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Meetings related with the formation of constituition

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49 Questions related with Meetings for the formations of Constitutions

With great task our constitution has been formed.Behind its formation no.of high level meeting had been conducted by experts.As the result of this sort of meeting constitution had been reached in today format.No. of questions from each part of constitution has ben asked in psc examinations.Constitutional questions are the treasury psc question bank


  1. The first meeting constitution formation committee-1946 Dec.9
  2. Who is the permanent chairman  of constitution formation committee-Dr.Rajendra Prasad
  3. Who acts as the advisors in constitution formation committee-B.N.Rao
  4. How many members are there in the drafting committee of constituition-7
  5. When did the constituition gets approval-1949 Nov.26
  6. The structure of Indian Constitution when it came existence-395 Articles,22 parts,8 tables
  7. The first state formed on linguistic basis-Andhra Pradesh(1953)
  8. The chairman of state reorganization commission-Fasal Ali(Others-K.N.Paniker,H.N.Khusru-1953)
  9. The fundamental rights are dealt in which part of Constitution-Part 3(Article 12-35)
  10. The right of education dealt in which article-21A
  11. The article which is known as ‘heart and soul of Constitution’-Article 32
  12. The matter which deals The article from 5-to 11-Citizenship
  13. The authority which can be taken decision on citizenship-Parliament
  14. “The architecture of fundamental right”-Sardar Vallabai Pattel
  15. The article which deals with equality-Article 16
  16. The article which deals with untouchability-Article 17
  17. The article which deals with educational right-Article 21A
  18. The article which deals with the prohibition of child-labour-Article 24
  19. What is the speciality of article 39A- free law-help
  20. The part which deals with fundamental duties-Part IV
  21. What is the speciality of article 51A-deals fundamental duties
  22. Which article deals with the impeachment of President-Article 61
  23. The minimum age required to contest in the post of President/Vice-Predident-35
  24. Who appoints CAG,Attorney General and Supreme Court –High Court Chief Justice and judges-President
  25. The first president who cast vote in election-K.R.Narayanan
  26. The president who elected un opposed-Nilam Sanjeeva Reddy
  27. The person who contest against Pranab Mukherjee in predidential election-P.A.Sagma
  28. How many members can be nominated by president in Parliament-14(Lokh Saba-2 and Rajya Sabha-12)
  29. Who is the ex-officio chairman Rajya Sabha-Vice-President
  30. The article which deals with amendment of Constituition-368
  31. Who is the chairman of joint session of Parliament-Lokh sabha Speaker
  32. Name of the committee in Parliament , must have an oppossition member-Public Account Committee
  33. The article which deals with election commission -324
  34. Name the headquarters of election commission of India-Nirvajan Sadan
  35. Name of the only female election commission in India who recently passed away-V.S. Ramadevi
  36. Who is the person behind the formation of ‘Right Information Act’-Aruna Roy
  37. Name the organization led by Aruna Roy-Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan
  38. Who is the last deputy chairman of Planning Commission-Mondesing Aluvalia
  39. Where do the finance bill first present-Lokh Sabha
  40. When did the President put sign the Food Safety Ordinance Bill-2013 June 4
  41. How many languages are included in 8th part of Constituition-22
  42. Duration of an Ordinance bill-6 month
  43. In which state the firstly the panchayathraj system came into existence-Rajasthan, Nagur District in 1959
  44. The first footballer elected to Lokhsabha-Prasoon Banergy
  45. The article which deals with Panchayath-Article-40
  46. The article which deals with common civil code-Article-44
  47. Who is having the authority to declare writs-Supreme Court&High Court
  48. What is the speciality of article 48A-The protection of environment
  49. Which writ is dealt with unlawfully keep a person under custody-Haebius Corpose


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