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Indian History and related or non related things about India is treasury of General Knowledge -that
are appearing for psc examinations.Surely they are the cradle of repeatedly asking psc questions.The Anthropologists consider India as  a land of multi-races.Those who came India as invaders mingled with the people here thus making India a land of diversities.In this diversities of India lies some valuable and rank making points for psc examinations

  1. Name the largest princely state in India-Hyderabad
  2. Who was ruler of Kashmir during Indias independence-Harising
  3. Butler committee-appointed to enquire the relation between Britain and Princely state of India-1927
  4. The Governer General of India during Santhal rebellion-Lord Delhousie
  5. The Kuke revolt tookplace in-1872
  6. Who repealed vernacular press act-Lord rippon
  7. Name the founder of Veda Samaj-Kesab Chadnra Sen
  8. Who suppressed the revolt of 1857 at Jhansi-Hugh Rose
  9. Who started Mitramela-V.D.Savarkar
  10. Gangadhar Chattopadhyaya was the original name of-Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
  11. Name the second headquarter of Ramakrishna Mission-Mayavati(Almora)
  12. Name the First headquarter of Ramakrishna Mission-Belur in Culcutta
  13. Who founded Devasamaj-Shiva Narayana AgniGotri
  14. First Prinplal of Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College-Theodore Beck
  15. Name the Liberator of Indian Press-Charles Metcaf
  16. Who started police Service in India-Lord Cornvallis
  17. Name the author of book ‘Towards Struggle’-Jayaprakas Narayan
  18. Who founded Indian Union-A.O.Hume
  19. Who suggested Indian National Congress-Dadabhai Naorji
  20. The extremist phase of INC-1905-1916
  21. The head quarter of Gaddar party-Yugander ashramam in sanfrancisco
  22. The book of bavanimandir was published by Annsilan Samiti
  23. Who is considered as the father of Indian revolutionary terrorism-Shishir Kumar Ghosh
  24. Name mother of Indian revolution –Madam Kama
  25. Name head Quarter of Home rule league of Mrs.Annie Basant-Adayar
  26. Hindustan Republican Association was founed in -1924
  27. Name author of Rangabhumi-Prem Chand
  28. Subash Chandra Bose resigned the president ship of INC-1939
  29. Name the founder of Madras Lawyers Association –Singara velu Chettiyar
  30. First President of Swaraj Party-C.R.Das
  31. The First round Table confererance was held in 1930
  32. Name the author of th e ‘Indian Struggle’-Subhash Chandra Bose
  33. Name the First Indian to join Viceroy’s Executive Council-S.P.Sinha
  34. Who is called as father of Communal electorate-Lord Minto
  35. The August offer was made in -1940
  36. Which is known as Dicky Bird Plan-Mount Batten Plan
  37. Name the Founder of Hindhustan Sangathan Movement-Lala Lajpat Rai
  38. The Provisional govt: of Azad Hind was founded by – Subhash Chandra Bose
  39. The father of Indian Planning-M.Visheshwarayya.
  40. The full form of NITI Ayog-National Institute of Transforming India
  41. Whose birthday is celebrated as the Engineers day- M.Visheshwarayya-Sept-15
  42. Whose birthday is celebrated as the statistical day-P.C.Mahalanobis-June 29
  43. Name the instituition which replace Planning Commission of India-NITI Ayok
  44. When did NITI Ayok came into existence-2015 January 1
  45. Name the first chairman of NITI Ayok-Narendra Modi
  46. Name the first deputy chairman of NITI Ayok-Aravind Panagari
  47. ISRO Chairman of India-Kiran Kumar
