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  1. Name the largest princely state in India-Hyderabad
  2. Who was ruler of Kashmir during Indias independence-Harising
  3. Butler committee-appointed to enquire the relation between Britain and Princely state of India-1927
  4. The Governer General of India during Santhal rebellion-Lord Delhousie
  5. The Kuke revolt tookplace in-1872
  6. Who repealed vernacular press act-Lord rippon
  7. Name the founder of Veda Samaj-Kesab Chadnra Sen
  8. Who suppressed the revolt of 1857 at Jhansi-Hugh Rose
  9. Who started Mitramela-V.D.Savarkar
  10. Gangadhar Chattopadhyaya was the original name of-Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
  11. Name the second headquarter of Ramakrishna Mission-Mayavati(Almora)
  12. Name the First headquarter of Ramakrishna Mission-Belur in Culcutta
  13. Who founded Devasamaj-Shiva Narayana AgniGotri
  14. First Prinplal of Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College-Theodore Beck
  15. Name the Liberator of Indian Press-Charles Metcaf
  16. Who started police Service in India-Lord Cornvallis
  17. Name the author of book ‘Towards Struggle’-Jayaprakas Narayan
  18. Who founded Indian Union-A.O.Hume
  19. Who suggested Indian National Congress-Dadabhai Naorji
  20. The extremist phase of INC-1905-1916
  21. The head quarter of Gaddar party-Yugander ashramam in sanfrancisco
  22. The book of bavanimandir was published by Annsilan Samiti
  23. Who is considered as the father of Indian revolutionary terrorism-Shishir Kumar Ghosh
  24. Name mother of Indian revolution –Madam Kama
  25. Name head Quarter of Home rule league of Mrs.Annie Basant-Adayar
  26. Hindustan Republican Association was founed in -1924
  27. Name author of Rangabhumi-Prem Chand
  28. Subash Chandra Bose resigned the president ship of INC-1939
  29. Name the founder of Madras Lawyers Association –Singara velu Chettiyar
  30. First President of Swaraj Party-C.R.Das
  31. The First round Table confererance was held in 1930
  32. Name the author of th e ‘Indian Struggle’-Subhash Chandra Bose
  33. Name the First Indian to join Viceroy’s Executive Council-S.P.Sinha
  34. Who is called as father of Communal electorate-Lord Minto
  35. The August offer was made in -1940
  36. Which is known as Dicky Bird Plan-Mount Batten Plan
  37. Name the Founder of Hindhustan Sangathan Movement-Lala Lajpat Rai
  38. The Provisional govt: of Azad Hind was founded by – Subhash Chandra Bose
  39. The father of Indian Planning-M.Visheshwarayya.
  40. The full form of NITI Ayog-National Institute of Transforming India
  41. Whose birthday is celebrated as the Engineers day- M.Visheshwarayya-Sept-15
  42. Whose birthday is celebrated as the statistical day-P.C.Mahalanobis-June 29
  43. Name the instituition which replace Planning Commission of India-NITI Ayok
  44. When did NITI Ayok came into existence-2015 January 1
  45. Name the first chairman of NITI Ayok-Narendra Modi
  46. Name the first deputy chairman of NITI Ayok-Aravind Panagari
  47. ISRO Chairman of India-Kiran Kumar
  48. World Radio day-Feb 13
  49. Date of Existence of Planning Commission -1950March 15
  50. First chairman of Planning Commission-Jawaharlal Nehru
  51. Last Deputy chairman of Planning Commission-MondeSingh Aluvaliya
  52. First Five year Plan was in 1951 April 1
  53. Another name for first five year plan-Harold-Domer Model
  54. Which five year plan is called as ‘Mahalanobis Model’-Second Five year plan
  55. Which five year plan is known as industrial plan-Second Five year Plan
  56. Which five year plan is known as agricultural plan-First Five year Plan
  57. In which five year plan starting the construction of ‘Bakra Nangal,Hirakkud,Damodar valley’-First Five year Plan
  58. Bokaro-Jharkand(Steel Plants)
  59. Roorkala-Oddissha
  60. Bhilai-Chathisgad
  61. Durgappur-West Bengal
  62. The period of ‘plan holiday’-1966-69
  63. 20-point programme-Fifth Five year plan
  64. The author book ‘Asian Drama’-Gunnar Mirdayal
  65. Who raised the slogan ‘Garibi Gattavo’-Indhira Gandhi
  66. How many districts are there in the newly formed state Telungana-10
  67. When the President signed the bi-furcation bill of Andhra Pradesh-2014 March 1
  68. Who is the first chief minister of Telungana-Chandra Sekhara Rao
  69. The scientific name of Great Indian Hornbill-Buceros Bicornis
  70. The scientific name of elephant-Elephas Maximus Indicus
  71. The scientific name of Banyan tree-Ficus Bengalensis
  72. Who is the chancellor of National University of Advanced Legal Studies in (NUALS)Kerala-Chief justice of High court of Kerala
