:ONV Kurup
  100. Who got Odakuzhal award in 2014
    Answers:Rafeeque AhammedPreviously asked psc questions and answers -back born of any Questions paper
    With out any doubt, we can say that any question makers can not avoid this sections. Study this sections is helpful for getting good marks in examinations. Extra notice to be given in the method of asking questions and its level.while you study,front and back of  scope in this sort of  questions understands,that is acquire the related facts
  101. The first chief minister of Thelungana
    A. Chandra Sekhar Rao
    B.Chandra Babu Naidu
    C. Ilaneer Shelvam
    D.Pani Neer Shelvam
    Answers:Chandrasekhar Rao
  102. The river which flows through Silent Valley
    A. Periyar
    B. Pamba Nathi
    C. Kunthi Puzha
    D. Maha nadi
    Answers:Kunthi Puzha
  1. The King of Chemicals
    A. Sulphuric Acid
    B. Hydrochloric Acid
    C. Ascetic Acid
    D. Citric Acid
    Answers:Sulphuric Acid
  1. Indias first Radar Imaging Satellite
    A. Cartosat
    B. Metsat
    C. Resat-1
    D. Ocean sat
  1. In which year the symbol rupees officially approved
    A. 2009
    B. 2008
    C. 2011
    D. 2010
  1. Whose autobiography is ‘Kumbasarangal’
    A. Russo
    B. Lenin
    C. Kennedy
    D. Karl Max
    Answers: Russo
  1. .In which year the historical Kayyur Agitation occurred
    A. 1921
    B. 1941
    C. 1931
    D. 1951
    Answers: 1941
  2. Which continent represents the blue colour in the five rings of Olymbics symbol
    A. Australia
    B. Europe
    C. America
    D. Asia
    Answers: Europe
  3. National games og Bengladesh
    A. Hockey
    B. Cricket
    C. Kabadi
    D. AmbeithuAnswers:Kabadi
  4. In which state the sun temple known as black Pagoda situated
    A. Karnatakam
    B. Orissa
    C. Madhya Pradesh
    D. UPAnswers: Orissa
  5. .Who declared Temple Entry Proclamation in 1936 Nov:12
    A. Sree Chithira Thirunal
    B. Sree Moolam Thirunal
    C. Swathi Thirunal
    D. Ayillyam ThirunalAnswers: Sree Chithira Thirunal
  6. The Vitamin essential for reproduction
    A.Vitamin A
    B.Vitamin D
    C. Vitamin E
    D.Vitamin KAnswers:Vitamin E
  7. Which beings scientific name is Kanis familiarisis
    C. Lion
  8. Governor of Reserve Bank
    A. D Subha Rao
    B. Bimal jalan
    C. Urjith Patel
    D. R L MalhothraAnswers:Urjith Patel
  9. Who is known as the Columbus of Universe
    A. Rakesh Sharma
    B.Yuri Gagarin
    C. Galelio
    D.Neil AmsrongAnswers:Yuri Gagarin
  10. In which districts Shenthuruni wild life sanctuary situated
    A. Wayanad
    B. Palakkad
    C. Idukki
    D. KollamAnswers:Kollam
  11. Which Asean city host the Asian games more than one times
    A. London
    B. Bankoke
    C. Kolalampur
    D. New DelhiAnswers:Bankoke
  12. Who combiled the song “Jaya jaya komala Kerala Dharani,Jaya jaya pavana Bharatha Hirini”
    A. Bodeshwaran
    B. Changampuzha
    C. P Kunji Raman Nair
    D. VallatholAnswers:Bodeshwaran
  13. Chingam 1 observed as
    A. Women Day
    B. Navi day
    C.  Martyre Day
    D. Farmers dayAnswers:Farmers day
  14. Which machinery play the key role in the development of educational-industrial development of Malabar
    A. LMS
    B. BEM
    C. CMS
    D. Eso-sabhaAnswers:BEM
  15. The first Malayali who became the president of India National Congress