  48. World Radio day-Feb 13
  49. Date of Existence of Planning Commission -1950March 15
  50. First chairman of Planning Commission-Jawaharlal Nehru
  51. Last Deputy chairman of Planning Commission-MondeSingh Aluvaliya
  52. First Five year Plan was in 1951 April 1
  53. Another name for first five year plan-Harold-Domer Model
  54. Which five year plan is called as ‘Mahalanobis Model’-Second Five year plan
  55. Which five year plan is known as industrial plan-Second Five year Plan
  56. Which five year plan is known as agricultural plan-First Five year Plan
  57. In which five year plan starting the construction of ‘Bakra Nangal,Hirakkud,Damodar valley’-First Five year Plan
  58. Bokaro-Jharkand(Steel Plants)
  59. Roorkala-Oddissha
  60. Bhilai-Chathisgad
  61. Durgappur-West Bengal
  62. The period of ‘plan holiday’-1966-69
  63. 20-point programme-Fifth Five year plan
  64. The author book ‘Asian Drama’-Gunnar Mirdayal
  65. Who raised the slogan ‘Garibi Gattavo’-Indhira Gandhi
  66. How many districts are there in the newly formed state Telungana-10
  67. When the President signed the bi-furcation bill of Andhra Pradesh-2014 March 1
  68. Who is the first chief minister of Telungana-Chandra Sekhara Rao
  69. The scientific name of Great Indian Hornbill-Buceros Bicornis
  70. The scientific name of elephant-Elephas Maximus Indicus
  71. The scientific name of Banyan tree-Ficus Bengalensis
  72. Who is the chancellor of National University of Advanced Legal Studies in (NUALS)Kerala-Chief justice of High court of Kerala
  73. The pro vice –chancellor of NUALS-Education Minister
  74. Who is the visitor of NUALS-Chief justice Supreme Court of India
  75. Currency of which country is ‘Lek’-Albenia
  76. Capital of Albenia-Thirana
  77. The parliament of Albenia-Kuvendi
  78. The ‘Peso’ is the currency of –Argentinia
  79. The capital of Argentinia-Buenos Aires
  80. Which tributary of the Brahmaputra river is known as ‘the River of Blood’-Lohit river
  81. Who is the author of’We are poor but so many:the story of self-employed women in India’-Ela Battu.
  82. Which period was observed as the United Nations Decade for Women-(1976-1985)
  83. Which city convened the first world conference on Women in 1975-Mexico city
  84. Which American state has the nick-name of the ‘Nutmeg State’-Connecticut
  85. Which hormone is detected in pregnancy test-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  86. Which type of Bacteria are arranged in Chinese letter pattern-Corynbacterium diphtheria
  87. Which gland is having both endo crine and exocrine function-Pancreas
  88. The Rose Waaler Test is done to investigate which disease-Rhumatoid arthritis.
  89. Where is the headquartes of the Green Climate Fund situated-Incheon
  90. In which Indian city ‘Coronation Park’situated-New Delhi
  91. Which social reformer of India was known as ‘Sarvajanik Kaka’-Ganesh Vasudeo Joshi
  92. Which viceroy convened the Delhi Durbar of 1877-Lord Lytton
  93. Who was the first chairman of the Sangeet Natak Akademy-Dr.P.V.Rajamannar
  94. Who is the author of the book ‘The Great Indian Phone Book’-Robin Jeffrey
  95. The year of Chineese revolution -1911-Sunyat-Sen
  96. The year of Russian revolution -1917-Vladimir lenin
  97. In which year ‘ the blood-less’ revolution occurred-1688
  98. ‘The prophet of French revolution’-Rousso
  99. The slogan ‘No tax without representation’ related to which freedom struggle-American freedom struggle
  100. Who declared, ‘I am the nation’-Loui-14