  73. The pro vice –chancellor of NUALS-Education Minister
  74. Who is the visitor of NUALS-Chief justice Supreme Court of India
  75. Currency of which country is ‘Lek’-Albenia
  76. Capital of Albenia-Thirana
  77. The parliament of Albenia-Kuvendi
  78. The ‘Peso’ is the currency of –Argentinia
  79. The capital of Argentinia-Buenos Aires
  80. Which tributary of the Brahmaputra river is known as ‘the River of Blood’-Lohit river
  81. Who is the author of’We are poor but so many:the story of self-employed women in India’-Ela Battu.
  82. Which period was observed as the United Nations Decade for Women-(1976-1985)
  83. Which city convened the first world conference on Women in 1975-Mexico city
  84. Which American state has the nick-name of the ‘Nutmeg State’-Connecticut
  85. Which hormone is detected in pregnancy test-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  86. Which type of Bacteria are arranged in Chinese letter pattern-Corynbacterium diphtheria
  87. Which gland is having both endo crine and exocrine function-Pancreas
  88. The Rose Waaler Test is done to investigate which disease-Rhumatoid arthritis.
  89. Where is the headquartes of the Green Climate Fund situated-Incheon
  90. In which Indian city ‘Coronation Park’situated-New Delhi
  91. Which social reformer of India was known as ‘Sarvajanik Kaka’-Ganesh Vasudeo Joshi
  92. Which viceroy convened the Delhi Durbar of 1877-Lord Lytton
  93. Who was the first chairman of the Sangeet Natak Akademy-Dr.P.V.Rajamannar
  94. Who is the author of the book ‘The Great Indian Phone Book’-Robin Jeffrey
  95. The year of Chineese revolution -1911-Sunyat-Sen
  96. The year of Russian revolution -1917-Vladimir lenin
  97. In which year ‘ the blood-less’ revolution occurred-1688
  98. ‘The prophet of French revolution’-Rousso
  99. The slogan ‘No tax without representation’ related to which freedom struggle-American freedom struggle
  100. Who declared, ‘I am the nation’-Loui-14
  101. When did world Federation of Trade Union(W.E.T.U) established-1945 October
  102. The headquarters of W.E.T.U)-Athens(Greece)
  103. The oldest trade union in India-A.I.T.U.C
  104. When did A.I.T.U.C formed-1920
  105. The first president of A.I.T.U.C-Lala Laj Path Rai
  106. When did I.N.T.U.C formed-1947 May 3
  107. The biggest trade union in India-Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh
  108. Which trade union is formed in the birthday of Balagangadaran-july 23 is formed-Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh.