    A. K Madhavan Nair
    B. K P Kesava Menon
    C. C Shankaran Nair
    D. K KelappanAnswers:C Shankaran Nair
  16. In which place of Kerala sandalwood tees are seen
    A. Marayur
    B. Parambikulam
    C. Iravikulam
    D. Silent ValleyAnswers:Marayur
  17. In which state of India rubber produced more
    A. Karnatakam
    B. Tamil Nadu
    C. Keralam
    D. W.BengalAnswers:Keralam
  18. The northern end of India
    A. Indhira Col
    B.Indhira Point
    C. Ran of Kutch
    D.Chori CreechAnswers:Indhira Col
  19. In which state the Hirakud dam situated
    A. Punjab
    B. Orissa
    C. Bihar
    D. Madhya PradeshAnswers: Orissa
  20. In which state Ennur port situated
    A. Punjab
    B. Orissa
    C. Bihar
    D. Tamil NaduAnswers:Tamil Nadu
  21. The leading state in the production of coal in India
    A. Jharkand
    B. Maharashtra
    C. Andhra Pradesh
    D. Tamil NaduAnswers:Jharkand
  22. The headquarters of Bamini Kingdom
    A. Vijaya Nagar
    B. Beedar
    C. Beejapur
    D. GulbergAnswers:Gulberg
  23. The Venitian traveler visited the Vijaya nagar Kingdom
    A. Nicolo Kondi
    B. Abdul Razak
    C. Marco Polo
    D. Ibanu BathuthaAnswers:Nicolo Kondi
  24. Name the first patriotwho put forward the idea of autonomous rule for the country
    A. Bala Gangadhara Thilakan
    B. Madam Kama
    C. Ani Besant
    D. Jawaharlal NehruAnswers:Bala Gangadhara Thilak
  25. During the freedom struggle who formed the Red shirt organization in the North-west section of India.
    A. Sikhs
    B. Santhals
    C. Jatts
    D. PathansAnswers:Pathankar
  26. In which congress meeting decided to observe independence day on 30 Jan”1930
    A. Lahore
    B. Surath
    C. Kolkotha
    D. LucknowAnswers:Lahore
  27.  Name the viceroy who implemented the permanent land settlement tax system
    A. Caning
    B. Convalis
    C. Wellesly
    D. DelhousieAnswers: Convalis
  28. Who combiled ‘Anantha Madam’
    A. Subra Manya Bharathi
    B. Raveendra Nath Tagore
    C. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
    D. Benkim Chandra ChatterjiAnswers:Benkim Chandra Chatterjee
  29. The father of missile technology in India
    A. Homi J Baba
    B. Vikram Sarabhai
    C. A P J Abdul Kalam
    D. C V RamanAnswers:APJ Abdul Kalam
  30. In which place first non-alignement meeting takeplace in 1961
    A. Banthung
    B. Belgrade
    C. Havana
    D. KeyroAnswers:Belgrade
  31. The Indian Prime Minister signed in the Thashkent declaration
    A. Lal Bahadur Sastri
    B. Vajpey
    C. Indhira Gandhi
    D. Man Mohan SinghAnswers:Lal Bahadur Sasthri
  32. The chairman of State planning commission
    A. Prime Minister
    B. Chief Minister
    C. Finance Minister
    D. PresidentAnswers:Chief minister
  33. .The head quarter of Reserve Bank of India
    A. Mumbai
    B. Chennai
    C. Delhi
    D. ThiruvananthapuramAnswers:Mumbai
  34. Name the plan implemented for the improvements of health activities in Gramam
    A. Deseeya Gramin Thozhilurappu Paddhathi
    B. Deseeya Gramin Arogya Mission
    C. Primary Health Centre
    D. Health Sub centresAnswers:Deseeya Gramin Arogya Mission
  35. The administrative subject included in the concurrent list of Indian constitution
    A. Education
    B. Rajya Raksha
    C. Forein Affairs
    D. AgricultureAnswers:Education