    Indian History General knowledge Questions

    Treasury of knowledge in miscellaneous aspects of India is not finished ,Study little then that much increased as the water increased in the well,it will be increase in each days each month,each year and go on….. that is study never ends on the general knowledge of India History and present history  .Understand them properly to get marks and such way reach the highest rank

  101. When did world Federation of Trade Union(W.E.T.U) established-1945 October
  102. The headquarters of W.E.T.U)-Athens(Greece)
  103. The oldest trade union in India-A.I.T.U.C
  104. When did A.I.T.U.C formed-1920
  105. The first president of A.I.T.U.C-Lala Laj Path Rai
  106. When did I.N.T.U.C formed-1947 May 3
  107. The biggest trade union in India-Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh
  108. Which trade union is formed in the birthday of Balagangadaran-july 23 is formed-Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh.
  109. When the Centre of Indian Trade Union formed(C.I.T.U)-1970
  110. The father of Kerala Trade Union-P.K.Bava
  111. The Keralas first registered trade union-Travancore Trade Union
  112. The minimum age required to be member of a registered trade union-15Yrs
  113. The Indias first organised trade Union-Madras Labour Union(1918)
  114. State having highest number of registered trade union in India-Keralam
  115. Who established SEWA in 1972-Dr.Ila Battu
  116. The headquarters of trade union SEWA-Ahamadabad
  117. The trade union of self employed women-SEWA
  118. Who establidhed Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh-Dathopanth Bapurao Thengadi
  119. When did the French Revelution started-1789
  120. The revolution which is known as mother of revolution- French Revelution
  121. In which country Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773-America
  122. Name the founder of the paper ‘Som Prakash’-Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar
  123. Name the founder of the Hindhustan Sangathan Movement-Lala Lajpat Rai
  124. The Theboga movement was held in -1946
  125. Which is known as Dicky Bird-Plan-Mount Batten Plan
  126. The August Offer was held in -1940
  127. Who started Mitra Mela-V.D.Savarkar
  128. Where is located Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park-Andaman Nicobar Island
  129. The district which share boarder with Thrissur&Malappuram-Palakkad
  130. The deepest point in ocean-Chalenger trench
  131. The length of Godavari-1465
  132. The layer of atmosphere suitable for Jet-plane-Stratoshere
  133. The instrument used to measure the depth of ocean-Ecosounder
  134. The soil which is found in chittoor taluk in Palakkad District-Black Soil
  135. In which state Sojila Pass situated-Jammu&Kashmir
  136. When did start the world water day-2008 March 22
  137. In which state Nathula Pass situated-Sikkim
  138. In which state Bodila Pass situated-Arunachal Pradesh
  139. In which state Ship kila Pass situated-Himachal Pradesh
  140. The place of India in size amoung world countries-7
  141. The river which originates in peerumade in Idukki District-Manimalayar
  142. The starting and ending point of Konkan railway-Mangalapuram-Roha
  143. Where is Rajiv Gandhi International air port situated-Hyderabad
  144. The mountain range which is known as ‘Arbudanjal’ in olden days-Mount Abu
  145. An hour of time difference occurred at what angle the Earth rotates-15 degree.
  146. Iwhich district the ground nut is cultivated more-Palakkad
  147. The year of formation of Wayanad District-1980 Nov.1
  148. The river which is known as ‘life-line of Keralam’-Periyar
  149. How many islands are there in Lakhadeep-36
  150. Which gas present in atmosphere absorb Ulra-violet rays in sun light-Ozone