  109. When the Centre of Indian Trade Union formed(C.I.T.U)-1970
  110. The father of Kerala Trade Union-P.K.Bava
  111. The Keralas first registered trade union-Travancore Trade Union
  112. The minimum age required to be member of a registered trade union-15Yrs
  113. The Indias first organised trade Union-Madras Labour Union(1918)
  114. State having highest number of registered trade union in India-Keralam
  115. Who established SEWA in 1972-Dr.Ila Battu
  116. The headquarters of trade union SEWA-Ahamadabad
  117. The trade union of self employed women-SEWA
  118. Who establidhed Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh-Dathopanth Bapurao Thengadi
  119. When did the French Revelution started-1789
  120. The revolution which is known as mother of revolution- French Revelution
  121. In which country Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773-America
  122. Name the founder of the paper ‘Som Prakash’-Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar
  123. Name the founder of the Hindhustan Sangathan Movement-Lala Lajpat Rai
  124. The Theboga movement was held in -1946
  125. Which is known as Dicky Bird-Plan-Mount Batten Plan
  126. The August Offer was held in -1940
  127. Who started Mitra Mela-V.D.Savarkar
  128. Where is located Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park-Andaman Nicobar Island
  129. The district which share boarder with Thrissur&Malappuram-Palakkad
  130. The deepest point in ocean-Chalenger trench
  131. The length of Godavari-1465
  132. The layer of atmosphere suitable for Jet-plane-Stratoshere
  133. The instrument used to measure the depth of ocean-Ecosounder
  134. The soil which is found in chittoor taluk in Palakkad District-Black Soil
  135. In which state Sojila Pass situated-Jammu&Kashmir
  136. When did start the world water day-2008 March 22
  137. In which state Nathula Pass situated-Sikkim
  138. In which state Bodila Pass situated-Arunachal Pradesh
  139. In which state Ship kila Pass situated-Himachal Pradesh
  140. The place of India in size amoung world countries-7
  141. The river which originates in peerumade in Idukki District-Manimalayar
  142. The starting and ending point of Konkan railway-Mangalapuram-Roha
  143. Where is Rajiv Gandhi International air port situated-Hyderabad
  144. The mountain range which is known as ‘Arbudanjal’ in olden days-Mount Abu
  145. An hour of time difference occurred at what angle the Earth rotates-15 degree.
  146. Iwhich district the ground nut is cultivated more-Palakkad
  147. The year of formation of Wayanad District-1980 Nov.1
  148. The river which is known as ‘life-line of Keralam’-Periyar
  149. How many islands are there in Lakhadeep-36
  150. Which gas present in atmosphere absorb Ulra-violet rays in sun light-Ozone
  151. The ranigunch in west Bengal is enriched with which items-coal
  152. The line which connects places of equally blowing wind-Isotach
  153. When did Konkan railway started-1998 Janu-1
  154. The length of land boarder of India-15200 .K.M
  155. The length of ocean boarder of India-7517 .K.M
  156. The river which is known as ‘ life line of Sikkim’-Teesta
  157. The average atmospheric pressure in the surface of ocean-1013.3Hp
  158. Who established ‘Adma Vidya Sangam’-Vagbadanandan
  159. Who established ‘Sadujana Paripalana Sangam’-Ayyamkaly
  160. Who called Ayyankali as Pulaya Raja-Gandhiji
  161. Who led ‘Villu vandi Samaram’-Ayyankaly
  162. Who conduct ‘Misra Bhojanam’-Sahodaran Ayyappan
  163. In which district Sahodaran Ayyappan born-Cherai in Ernakulam Dt.(1889 Aug 21)
  164. Name of Chattambi swami in childhood days-Kunjan pillai(Shanmuhadas)
  165. Who is known as ‘Kashaya Vastram Darikkathey Sanyasi’-Chattambi Swami
  166. From where A.K.Gopalan started Pattini Jatha -Kannur(to Madirasi)
  167. What is known as birth place Srinarayana Guru-Vayal varam veedu
  168. Who is the first secretary of SNDP-Kumaranasan
  169. When did Swadesi Ramakrinshnapillai exiled-1910 Sept.26
  170. Which famous comic characters secret identity is Bruce Wayne-Batman
  171. Who discovered vitamin Panthothenic acid-Roger J Williams
  172. With which sports item ‘shake hand grip’ associated-Field Hockey
  173. Name the vitamin essential to synthesize and metabolise proteins carbohydratesand fat- Panthothenic acid
  174. Who was the author of ‘Treatise on Yoga phylosophy’-N.C.Paul
  175. Which famous Marathi writers autobiography is ‘Eka Panchami Kahani’-V.S.Khandekar
  176. Who gave the name ‘Ramakrishna Paramhamsa’ to Gaddar Chatterji-Ishwar Totapuri
