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Constituitional questions from psc question bank

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The Ideas adopted from the constituition of Other Country

The following are important collection of psc question bank.In all the psc examinations no.of questions are appearing from the constitution section .That is the rank determining part in psc examionations.Think first no.of questions from this section are included in psc question bank.If you analyse psc previous questions and answers you can understand the importance of this part

  1. Fundamental right,Supreme court&preamble-American constituition
  2. Parliamentary democrazy&single citizenship-Britain
  3. Federal system,Union&state list-Canada
  4. Directive principle-Ireland
  5. Concurrent list-Australia
  6. Constituitional Amendmend-South Africa
  7. Emergency-Germany
  8. The more ideas for Indian Constituition are adopted from which rule British Government-India Govt:law 1935
  9. The ideas of Indian Constituition , ‘Equal opportunity to all,morale approachment towards citizens’ are obliged to-Upanishad
  10. In which part of constituitions the Gandhian principles are included-Directive Principles
  11. Responsibilities of Speaker and various committee system in parliament are adopted from which country-Britain
  12. The ideas of ‘elected head of states’ are adopted from which country-Ireland
  13. The ideas of naming the head of the states as ‘President’&President is the Supreme command of armed force’are adopted from which country-America
  14. The ideas of representing states by Rajya Sabha are adopted from –America
  15. The ideas of more powerful Lokh Sabha and ministers responsibility towards Lokh sabha are adopted from –Britain
  16. The ideas of Republic are obliged to which country-France
  17. The ideas of nominating members to rajya Sabha by President are obliged to which country-Ireland
  18. The ideas of fundamental responsibility are obliged to which country-USSR

Amendment of Constituition

Amendment of constitution plays an important role in psc examinations.Rare collections of questions are this in psc question bank.Repeatedly asking this questions for psc examinations.Easy to study, at the same time easy to forget so such an importance consider the following details on constitution

  1. The article which deals with Constituitional amendment-368
  2. The year of first Constituitional amendment-1951
  3. Mini constituitional amendment-42(Year-1976)
  4. The amendment which deals with Koorumata Nirodhana Niyamam-52(1985)
  5. The amendment which reduced the voting age from 21 to 18-61(1989)
  6. The amendment which deals with Panchayath Raj System-73(1993)
  7. The prime minister who removed the possession of property from fundamental right-Morarji Desai
  8. The amendment which made Education as fundamental right-86(2002)
  9. The first human right document in the ancient days-Magna Karta(1215-The King John )
  10. Human right day observed by United Nations-Decem:10(1948 onwards)
  11. The amendment which formed special commission for scheduled tribe-89
  12. The amendment which enabled the remedy for India-Bangladesh boundary argument-100(2015 May 28)
  13. When did the ‘National Judicial appointment Commission came into force-2014 Decem 31
  14. The 96th amendment in 2011 are related to –changing the name language fro Oriya to Odiya


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