  151. The ranigunch in west Bengal is enriched with which items-coal
  152. The line which connects places of equally blowing wind-Isotach
  153. When did Konkan railway started-1998 Janu-1
  154. The length of land boarder of India-15200 .K.M
  155. The length of ocean boarder of India-7517 .K.M
  156. The river which is known as ‘ life line of Sikkim’-Teesta
  157. The average atmospheric pressure in the surface of ocean-1013.3Hp
  158. Who established ‘Adma Vidya Sangam’-Vagbadanandan
  159. Who established ‘Sadujana Paripalana Sangam’-Ayyamkaly
  160. Who called Ayyankali as Pulaya Raja-Gandhiji
  161. Who led ‘Villu vandi Samaram’-Ayyankaly
  162. Who conduct ‘Misra Bhojanam’-Sahodaran Ayyappan
  163. In which district Sahodaran Ayyappan born-Cherai in Ernakulam Dt.(1889 Aug 21)
  164. Name of Chattambi swami in childhood days-Kunjan pillai(Shanmuhadas)
  165. Who is known as ‘Kashaya Vastram Darikkathey Sanyasi’-Chattambi Swami
  166. From where A.K.Gopalan started Pattini Jatha -Kannur(to Madirasi)
  167. What is known as birth place Srinarayana Guru-Vayal varam veedu
  168. Who is the first secretary of SNDP-Kumaranasan
  169. When did Swadesi Ramakrinshnapillai exiled-1910 Sept.26
  170. Which famous comic characters secret identity is Bruce Wayne-Batman
  171. Who discovered vitamin Panthothenic acid-Roger J Williams
  172. With which sports item ‘shake hand grip’ associated-Field Hockey
  173. Name the vitamin essential to synthesize and metabolise proteins carbohydratesand fat- Panthothenic acid
  174. Who was the author of ‘Treatise on Yoga phylosophy’-N.C.Paul
  175. Which famous Marathi writers autobiography is ‘Eka Panchami Kahani’-V.S.Khandekar
  176. Who gave the name ‘Ramakrishna Paramhamsa’ to Gaddar Chatterji-Ishwar Totapuri
  177. Tha parliamentary of which country is known as ‘Tintenpalast or Ink palace-Namibia
  178. Which satellite of Uranus has the tallest known cliffe in the solar system namely ‘Verona Rupes’-Miranda
  179. What is the time taken by individual blood cell to make a complete circuit of the body-60 second
  180. Which is the only Indian state with an ethnic Nepali majority-Sikkim
  181. What was the slogan of the 2011 general census-Our Census Our Future
  182. Which disease is also known as ‘Graves disease’-Exophthalmic Goitre
  183. What is the use of auxanometer-Measure the growth of plants
  184. Which international military alliance’s motto is ‘A mind unfettered in deliberation’-NATO
  185. Which world famous secret information publishing organization owners are the sunshine Press-Wikileaks
  186. Where is the headquarters of the council of Forestry Reaserch &Education –Dehradun
  187. ‘Play win’ the first lottery to be opened in India was run by which state government-Skkim
  188. A patch test is used to determine whether a specific substance causes- Allergic inflammation
  189. In which state is the Gautam Buddha Wild life sanctuary situated-Jharkand
  190. Which stait separates North Andaman Island &Middle Andaman Island-Austen Strait
  191. EMG or electromyography is used to detect the electrical potential generated by-Muscle cells
  192. The religion which has highest no.of believers in the world-Christians
  193. The religion which has second highest no.of believers in the world-Islam
  194. The religion which has third highest no.of believers in the world-Hindus
  195. In which country is having highest no.of Christians-America
  196. In which country is having highest no.of Budhist-China
  197. In which country is having 97% of total population is Budhist-Cambodia
  198. In which country is having highest no.of judes-America
  199. Which religions wholly book is ‘Thripeedika’-Budhists
  200. What is the name of worship place Budhist-Pagoda