  177. Tha parliamentary of which country is known as ‘Tintenpalast or Ink palace-Namibia
  178. Which satellite of Uranus has the tallest known cliffe in the solar system namely ‘Verona Rupes’-Miranda
  179. What is the time taken by individual blood cell to make a complete circuit of the body-60 second
  180. Which is the only Indian state with an ethnic Nepali majority-Sikkim
  181. What was the slogan of the 2011 general census-Our Census Our Future
  182. Which disease is also known as ‘Graves disease’-Exophthalmic Goitre
  183. What is the use of auxanometer-Measure the growth of plants
  184. Which international military alliance’s motto is ‘A mind unfettered in deliberation’-NATO
  185. Which world famous secret information publishing organization owners are the sunshine Press-Wikileaks
  186. Where is the headquarters of the council of Forestry Reaserch &Education –Dehradun
  187. ‘Play win’ the first lottery to be opened in India was run by which state government-Skkim
  188. A patch test is used to determine whether a specific substance causes- Allergic inflammation
  189. In which state is the Gautam Buddha Wild life sanctuary situated-Jharkand
  190. Which stait separates North Andaman Island &Middle Andaman Island-Austen Strait
  191. EMG or electromyography is used to detect the electrical potential generated by-Muscle cells
  192. The religion which has highest no.of believers in the world-Christians
  193. The religion which has second highest no.of believers in the world-Islam
  194. The religion which has third highest no.of believers in the world-Hindus
  195. In which country is having highest no.of Christians-America
  196. In which country is having highest no.of Budhist-China
  197. In which country is having 97% of total population is Budhist-Cambodia
  198. In which country is having highest no.of judes-America
  199. Which religions wholly book is ‘Thripeedika’-Budhists
  200. What is the name of worship place Budhist-Pagoda
  201. The wholly book of Judes-Thora
  202. The worship place of Judes-Sinagogue
  203. In which countries religion is Shintoism-Japan
  204. The religion which is not having wholly book- Shintoism
  205. Which religions wholly book is ‘Granda Sahib’-Sikhs
  206. Name the religion which is added in the minority list in 2014-Jaines
  207. Name the worship place of Parsies-Fire Temple
  208. The wholly book of Parsies-Sent Avastha
  209. The Founder of religion Tavoism in china-Lavotsya
  210. The author of books ‘War walks’, ‘Power politics’-Arundathy Roy
  211. What are the important works of Arundathy Roy-‘The Gods of small things’, ‘The End of imagination’, ‘The greater common God’, ‘Broken Republic’, ‘The algebra of infinite justice’
  212. When did Arundathy Roy got Booker Prize-1997(The Gods of small things’)
  213. Whose work is , ‘The inheritance of loss’-Kiran Desai
  214. What are the important works of Anitha Desai-‘Fasting, Feasting’, ‘Fire on the mountain’, ‘In custody’ , ‘Clear light on the day’
  215. What are the important works of Anitha Nair-‘The better man’, ‘Ladies Coupe’
  216. When did Arundathy Roy got Sidney Peace Prize-2004
  217. Sudheer man cup,Thomas cup,Uber Cup are associated with which sports item-Badminton
  218. The males and females are jointly participated in which Badminton Cup- Sudheer man cup(Started in 1989)
  219. The organization which controls international Badminton Tournament-Badminton World Federation(BWF)
  220. The headquarters of BWF-Kwalampur-Malasia(Formed-1934)
  221. The another name for badminton-Poona Game
  222. Which badminton tournament only for females-Uber cup
  223. The Khaitan Trophy are associated with which tournament-Chess
  224. The organization which controls international Basket Ball Tournament-FIBA(Inter national Basket Ball Federation)(Formed-1935,Head quarters-Switzerland)
  225. In which year the 10th Sikh Guru Govind Singh formulated the samithi ‘Khalsa’-1699
  226. When and where the first Sikh Guru Nanak born-1469 in Thalwandy in Lahore
  227. Who formulated the Guru Muki Libi-Guru Angath
  228. Who constructed the Amrithasar Nagar-Guru Ramdas
  229. Who combiled the wholly book ‘Guru Granda Sahib’-Guru Arjun Dev
  230. Name the first sikh guru who was assassinated- Guru Arjun Dev(Assassinated by Jagam gir)
  231. Name the second sikh guru who was assassinated-Guru Tej Bahadur(Assassinated by Muhal emperor Aurangaseb)
  232. The caliology is the study of-Cages
  233. The study of birds-Ornithology
  234. The father of Indian Ornithology-A.O.Hume
  235. Who is the bird man of India-Dr.Salim Ali