  36. The human right activist continuing the strike against the black rule AFSAPA
    A. Meda Padkar
    B. Ang San Suji
    C. Sugatha Kumari
    D. Irom SharmilaAnswers:Irom Sharmila
  37. The author of works ‘Indian Struggle’
    A. Dr.Rajendra Prasad
    B. Subhash Chandra Bose
    C. Gandhiji
    D. NehruAnswers:Subhash Chandra Bose
  38. The metal which is seen as liquid in normal atmospheric temperature
    A. Sodium
    B. Magnesium
    C. Mercury
    D. UraniumAnswers: Mercury
  39. The unit which is used to record the loudness of sound
    A. Decibel
    B. Hertz
    C. Ampere
    D. OhmAnswers: Decibel
  40. Name the disease not because of bacteria
    A. Diphtheria
    B. Typhoid
    C. Pneumonia
    D. Chicken poxAnswers: Chicken Pox
  41. World anti narcotic day
    A. June 5
    B. June 26
    C. Sept:5
    D. Sept:26Answers: June 26
  42. The Indian region declared as world bio-sphere day in May 2013
    A. Sunderben
    B. Nilagiri
    C. Nanda Devi
    D. Nicobar IslandsAnswers: Nicobar Islands
  43. The female, Yelena Yisin Bayova is related to which sports item
    A. Gimnastics
    B. High-Jump
    C. Pol-Walt
    D. Long JumpAnswers: Pol Walt
  44. Whose work is Malgudi days
    A. raveendra Nath Tagore
    B. R K Narayanan
    C. V S Naipal
    D. AmarthyasenAnswers: R K narayanan
  45. The first navigation satellite of India
    A. IRNSS-1A
    B. INSAT-1A
    D. METSATAnswers: IRNSS 1A
  46. The biggest Adivasi’s section in Keralam
    A. Paniyar
    B. Kurichiyar
    C. Koragar
    D. KurumarAnswers: Paniyar
  47. The smallest planet in solar system
    A. Mercury
    B. Earth
    C. Venus
    D.UranusAnswers: Mercury
  48. The substance which is added to Rubber during vulcanization
    A. Phosphuraus
    B. Sulphur
    C. Pottassium
    D. CalciumAnswers: Sulphur
  49. The vitamin which is known as ascorbic acid
    A. Vitamin A
    B .Vitamin B
    C. Vitamin C
    D.Vitamin DAnswers: Vitamin C
  50. The article which ensures free and compulsory education for children
    A. Article 24
    B. Article 21A
    C. Article 21
    D. Article 4AAnswers: Article 21 A
  51. The Thanneer Mukkam Bund is constructed across which Kayal
    A. Vembanattu Kayal
    B. Sastham Kotta Kayal
    C. Kayam Kulam Kayal
    D. Ashtamudi kayalAnswers: Vembanattu Kayal
  52. In which year implemented banking regulating act
    A. 1946
    C. 1945
    D. 1948Answers: 1949
  53. International Human Rights day
    A. Dec:2
    B. Dec:10
    C. Nov:26
    D. Jan:26Answers: Dec:10
  54. Number of Lok sabha seat in Keralam
    A. 20
    B. 15
    C. 16
    D. 12Answers: 20
  55. In which year Kerala Vanitha Commission formed
    A. 1996
    B. 1993
    C. 1995
    D. 1994Answers: 1996
  56. The National Water Highway-1 is through which river
    A. Sindhu
    B. Kosi
    C. Brahma Puthrai
    D. GangaAnswers: Ganga
  57. In which state Haldia port situated
    A. Andhra Pradesh
    B. Orissa
    C. West Bengal
    D. KarnatakamAnswers: West Bengal
  58. The state having third place in population
    A. Andhra Pradesh
    C. West Bengal
    D.KarnatakamAnswers: Bihar
  59. In which place Subhash Chandra Bose Inter National airport situated
    A. Coimbatore
    B. Mangalapuram
    C. Ahammedabad
    D. KokothaAnswers: Kolkotha
  60. The father of Rennaissance in kerala
    A. Ayyankali
    B.Chattambi swamikal