    Continue the Indian history on General knowledge point of view

    Differant types of works are written and published by eminents writers in the past that pave the way for the enlightenment people of India.That now become as thevaluable general knowledge questions and hence  rank making points in psc examinations.Respecfully some people are called by other names that also become valuable points

  201. The wholly book of Judes-Thora
  202. The worship place of Judes-Sinagogue
  203. In which countries religion is Shintoism-Japan
  204. The religion which is not having wholly book- Shintoism
  205. Which religions wholly book is ‘Granda Sahib’-Sikhs
  206. Name the religion which is added in the minority list in 2014-Jaines
  207. Name the worship place of Parsies-Fire Temple
  208. The wholly book of Parsies-Sent Avastha
  209. The Founder of religion Tavoism in china-Lavotsya
  210. The author of books ‘War walks’, ‘Power politics’-Arundathy Roy
  211. What are the important works of Arundathy Roy-‘The Gods of small things’, ‘The End of imagination’, ‘The greater common God’, ‘Broken Republic’, ‘The algebra of infinite justice’
  212. When did Arundathy Roy got Booker Prize-1997(The Gods of small things’)
  213. Whose work is , ‘The inheritance of loss’-Kiran Desai
  214. What are the important works of Anitha Desai-‘Fasting, Feasting’, ‘Fire on the mountain’, ‘In custody’ , ‘Clear light on the day’
  215. What are the important works of Anitha Nair-‘The better man’, ‘Ladies Coupe’
  216. When did Arundathy Roy got Sidney Peace Prize-2004
  217. Sudheer man cup,Thomas cup,Uber Cup are associated with which sports item-Badminton
  218. The males and females are jointly participated in which Badminton Cup- Sudheer man cup(Started in 1989)
  219. The organization which controls international Badminton Tournament-Badminton World Federation(BWF)
  220. The headquarters of BWF-Kwalampur-Malasia(Formed-1934)
  221. The another name for badminton-Poona Game
  222. Which badminton tournament only for females-Uber cup
  223. The Khaitan Trophy are associated with which tournament-Chess
  224. The organization which controls international Basket Ball Tournament-FIBA(Inter national Basket Ball Federation)(Formed-1935,Head quarters-Switzerland)
  225. In which year the 10th Sikh Guru Govind Singh formulated the samithi ‘Khalsa’-1699
  226. When and where the first Sikh Guru Nanak born-1469 in Thalwandy in Lahore
  227. Who formulated the Guru Muki Libi-Guru Angath
  228. Who constructed the Amrithasar Nagar-Guru Ramdas
  229. Who combiled the wholly book ‘Guru Granda Sahib’-Guru Arjun Dev
  230. Name the first sikh guru who was assassinated- Guru Arjun Dev(Assassinated by Jagam gir)
  231. Name the second sikh guru who was assassinated-Guru Tej Bahadur(Assassinated by Muhal emperor Aurangaseb)
  232. The caliology is the study of-Cages
  233. The study of birds-Ornithology
  234. The father of Indian Ornithology-A.O.Hume
  235. Who is the bird man of India-Dr.Salim Ali
  236. The important works of Salim Ali-‘The fall of a sparrow’ , ‘The bird of Travancore and Cochin’
  237. Who is the author of books , ‘Keralathile Pakshikal’-Indhuchoodan(K.K.Nilakandan)
  238. Who is the last Portuguese Governor General of India-Antonio Vassalo Silva
  239. When did Goa liberated from Portuguese-1961 Dec:19(Operation Vijay)
  240. Who is the Union defence minister at the time of Liberation movement of Goa from Portuguese-V.K.Krishnamenon
  241. When did the Portuguese colony Dadra,Nahar Haveli added to the Indian Union-1954
  242. The first Portuguese viceroy in India-Francisco-de-Almeda