  236. The important works of Salim Ali-‘The fall of a sparrow’ , ‘The bird of Travancore and Cochin’
  237. Who is the author of books , ‘Keralathile Pakshikal’-Indhuchoodan(K.K.Nilakandan)
  238. Who is the last Portuguese Governor General of India-Antonio Vassalo Silva
  239. When did Goa liberated from Portuguese-1961 Dec:19(Operation Vijay)
  240. Who is the Union defence minister at the time of Liberation movement of Goa from Portuguese-V.K.Krishnamenon
  241. When did the Portuguese colony Dadra,Nahar Haveli added to the Indian Union-1954
  242. The first Portuguese viceroy in India-Francisco-de-Almeda
  243. Which viceroy paved the srong basement for the Portuguese rule in India-Alphonsa de Albukerk
  244. Who is the 6th Portuguese Viceroy in India-Vasco-da-Gama
  245. The biggest ‘Nadi janya deep’ in the world-Majuli(in Brahma puthra)The iron lady of Manipur-Irom sarmila
  246. In which state the ‘Entanki national park located-Nagaland
  247. Murlen national park is located in which state-Misoram
  248. Kaibul Lamjavo, ‘The floating garden’ is located in which state-Manipur
  249. Who called Manipur as the jewel of India-Jawaharlal Nehru
  250. The official language of Nagaland-English
  251. The capital city which is known as ‘The Scotland of east’-Shillong
  252. The orchid state of India-Arunachal Pradesh
  253. In which state having highest no. of local language- Arunachal Pradesh
  254. The paradise of botanist- Arunachal Pradesh
  255. In which state having the tribes ‘Tee tribe’-Assam
  256. The classical dance which is formulated by Sankara devan in Assam-Satriya
  257. The national park named Nameri,Dibru,Orang is located in which state-Assam
  258. In which state important festivel is ‘Bihu’-Assam
  259. The tea state of India-Assam
  260. The first state formed in north-east section of India-Assam(1950 Janu:26)
  261. Who is known as ‘Lok priya’ –Gopi nath Bardoli(Assam)
  262. Who was first used the term ‘Saptha Sahodarimar’to denote north east states-Jyothi Prasad Sykia
  263. In which state ‘Rani Gaidinliu’ led the strike against Britishers-Nagaland
  264. Father of Local self government-Lord Rippon
  265. Who introduced income tax first in India-Lord Canning
  266. Doctrine of laps was introduced –Lord Delhousie
  267. Doctrine of laps was officially withdrawn-Lord Canning
  268. Who conducted first census in India-Lord Mayo
  269. Venacular Press Actand Arms Act were passed(1878) –Lord Lytton
  270. Venacular Press Actand Arms Act were withdrawn-Lord Ripon
  271. Viceroy of reverse character-Lord Lytton
  272. Who organized public service commission first in India-Lord Dufferin
  273. The viceroy who appointed the Hilton Young Commission(Led to the establishment of RBI)-Lord Reading
  274. Viceroy during the partition of Bengal-Lord Curson
  275. Viceroy who cancelled the partition of Bengal-Lord Harding II
  276. Who organized ‘Indian Independence League’-Rash Bihari Bose (At Bangkok in 1942)
  277. Swathantra Party-C.RajaGopal Achary(1959)
  278. Gadar Party –Lala Hardayal(1913 SanFransisco)
  279. Swaraj Party-C.R.Das and Motilal Nehru(in 1923)
  280. Forward block-Subash Chandra Bose(in 1939)
  281. In which year All Kisan Sabha organized-1936(Lucknow)
  282. Muhammdan Literary Society-Nawab Abdul Latheef(in 1863 at Culcutta)
  283. Oldest mountain range in India-Aravalli
  284. Aravalli is situated in –Rajastan
  285. The largest peak in Aravalli-Guru Sikhar
  286. The famous hill station in Aravalli-Mount Abu
  287. The youngest mountain range in the world-Himalaya
  288. The back bone of Himalaya-Greater Himalaya
  289. The highest peak in westernghat-Anamudi
  290. The highest peak in easternghat-Jindhagada Peak
  291. The meeting place easternghat& westernghat-Nilgiri
  292. The highest point in Nilgris-Dossabetta
  293. Original name of Swami Dayananda Saraswathy-Mool sanker
  294. Rani Lakshmi Bai-Mani karnika
  295. Swami Vivekananda-Narendra nath dutta
  296. Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsar-Gadhadhar Chatterjee
  297. Tantya Tope-Ramachandra pandurang
  298. Sister Nivedita-Margaret E Nobel
  299. Mira Behn-Madeleine slade
  300. Sarala Behn-Catherine Mary Heilman
  301. Who was the chief organizer of Ghadar Movement-Lal Hardayal
  302. Home rule movement-Annie Besant
  303. Aligarch movement-Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  304. Devasamaj-Shiv Narayan Agnihotri
  305. Young Bengal movement-Henry Vivian Derzio
  306. Ramakrishna mission-Swami Vivekanandan
  307. Paris Indian Society-Madam Bhikaji Cama
  308. Satya Sodhak Samaj-Jyoti Rao Phule
