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PSC Model Questions and answers 2015

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68 psc previous questions and answers for LDC Examinations

Attend the following psc previous questions and answers  and improve your ability to attain the top rank in LDC Examinations.The more you do the exercise on psc previous questions and answers more you get the experience.Some persons simply read the model questions.That is not good ,thoroughly watch or study the questions and answers, write some answers if necessary.

  1. The unit of measuring distance between the stars is called
    Ans:Light year
  2. Diamond is chemically
    Ans:pure carbon
  3. Cooking gas is the mixture of
    Ans:Butane and propane
  4. Natural rubber is a polymer of
  5. The substance most commonly used as a food preservatives is
    Ans:benzoic acid
  6. The IC chips used in computers are made of
  7. LSD stands for
    Ans:Lysergic acid diethylamide
  8. The disease not transmitted by house-fly is
    Ans:Dengue fever
  9. The vast proportion of our body’s weight is made up of
  10. Milk tastes sour when kept in the open for sometime due to the formation of
    Ans:Lactic acid
  11. The widely used antibiotic ,pencillin is produced by
    Ans:a fungus
  12. The colour of cow’s milk is slightly yellowish due to the presence of
  13. Soil nature is drastically altered by the application of
  14. Plant mushroom gets its food from
    Ans:dead and decaying plants
  15. Which compound is added to petrol to prevent engines from ‘knocking’
  16. Mention the Article which gives a special statehood position to Jammu and Kashmir
    Ans:Art 370
  17. Medha Padkar is a strong leader in the popular movement of
  18. Who was the Indian President declared the National emergency in 1975
    Ans:Fakkrudheen ali Ahmed
  19. Who is known as the milk man of India
    Ans:Dr.Varghese Kurian
  20. First Union Health Minister of India,she served as the Secretary of M.K.Gandhi in Vardha Monastery
    Ans:Rajkumari Amruth Kaur
  21. Agenda 21 is is related with
    Ans:Earth Summit
  22. Indian President can nominate 2 members of one community to the Lok Sabha,if they are not adequately represented .The community is
    Ans:Anglo Indian
  23. Rajya Sabha members are elected by means of
    Ans:Single transferable system
  24. The Defence minister who resigned the post following an attack on Northern-Eastern borders of India by China in November 1962
    Ans:V.K.Krishna Menon
  25. First trade union in India

    Repeatedly asking psc previous questions and answers
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  26. Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai exiled on
  27. The first person who described the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 as the first war of Independence in his book ‘First war of Independence’
  28. The famous Malayalam prayer song ‘Daivame Kaithozham Kelkumarakanam’was written by
    Ans:Panthala Kerala Varma
  29. The winner of Wimbledon Tennis Men’s title 2010
    Ans:Rafael Nadal
  30. The only Tropical Rain Forest in India.It is also called as the cradle of evolution
    Ans:Silent Valley
  31. ‘Here Pappa Comes’ is the painting of
    Ans:Raja Ravi Varma
  32. The India National Movement leader who attracted the people into the freedom struggle movement through organizing ‘Ganapathy Carnival and Sivaji Carnival’
    Ans:Bala Gangadhara Thilak
  33. Octopus the Paul ,who fascinated the football fans by correcting the result at 2010 World Cup Football was bailed from
  34. The French Novel ‘The Count Monte Cristo ‘written by Alexander Dumas inspired the Malayalam movie
  35. In which city Commonwealth Games 2010 were held
  36. “Say no to racism” is a banner raised before every match of
    Ans:World Cup Football 2010
  37. Which of the schedule of Indian Constitution enumerates powers and functions of Panchayath Raj Institution
  38. Three tier Panchayat Raj system established with the recommendation of
    Ans:Balwanth Rai Mehta Committee
  39. The provision of fundamental rights in Indian Constitution is borrowed from
    Ans:American Constitution
  40. Power of Rajya Sabha in dealing with money bill
    Ans:Only can withhold 14 days

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  41. The Veda which deals with music
    Ans:Sam Veda
  42. Jataka tales describe the stories related to the birth of
  43. ASEAN referred to
    Ans:Association of South East Asian Nation
  44. The website that exposed detailed chronicle of systematic abuse ,torture and concealment of the US and other military logs in Iraq
    Ans:Wiki Leaks
  45. China exposed it contention towards the Nobel Prize Award for Peace 2010.The winner is
    Ans:Liu Xiaobo
  46. The first law officer of Government of India
    Ans:Attorney General
  47. Konark Sun Temple or Black Pagoda is situated in the state of
  48. Name the Hurricane that blew over Jamaica and Haiti in 2010
  49. The term ‘Third World’refers to
    Ans:Developing countries
  50. ‘Worshiping false Gods’ is the book of
    Ans:Arun Shourie
  51. Opium war fought between
    Ans:China and Britain
  52. Currency notes in India are printed in
    Ans:Security Press Nasik
  53. In which layer of atmosphere the ozone layer found
  54. The first national park in Kerala
  55. In 3rd September 1896 Ezhava Memorial submitted a huge writ to the King Sreemoolam Thirunal under the leadership of
  56. Rice is the main crop of
  57. The ‘Khetri Project’in Rajasthan is famous for the production of
  58. Which is the longest cave in the world
    Ans:Mammoth cave
  59. Which day is observed as World Wet Land Day
    Ans:2nd February

    psc previous questions and answers


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  60. Savanna grass land situated in which continent
  61. Name the currency of Brazil
  62. Who appoints the Chief information Commissioner of India
    Ans:The President of India
  63. In which situation the unnatural death of a woman will be deemed to be dowry death
    Ans:The wife dies in the husband’s house within 7 years after marriage
  64. What is the name of the Supreme court decision in which guidelines are laid down to prevent sexual harassment to working woman
    Ans:Vishaka Vs State of Rajasthan
  65. Which article in the Indian constitution abolishes untouchability
    Ans:Article 17
  66. Which act prescribes punishment for discrimination on the ground of untouchability
  67. What is the name of the commission appointed to inquire into specific complaints regarding deprivation of rights to scheduled tribes
    Ans:National Commission for Scheduled Tribes
  68. Human rights are recobnised in which part of the Indian Constitution
    Ans:Part III



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