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Important Instituition In India

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 Important Instituition in India

  1. National Ayurveda Institute-Jaipur
  2. National Institute of Sidda-Chennai
  3. National Institute of Unani-Banglore
  4. National Institute of Yoga-New Delhi
  5. National Institute Naturopothy-Punai
  6. National Ayurveda Institute of homeopathy-Kolkotha
  7. National Ayurveda Vidya peedam-New Delhi
  8. All India Institute of Ayurveda-New Delhi
  9. Indian Institute of Petroleum-Dehradun
  10. National Institute of Nutrition-Hyderabad
  11. Central institute of cotton research-Nagpur
  12. National institute of immunology-New Delhi
  13. Centre for DNA finger print-Hyderabad
  14. Central drug laboratory-Kolkotha
  15. National institute of Vorology-Punai
  16. Indian Institute of Science-Banglore
  17. Rashtreeya Indian military college-Dehradun
  18. Bharath Earth movers limited-Banglore
  19. Bharath Dynamic Limited-Kanchan Beg
  20. Bharath Electronics Limited-Banglore
  21. Hindusthan Aero nautics Limited-Banglore
  22. National Institute of Rural Development-Hyderabad


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