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The First War of Independence
War of independence and related incidents are very important on psc examination point of view .It as much important as science questions asking for psc question bank.Those want to achieve good rank they surely study details related with war of independance.That is actually the treasury knowledge fo psc examination question for question maker

  1. The first organized protest occurred in India against Britishers rule -The mutiny in 1857
  2. Who called the mutiny in 1857 as the ‘The first war Independence strike’-V.D.Savarker
  3. The works of D.Savarker named, ‘The history of war the of  Indian Independence’published in the year of-1909
  4. The incidents which is called first war of independence by the historians in Punjab-The Anglo-Sikh war in 1845
  5. In which year the’ Vellore mutiny’ occurred-1806
  6. The western pundits who called the mutiny in 1857 as ‘the National mutiny’-Karl Max
  7. The British historian who called the mutiny in 1857 as ‘Shipayi Lahala’-John Lawrence
  8. who called the mutiny in 1857 as,’this is not the first mutiny againt Britishers,not the national Independence war’-R.C.Majundar
  9. Whose work is ‘The Great Rebellion’written based on the the mutiny in 1857-Asok Mehtha
  10. Who is the British Governor General at the time of the mutiny in 1857-Caning Prabu
  11. When did observe the 150th anniverssary of the first war of Independence-2007(memorizing it 100 rupees coin)
  12. In which place the war of independence of erupted-Meerut(1857 may 10)
  13. The first martyre of this mutiny-Mangal Pande
  14. The British sergent who assassinated Mangal Pande-Major Hudson
  15. The mutanist who captured in Delhi declared as their emperor -Bahadursha II
  16. Who led the mutiny in 1857 in Delhi-Bakthkhan
  17. Who led the mutiny in 1857 in Lucknow-Beegam Hasrath Magal
  18. Who led the mutiny in 1857 in Gwalior-Tchancy Rani
  19. Who is called as ‘Manikarnika’-Tchancy Rani
  20. Who called Tchancy Rani as ‘ the brightest point in the darkened background’-Jawaharlal Nehru
  21. Who executed Garilla war Tactics in 1857 mutiny-Thantiotoppi
  22. Who led the mutiny in 1857 in Kanpur-Nana sahib
  23. The original name of Thantiothoppi-Rama Chandra Pandurang Thoppy
  24. Name of horse of Tchancy Rani-Badal
  25. In which year Thantio Toppy was executed by Britishers-1859 April 18
  26. In which year Tchacy Rani was killed-1858 April 18
  27. Which British Indian Viceroy’s work is ‘A Good Soldier’-Veval Prabhu
  28. In which viceroy’s tenure the cabinet mission sent to India –Veval Prabhu
  29. The plan which is prepared for the independence of India is known as- June 3rd plan

    Different explanation for the revolt in 1857

    Differant people explain the first war of independence in differant way.That aslo appearing in psc questions.And clearly note them to attain highest rank for exam.There is every possibilty is to confuse the answer and make mistakes during in the examination hall

  30. The English men who described the 1857 revolt was a ‘National Rising’-Benjamin Disraeli
  31. Devils wind’-The English
  32. ‘First war of independence’-V.D.Savarker
  33. ‘Sepoy mutiny’-John Lawrance
  34. ‘Great rebellion’-Ashok Mehta
  35. ‘Internal revolt’-S.B.Choudhari
  36. Up rising’-William Dal Ripple


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