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50Valuable questions in freedom fighting period of India-regularly asking questions for PSC Examinations

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50-Valuable  Questions during the freedom fighting period of India for  PSC Examiantions

The following are the most important questions asking for PSC Examinations.So don’t leave single questions unstudied,make sure good rank in any PSC Examinations


  1. Who was the queen of Britain during the revolt of 1857-
    Ans:Queen Victoria
  2. Who is considered as the father of Indology-
    Ans:William Jones
  3. Name the Harappan site known as Black Bangles-
  4. Which is considered as the Magnacarta in the trade history of the English East India company in India-
    Ans:Firman issued by Farruksiyar in 1717
  5. The Doctrine of lapse was withdrawn in-
  6. Who was the Viceroy of India during the enactment of the Code of Criminal Procedure in 1861-
    Ans:Lord Canning
  7. The second Anglo-Afghan war ended with the treaty of –
    Ans:Treaty of Gandamak
  8. Who was the leader of the revolt of 1857 at Bareilly-
    Ans:Khan Bahadur
  9. Which is called as the Indian Education commission-
    Ans:Kothari Commission
  10. The Wavell plan was in the year-
  11. Who is known as the Christian Viceroy-
    Ans:Lord Irwin
  12. When was the all India Kisan Sabha formed-
  13. Muhammadali Jinnah propounded hid two Nation Theory in-
    Ans:The Lahore session of Muslim League in 1940
  14. The political party founded by Subhash Chandra Bose-
    Ans:Forward Bloc
  15. The interim government was formed in –
  16. Who called as ‘Rajayogi’-
  17. When did the Muslim League observe the ‘Day of Deliverence’-
  18. According to R.P.Dutt,the British economic exploitation in India from 1860 to 1947 is referred to as-
    Ans:Finance imperialism
  19. The sergeant Education Commission was appointed in –
  20. Who wrote ‘Veda Bhashya Bhumika’-
    Ans:Dayananda Saraswathi
  21. Who is called as ‘Lokahitawadi-
    Ans:Gopal Hari Deshmukh
  22. The founder of Madras-
    Ans:Francis Day
  23. Who claimed Arctic region as the original home of the Aryans-
    Ans:Balagangadhara Tilak
  24. Name the Sikh Guru who introduced the Pahul System-
    Ans:Guru Gobind Singh
  25. Which constitutional reform introduced the portifolio system in India-
    Ans:The government of India act 1861
  26. Where was the progressive writers Association founded-
  27. The Hindustan Republican Association was founded in –
  28. In which language Balagangadara Tilak published the news paper ‘Maratha’-
  29. The first general census in India was held in –
  30. The transfer of capital from Calcutta to Delhi was announced in –
  31. Who published the Tamil paper ‘Swadeshamitram’-
    Ans:G.Subramanya Aiyer
  32. Name the author of the book ‘Indian Mutiny of 1857’-
  33. Who founded Devasamaj in 1887-
    Ans:Shiv Narain Agnihotri
  34. The Viceroy of India during the Jalianwalabagh massacre-
    Ans:Lord Chelmsford
  35. In which session the Indian National congress declared ‘Poorna Swaraj’ as its ultimate goal-
    Ans:Lahore congress of 1929
  36. The India military Academy at Dehra Dun was founded in –
  37. Who summoned the second Buddist Council at Vaisali-
  38. Which Act introduced provincial autonomy-
    Ans:Government of India Act of 1861
  39. During British period the white paper was published in –
  40. Who presented the first Railway Budget in 1947-
    Ans:John Mathai
  41. Who suppressed the pindaris-
    Ans:Lord Hasting
  42. Which was called as the private war of Duplex-
    Ans:Second Carnatic war
  43. The first Anglo Maratha war was ended with the treaty of –
    Ans:Treaty of Salbai
  44. Who followed the policy of war and peace in India-
    Ans:Lord Delhousie
  45. Name the Viceroy of India during the war with Bhutan in 1865-
    Ans:John Lawrence
  46. When did Gopala Krishna Gokhale die-
  47. The founder of Hindu Mahasabha in 1915-
    Ans:Madan Mohan Malavya
  48. Who made the August declaration in 1917-
  49. Name the founder of the first women university in India-
  50. Who was the second Indian to become a member of British parliament-




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