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Agricultural Research Institute Regularly asking for psc Examinations

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Agricultural Research Centre

For any psc examination that is online psc examination or offline psc examination questions regarding research centre is surely appearing.It could be very well understood if you analyse the recent psc examination question papers.Simple study of it ,surely you get confused in examination hall.So in a serious manner you approach this questions and get marks if any question ask from this sections


01) Rubber Institute of India-Kottayam

02) Cardamom Reserch Centre-Pampadumpara

03)Pepper Research Centre-Panniyure

04) Central plantation Research centre-Kasargode

05) Pine apple Research Centre-Vellanikkara

06) Coconut Research Centre-Balaramaouram

07) Sugarcane Research Centre-Thiruvalla

08) Cashewnut Research Centre-Aanakkayam

09)Agronomic Research Station-Chalakkudy

10)Rice Research Centre-Kayamkulam,Vytila


11) Central Tuber Crops Research Institute-Thiruvananthapuram

12) Ginger Research Centre-Ambalavayal

13) Indo-Swis Project-Mattupetti

14) Indo-Norvegian Project-Neendakara

15) Coffee Research Centre-Chundale(Wayanad)

16)Tissue Culture Research Centre-TBGC Palode

17) Forest Research Institute-Peechi


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