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Important Basic Questions

  • In which year World Trade Centre was attacked by terrorist-11-09-2001
  • The world famous writer who is known as ‘King of Shadows’-Rabrand
  • The Kalinga prize is given by-UNESCO(For Science)
  • The Scientist who was known as king os inventions’-Edison
  • The biggest national highway in India-NH-7
  • The name of the country having oldest national flag in the world-Denmark
  • In which year Kerala was declared as the fully literate state-1991
  • The world famous economist who was participated in the discussion of the formation of IMF-John Wenald Hein
  • The yellow river-Hoyanko
  • In which type court French Open Tennis is playing-Clay court
  • The biggest island in the world-Green land
  • Whose book is ,’War and Peace’-Tolstoy
  • In which year Kayyoor revolt-1941
  • Whose book is the ‘Discovery of India’-Nehru
  • The first hydro electric project in India-Shiva samudram
  • The first Chinese President of India who visited India-Jiyang Zemin
  • The headquarters of Kannur university-Kannur
  • The old name of Kannur university-Malabar university
  • The Ishihara Chart is used to detect-Colour blindness
  • The American President who worked as post master-Abraham Lincon
  • The headquartes of Keltron-Thiruvananthapuram
  • The head quarters of Kerala State Fisheries Corporation- Thiruvananthapuram
  • The biggest award given for the sports man in India-Khel Retna Award
  • The first English literary man who got Mobel prize-Rugyard Kipling
  • ‘Budhan Chirikkunnu’is a secret code given for which nuclear experiment-Pokran test in 1974
  • The journal started by Ramakrishna pillai-Keralan
  • In which districts having more population of Muslims-Malappuram
  • The first meeting of Indian National Congress-Bombay
  • The secret investigation agency of Israel-Mosad
  • Name the agitation organised against the American model rule of Sir C.P Ramaswamy Ayyer-Punnapra-Vayalar(1946)
  • How many times Jawaharlal Nehru elected as the president of Indian National Congress-6
  • In which year Bengal division occurred-1905
  • Whose pen name is George Eliot-Mary An Evans
  • In which city the Cheraman Masjid situated-Kodungallor
  • The commission who enquired Marad massacre-Justice Thomas P Joseph
  • Who started public work department in Keralam-Swathy Thirunal
  • In which country the regional office of UNICEF in Asia Situated-India
  • Who wrote the book, ‘Ningalenne Kammunistakki’-Thoppil Bhasi
  • The rate of breathing of new born baby-140
  • The firstnovel in Malayalam-Kundalatha
  • 1 Kalorie=4.2joule
  • The planet having more density-Earth
  • The headquarters of central social welfare board-New Delhi
  • Wh wrote the book ‘Malathy Madavam’-Bhavaboothy
  • Who established Nalantha University-Harsha Vardhan
  • In which state the Gir forest-Gujarath
  • The elements seen more in earth crust-Aluminium
  • The world wild animal protection day-October 4
  • The first space traveler in the world-Yuri Gagrin
  • The country which is known as the roof of world-Pamir


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