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50 psc questions on Independent Struggles on various parts of the world

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50 psc questions on Independent Struggles in the various parts of the world

 In various parts of the world independent struggles are occurring from time to time.They are succeeded.These sorts of questions plays important role in the psc examinations.Study all this to avoid feelings in psc examination hall.If you are not study this surely you will be felt in the psc examination hall.Study means, your register number will have in psc examination results.These are evergreen psc questions

  1. Name the country celebrates independence day on August 15 otherthan India

    Ans:Republic of Konko

  2. Name the Asian contry celebrates August 15 as ‘Vimochan Din’

    Ans:South Korea

  3. In which day Pakistan celebrates as Independence day

    Ans:August 14

  4. Name the country celebrates Republic Day of January 26 as ‘Deseeya din’


  5. Americans Independence day

    Ans:July 4

  6. Name the country which got freedom from Ethopia in 1991


  7. Name the Great country from which more number countries got independence


  8. The first African country got independence from the Colonial Rule


  9. Who led the Independent struggle of Ghana

    Ans:Quami Encruma

  10. Who led the Independent struggle of Kenia

    Ans:Jomo Keniatha

  11. In which place ‘Mouw,Mouw Mutiny’ started against Britain in 1952


  12. The Negroes established African country liberated from the slavery of America


  13. The Indian origin National Father of Mouritius

    Ans:Shivu Sagar Ramkulam

  14. Name the coutry where the organization SWAPO led the Independent struggle


  15. Who led the Independent struggle of Namibia

    Ans:Sam Nujoma

  16. The discriminating policy adopted by the administration led White People towards Negroes


  17. The year in which The African National Congress formed ,plays the key roles in the freedom struggle of South Africa


  18. Name the armed force of African National Congress

    Ans:Sphere of the nation

  19. Where is headquarters of African National Congress in Johannasberg

    Ans:Luthuli House

  20. In which year the first general election of South Africa conducted with the participation of all category of people


  21. The freedom fighter who is known as the national father of Tansania

    Ans:Julius Nerera

  22. Who is known as t ‘Africayude Manasakshi Sooshippukaran’

    Ans:Julius Nerera

  23. In which place the ‘Magi,Magi Riot’against the German ruler


  24. Who is known as African Gandhi

    Ans:Kenneth Konda

  25. Which countries freedom struggle led by Kenneth Kounda


  26. Who is known as the national father of Bengladesh

    Ans:Shake Mujibur Rahman

  27. Who is known as ‘Benga Bandhu’

    Ans:Shake Mujibur Rahmandemocracy

  28. In which year Bengladesh got independence from Pakisthan

    Ans:1971 March 26

  29. Name the organization plays the key role in freedom of Bengladesh

    Ans:Avami Legue

  30. Name the Bengladesh organization led the armed fight against Pakisthan

    Ans:Mukthi Vahini

  31. Name the first country formed in 21st century

    Ans:East Timur

  32. From which country east Timore got independence


  33. In which country the ‘rose revolution’ occurred


  34. Who led the freedom struggle of Indonesia

    Ans:Ahammed Sukarno

  35. In which year the Islamic revolution occurred under the leadership of Aayatholla Khomenia


  36. In which year the only one Jews country Israel is formed

    Ans:1948 May 14

  37. In which country the tu-lips revolution occurred in February 2005


  38. Who led the liberation movement of Myanamar from Britain


  39. Name the freedom fighter of Myanmar who got nobel prize for peace in 1991

    Ans:Angsan Soochi

  40. Name the Democratic agitation organization led by Ang-San –Suchi in Myanmar

    Ans:National Legue for Democracy

  41. Name the only Asean country which got independence from America


  42. Name the Asean country observed July 4 as independence day as America


  43. In which year Srilanka got independence from Britain

    Ans:1948 February 4

  44. The only one south east Asean country never the colony of European country


  45. In which year United Arab Emiarates formed


  46. The smallest republic in the world


  47. Which region liberated in 1994 from the direct control of United Nations


  48. Name the South African freedom fighter, who was called as ‘Madiba’

    Ans:Nelson Mandela

  49. Name the country who is having the power of permanent observer of United nations


  50. Who is known as the George Washington in South America

    Ans:Simon Boleevar








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