  243. Which viceroy paved the srong basement for the Portuguese rule in India-Alphonsa de Albukerk
  244. Who is the 6th Portuguese Viceroy in India-Vasco-da-Gama
  245. The biggest ‘Nadi janya deep’ in the world-Majuli(in Brahma puthra)The iron lady of Manipur-Irom sarmila
  246. In which state the ‘Entanki national park located-Nagaland
  247. Murlen national park is located in which state-Misoram
  248. Kaibul Lamjavo, ‘The floating garden’ is located in which state-Manipur
  249. Who called Manipur as the jewel of India-Jawaharlal Nehru
  250. The official language of Nagaland-English
  251. The capital city which is known as ‘The Scotland of east’-Shillong
  252. The orchid state of India-Arunachal Pradesh
  253. In which state having highest no. of local language- Arunachal Pradesh
  254. The paradise of botanist- Arunachal Pradesh
  255. In which state having the tribes ‘Tee tribe’-Assam
  256. The classical dance which is formulated by Sankara devan in Assam-Satriya
  257. The national park named Nameri,Dibru,Orang is located in which state-Assam
  258. In which state important festivel is ‘Bihu’-Assam
  259. The tea state of India-Assam
  260. The first state formed in north-east section of India-Assam(1950 Janu:26)
  261. Who is known as ‘Lok priya’ –Gopi nath Bardoli(Assam)
  262. Who was first used the term ‘Saptha Sahodarimar’to denote north east states-Jyothi Prasad Sykia
  263. In which state ‘Rani Gaidinliu’ led the strike against Britishers-Nagaland
  264. Father of Local self government-Lord Rippon
  265. Who introduced income tax first in India-Lord Canning
  266. Doctrine of laps was introduced –Lord Delhousie
  267. Doctrine of laps was officially withdrawn-Lord Canning
  268. Who conducted first census in India-Lord Mayo
  269. Venacular Press Actand Arms Act were passed(1878) –Lord Lytton
  270. Venacular Press Actand Arms Act were withdrawn-Lord Ripon
  271. Viceroy of reverse character-Lord Lytton
  272. Who organized public service commission first in India-Lord Dufferin
  273. The viceroy who appointed the Hilton Young Commission(Led to the establishment of RBI)-Lord Reading
  274. Viceroy during the partition of Bengal-Lord Curson
  275. Viceroy who cancelled the partition of Bengal-Lord Harding II
  276. Who organized ‘Indian Independence League’-Rash Bihari Bose (At Bangkok in 1942)
  277. Swathantra Party-C.RajaGopal Achary(1959)
  278. Gadar Party –Lala Hardayal(1913 SanFransisco)
  279. Swaraj Party-C.R.Das and Motilal Nehru(in 1923)
  280. Forward block-Subash Chandra Bose(in 1939)
  281. In which year All Kisan Sabha organized-1936(Lucknow)
  282. Muhammdan Literary Society-Nawab Abdul Latheef(in 1863 at Culcutta)
  283. Oldest mountain range in India-Aravalli
  284. Aravalli is situated in –Rajastan
  285. The largest peak in Aravalli-Guru Sikhar
  286. The famous hill station in Aravalli-Mount Abu
  287. The youngest mountain range in the world-Himalaya
  288. The back bone of Himalaya-Greater Himalaya
  289. The highest peak in westernghat-Anamudi
  290. The highest peak in easternghat-Jindhagada Peak
  291. The meeting place easternghat& westernghat-Nilgiri
  292. The highest point in Nilgris-Dossabetta
  293. Original name of Swami Dayananda Saraswathy-Mool sanker
  294. Rani Lakshmi Bai-Mani karnika
  295. Swami Vivekananda-Narendra nath dutta
  296. Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar-Gadhadhar Chatterjee
  297. Tantya Tope-Ramachandra pandurang
  298. Sister Nivedita-Margaret E Nobel
  299. Mira Behn-Madeleine slade
  300. Sarala Behn-Catherine Mary Heilman