  309. Hindustan Republican Association-Chandra Sekhar Azad
  310. Indian Home rule Society-Shyamji Krishna Verma
  311. Bombay Association-Jagannath Shankar Seth
  312. Social Service League-N M Joshi
  313. Seva Samithi-M.Kunsru
  314. Seva Sadan-B.M.Malabari
  315. Arya Samaj-Swami Dayananda Saraswathy
  316. Brahma Samaj-Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  317. Prarthana Samaj-Athmaram Pandurang


  1. The war between the English East Company and Mughal Empire which lasted from 1686 to 1690 is known as-Child war
  2. Head quarters of nuclear power plant situated-Mumbai
  3. Which ISO standard represents the environmental management system-ISO 14001
  4. The Government owned corporation of India BHAVANI deals with-Nuclear Power
  5. Which organization instituted the Prani mitra award-Animal welfare Board of I ndia
  6. ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animal sare treated’ –whose words are these-Gandhiji
  7. Which cultural activist pioneered the founding of the animal welfare Board of India-Rukmini Devi Arundale
  8. Which American city has the nickname of ‘American finest city’-SanDiego
  9. Which Hungarian engineer is believed to have coined the term ‘Biotechnilogy’ in 1919-Karoly Ereky
  10. The designing of organism to produce antibiotics is known as-Red Biotechnology
  11. Which is the largest biotechnology in the world-Johnson&Johnson
  12. Which Indian business man was the founder of the Future Group-Kishore Biyani
  13. Which was the Shia Muslim dynasty of South India-Adil Shahi dynasty
  14. Which national leader was the key accussed in the notorious ‘Barore dynamite case’-George Fernandes
  15. What are the major component of human skill oils-Triglyceride
  16. Which countries privately owned airline is the Pamir airways-Afghanistan
  17. Which countries major public limited company is the ‘Gandhara Industries limited’-Pakistan
  18. The organization of ‘Social conference’ was established by-M.G.Ranade
  19. Who is known as the father of Internet-Vinton Cerf
  20. ‘Omkareshwar Dam’ is situated in –Madhya Pradesh
  21. Name the joint navel exercise held between India and France-Vijay 2015
  22. Which hill station is called the ‘Queen of Satpura’-Pachmarhi
  23. ‘Bedia’ tribes are found in which state-Jharkhand
  24. Liquid non metal-Bromine
  25. Who was the first acting president of INC-Hakkim Ajmal Khan
  26. Navy’s new base INS Sardar Patel is located at-Porbander
  27. Who is the founder of Rock Guarden in Chandigarch
  28. Which is the neighbouring country close to Andaman Island-Myanmar
  29. Agatti airport is located at-Lakshadeep
  30. Gudi Padwa festival is celebrated in-Maharashtra
  31. The biggest delta in the world-Ganges Delta
  32. What is the aim of ‘Rajiv Aawaz Yojana-Slum free India
  33. Acetyl Salicylic acid is popularly known as-Asparin
  34. What is known as white tar-Naphthalene
  35. Second artificial element-Promethium
  36. The loss of water in the form of water droplet is known as-Guttation
  37. Which is the largest tiger reserve in India-Nagarjun Sagar-Srisailam
  38. Which Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco-Jahanhir
  39. Which state in India is the leading producer of Sulphur-Tamil Nadu
  40. Mohammadu Bukari took over as the president of-Nigeria
  41. What is the main duty of the Legislature-Enacting laws
  42. Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days at-Sravanbalagola
  43. Who said , ‘A state is known by the rights that it maintains-Laski
  44. The busiest ocean from the point of view of trade-Atlantic Ocean
  45. Buddha attained nirvana in the year-483 BC
  46. The First state to make voting compulsory in Local body election-Gujarat
  47. Which Asian country has the largest number of Nobel Laureates-Japan
  48. The famous Jain centre in South India is located at- Sravanbalagola
  49. The Asoka Inscription were engraved in which sript-Brahmi
  50. Honey moon lake-Toba
  51. International Yoha day is observed on –June 21
  52. Where did the Lady Irvin College started for women in 1926-New Delhi
  53. On which day ‘Mangalyan’ was launched from Sriharikotta-2013 Nov.5
  54. Official name of Mangalyan -mission-MOM(Mars Orbit Mission)
  55. The vehicle used for Mangalyan Launching-PSLV C-25
  56. The Project Director Of Mangalyan-Dr.Arunan
  57. The Program Director Of Mangalyan-M.Annadurai
  58. Indias heaviest rocket-GSLV MarkIII(Launched on 2014 Decem 2014)
  59. Which is the first planetary mission of India-Mangalyan



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