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Psc Exam Questions on International Agencies 

 Number of   psc exams questions are appearing from international agencies.These are rank scoring

points for psc exams.Beginners of writing psc exams surely understand the importance psc exam

questions from this parts.The following are the very important questions for LDC and other PSC

Examinations.So please don’t leave a single ponts given below

  1. What is ECOSOC
    Ans:Economic and Social Council
  2. How many member states in ECOSOC
  3. —-members of the ECOSOC are retiring every two years
    Ans:One third(1/3)
  4. The member states of ECOSOC are elected for —Years
    Ans:3 Years
  5. Where is the Headquarters of ECOSOC
    Ans:New York
  6. When did ECOSOC established
    Ans:1946 January 23rd
  7. Who is ECOSOC’s first President
    Ans:Ramaswami Mudaliar(India)
  8. ECOSOC have —-specialised agencies
  9. ECOSOC’s meeting are held —-in each year
    Ans:Two times
  10. Which is the body of UN prepares people for self government or independence
    Ans:The Trusteeship Council
  11. Who is the Head of UN Secretariat
    Ans:The Secretary General
  12. N.Secretary General is elected for —-Years
    Ans:5 Years
  13. N.Secretariat is located in—-
    Ans:New York
  14. Who is Chief Administrative officer in the U.N.Secretariat
    Ans:The Secretary General
  15. Which Secretary General recommended for the post of N.Deputy Secretary General
    Ans:Kofi Annan
  16. Who was the first Deputy Secretary General of  N
    Ans:Louise Frechette
  17. When did the post Deputy Secretary General of U.N.created
  18. Which is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations
    Ans:International Court of Justice
  19. When did International Court of Justice Established
    Ans:1945 June
  20. How many Judges includes in the International Court of Justice
  21. The terms of office of the Judges in the ICJ is
    Ans:9 Years
  22. The Headquarters of International Court of Justice is in—
  23. Which are the official languages of ICJ
    Ans:English and French
  24. Who was the first Indian to become the Judge of ICJ
    Ans:Nagendra Singh
  25. How many Judges from India who served as the Judges of ICJ so far

    Typical model questions for psc exams

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  26. Who was the first U.N.Secretary General
    Ans:Trygve Lie
  27. The first Asean Secretary General of the U.N
  28. Who was the second Asean Secretary General of the U.N
    Ans:Ban Ki Moon
  29. Who was the Indian diplomat had been appointed  Under Secretary General of the U.N
    Ans:Vijay Nambiar
  30. Who was the Indian completed for the post of U.N.Secretary General against Ban ki Moon
    Ans:Sasi Tharoor
  31. Where is the U.N.Library situated
    Ans:New York
  32. Who was the U.N.Secretary General killed in the air Crash
    Ans:Dag Hammarskjold
  33. Where is the U.N.University situated
  34. The first Indian who had been appointed as the United Nations Civilian Police Adviser
    Ans:Kiran Bedi
  35. When did U.N.Celebrate its 50th Anniversary
  36. Who was the first Secretary General from America
    Ans:Javier Perez de Cuellar
  37. The official residence of the Secretary General
    Ans:Manhattan House in New York
  38. How many specialized agencies for U.N
  39. Which was the first specialized agency of UN
    Ans:International Labour Organisation
  40. International Labour Organization was established on—

    Treasure of psc exam questions

    Simple reading of following questions is not good those who want to write psc exams

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  41. When did ILO become the part of UNO
  42. Where is ILO become the part of UNO
  43. Current membership of ILO
  44. What is the motto of ILO
    Ans:Decent Work
  45. ILO won Nobel Prize for peace in which year
  46. World Decent work day
    Ans:October 7th
  47. Who is the Director General of ILO
    Ans:Guy Ryder
  48. What is the IPEC stands for
    Ans:International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour
  49. International Labour conference widely known as—
    Ans:Parliament Labour


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