    Differant movements in Indian History General Knowledge Questios

  301. Who was the chief organizer of Ghadar Movement-Lal Hardayal
  302. Home rule movement-Annie Besant
  303. Aligarch movement-Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  304. Devasamaj-Shiv Narayan Agnihotri
  305. Young Bengal movement-Henry Vivian Derzio
  306. Ramakrishna mission-Swami Vivekanandan
  307. Paris Indian Society-Madam Bhikaji Cama
  308. Satya Sodhak Samaj-Jyoti Rao Phule
  309. Hindustan Republican Association-Chandra Sekhar Azad
  310. Indian Home rule Society-Shyamji Krishna Verma
  311. Bombay Association-Jagannath Shankar Seth
  312. Social Service League-N M Joshi
  313. Seva Samithi-M.Kunsru
  314. Seva Sadan-B.M.Malabari
  315. Arya Samaj-Swami Dayananda Saraswathy
  316. Brahma Samaj-Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  317. Prarthana Samaj-Athmaram Pandurang

Differant acivities on Indian History related in General knowledge in this sections

Those eminent personalities are in Indian History are to respected considering their ability and leadership power .Each of them established certain typpes movements to upgrade people

  1. The war between the English East Company and Mughal Empire which lasted from 1686 to 1690 is known as-Child war
  2. Head quarters of nuclear power plant situated-Mumbai
  3. Which ISO standard represents the environmental management system-ISO 14001
  4. The Government owned corporation of India BHAVANI deals with-Nuclear Power
  5. Which organization instituted the Prani mitra award-Animal welfare Board of I ndia
  6. ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animal sare treated’ –whose words are these-Gandhiji
  7. Which cultural activist pioneered the founding of the animal welfare Board of India-Rukmini Devi Arundale
  8. Which American city has the nickname of ‘American finest city’-SanDiego
  9. Which Hungarian engineer is believed to have coined the term ‘Biotechnilogy’ in 1919-Karoly Ereky
  10. The designing of organism to produce antibiotics is known as-Red Biotechnology
  11. Which is the largest biotechnology in the world-Johnson&Johnson
  12. Which Indian business man was the founder of the Future Group-Kishore Biyani
  13. Which was the Shia Muslim dynasty of South India-Adil Shahi dynasty
  14. Which national leader was the key accussed in the notorious ‘Barore dynamite case’-George Fernandes
  15. What are the major component of human skill oils-Triglyceride
  16. Which countries privately owned airline is the Pamir airways-Afghanistan
  17. Which countries major public limited company is the ‘Gandhara Industries limited’-Pakistan
  18. The organization of ‘Social conference’ was established by-M.G.Ranade
  19. Who is known as the father of Internet-Vinton Cerf
  20. ‘Omkareshwar Dam’ is situated in –Madhya Pradesh
  21. Name the joint navel exercise held between India and France-Vijay 2015
  22. Which hill station is called the ‘Queen of Satpura’-Pachmarhi
  23. ‘Bedia’ tribes are found in which state-Jharkhand
  24. Liquid non metal-Bromine
  25. Who was the first acting president of INC-Hakkim Ajmal Khan
  26. Navy’s new base INS Sardar Patel is located at-Porbander
  27. Who is the founder of Rock Guarden in Chandigarch
  28. Which is the neighbouring country close to Andaman Island-Myanmar
  29. Agatti airport is located at-Lakshadeep
  30. Gudi Padwa festival is celebrated in-Maharashtra
  31. The biggest delta in the world-Ganges Delta
  32. What is the aim of ‘Rajiv Aawaz Yojana-Slum free India
  33. Acetyl Salicylic acid is popularly known as-Asparin
  34. What is known as white tar-Naphthalene
  35. Second artificial element-Promethium
  36. The loss of water in the form of water droplet is known as-Guttation
  37. Which is the largest tiger reserve in India-Nagarjun Sagar-Srisailam
  38. Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco-Jahanhir
  39. Which state in India is the leading producer of Sulphur-Tamil Nadu
  40. Mohammadu Bukari took over as the president of-Nigeria
  41. What is the main duty of the Legislature-Enacting laws
  42. Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at-Sravanbalagola
  43. Who said , ‘A state is known by the rights that it maintains-Laski
  44. The busiest ocean from the point of view of trade-Atlantic Ocean
  45. Buddha attained nirvana in the year-483 BC
  46. The First state to make voting compulsory in Local body election-Gujarat
  47. Which Asian country has the largest number of Nobel Laureates-Japan
  48. The famous Jain centre in South India is located at- Sravanbalagola
  49. The Asoka Inscription were engraved in which sript-Brahmi
  50. Honey moon lake-Toba
  51. International Yoha day is observed on –June 21
  52. Where did the Lady Irvin College started for women in 1926-New Delhi
  53. On which day ‘Mangalyan’ was launched from Sriharikotta-2013 Nov.5
  54. Official name of Mangalyan -mission-MOM(Mars Orbit Mission)
  55. The vehicle used for Mangalyan Launching-PSLV C-25
  56. The Project Director Of Mangalyan-Dr.Arunan
  57. The Program Director Of Mangalyan-M.Annadurai
  58. Indias heaviest rocket-GSLV MarkIII(Launched on 2014 Decem 2014)
  59. Which is the first planetary mission of India-Mangalyan



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