    C. Sree Narayana Guru
    D.K KelappanAnswers: Sree Narayana guru
  61. In which river Hirakud dam situated
    A. Maha Nadi
    C. Krishna
    D.KaveriAnswers: Maha Nadi
  62. Thansen Samman is related which field
    A. Art
    B. Music
    C. Literature
    D.DramaAnswers: Music
  63. Who constructed Buland Darwasa
    Jaham Gir
    C. Akbar
    D.BabarAnswers: Akbar
  64. The Barren Deep the onl one active volcane is situated in which place
    A. Andhra Pradesh
    B. Orissa
    C. Andaman Nicobar
    D. Madhya PradeshAnswers: Andama Nicobar
  65. Which Prime minister adopted the new economic policy
    A. Indhira Gandhi
    B. Narasimha Rao
    C. Rajiv Gandhi
    D.Man Mohan SinghAnswers: Narasimha Rao
  66. Whose work is Mudra Rakshasam
    Visaka dattan
    C. Amara simhan
    D.Kali dasanAnswers: Vishaka Dathan
  67. Who led the great revolution 1857 in Kanpur
    A. Thantio Thopi
    B. Nana sahib
    C. Bahadursha Second
    D. Hasrath mahalAnswers: Nan Sahib
  68. Which Prime minister of India put sign in the Thashkent declaration
    A. Indhira Gandhi
    B. Lal Bahadur Shasthri
    C. A B Vajpey
    D. Narasimha RaoAnswers: Lal Bahadur Sasthri
  69. State department secretary who played key role in the co-ordination in the Kingly States
    A. V P Menon
    B.Sr.Vallabhai patel
    C. K Kelappan
    D.C raja GopalachariAnswers: V P Menon
  70. Who is the chairman of University Education Commission Chairman
    A. Pr:Yeshpal
    B. Dr:V S Kothari
    C. Lekshmana Muthaliar
    D.Rama MurthyAnswers: Dr: V S Kothari
  71. In the following,the state which is formed in 1956 not included
    A. Assam
    B.Himachal Pradesh
    C. Rajasthan
    D.Andhra PradeshAnswers: Himacha Pradesh
  72. In the following the substance which is used as rectifier
    A. Transistor
    B. Resistor
    C. Diode
    D.CapacitorAnswers: Diode
  73. What is the pen-name of the eminent writer in Hindi literature,Prem Chandh
    A. Syam Narayan Pande
    B. Madhu Pandh
    C. Manoj Das
    D.Dhanapath RaiAnswers: Dhanpath Rai
  74. The first Indian Reserv Bank Governor
    A. H V R Ayyenkar
    B. C D Deshmukh
    C. Sir Benegal Rama Rao
    D.Dr:C ranga RajanAnswers: C.D Desh Mukh
  75. The important constituent of bio-gas
    C. Propane
    D.ButaneAnswers: Methaine
  76. Name the rocket which was carried India’s Remote Sensing Satellite IRS-1D to the orbit
    A. PSCLV-C1
    B. PSCLV-C2
    C. PSCLV-D3
    D. PSCL-D4Answers: PSCLV-C1
  77. The Pakistan Prime Minister who was removed from power by Supreme Court
    A. Navas Sherif
    B.Parves Mushraf
    C. Usaf raza Gilani
    D.Benasir BhutoAnswers: Usaf Rasa Gilani
  78. In which place the first cartoon museum was established in India
    A. Kayam Kulam
    C. Thripunithura
    D.KollamAnswers: Kayam Kulam
  79. In which districts of Tamilnadu Koodamkulam atomic power station established
    B.Thirunal Veli
    C. Thirupur
    D.ThiruchirapalliAnswers: Thirunal Veli

    Rare Questions and Answers for any competitive examinations  Above details are very helpful in any objective type examinations.Care shoul be given in acquiring in related facts and its current relevance.References: Kerala PSC,
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerala public Service Commission


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