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Misc:in Current affairs in General knowledge sections

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Current Affairs for PSC Exam-General knowledge

Current affairs questions are inevitable parts for psc exams-Actually it is the valuable

and attaining highest rank making general knowledge.About 20 percentage questions

appearing from this type general knowledge questions.It is actually the occean of

general knowledge.Question maker for psc exams are deeply study this sort of

general knowledge questions

  1. Name of the state recently prohibited the usage of thermocoal plate-Jharkand
  2. World refugees day-June 20
  3. Recently discovered galaxy named CN-7 gave the name an international footballer-Christiano Ronaldo
  4. Name of the state declared Blue mermon as their official butterflies-Maharashtra
  5. The name of the music director who died recently got two Oscar for the music direction in Titanic-James Horner
  6. The name of the battle which observing 200th anniversary on 2015 June 18 in Belgium-Waterloo
  7. The state which entered in Ginnes Book for its hand washing-Madhyapradesh
  8. The grand father of the world who died recently-Scary Momoyi(112)
  9. The prime minister who started the plan ‘Digital India’-Narendra Modi
  10. The brand ambassador of ‘Digital India’-Krithi Thivari
  11. World hand washing day-Oct.15
  12. Who got world agricultural puraskar 2015-Paul Sing
  13. The good-will ambassador of ‘Subha Yatra’-Mohan lal
  14. Name of departments included in the ‘Subha Yatra’plan-Education,Transport,National Highway Authority under the leadership of Police dept:
  15. Who got Cop Amerika 2015-Chili
  16. Who is the new president of Sri Lanka- Maithripala Sirisena
  17. Who is the new president of Brasil-Dilma Rousseff
  18. President of Palestine-Mahmoud Abbas
  19. President of Myanmar –Thein Sein
  20. President of Singapore –Tony Tan Keng Yam
  21. President of Italy –Serigio Mattarella
  22. President of Egypt –Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
  23. President of Russia-Vltadimir Putin
  24. President of France –Franjpois Hollande
  25. President of China –Xi Jinping
  26. President of Pakisthan –Mamnoon Hussain
  27. President of Afganisthan – Mohammed Ashraf Ghani
  28. President of Bangladesh –Abdul Hamid
  29. On which day Mangalyan was launched from Sriharikotta -2013 November 5
  30. Which Indain cricketer has recently been presented Arjuna award ,as he was not present during the award ceremony in 2014-Ravi chandran Awin
  31. Name the cyclone which made a landfall in Bagladesh resulting in heavy rain in country and also in the Indian states of West Bengaland Odisha-Komen
  32. International day friendship-July 30.
  33. Where was Indias first Integrated Under water Harbour Defence and Surveillance System launched-Kochi
  34. Name new operating system launched by Microsoft-Windows 10
  35. Which Indian city hosts the meeting of the Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation [FIPIC] –Jaipur
  36. Which country has become the 206th member of the international olymbic Committee-South Sudan
  37. Name the new secretary of Indian Railway Board-Ganga ram Agarwal
  38. Name the joint mission of ISRO and NASA to develop dual frequency synthetic aperture radar Satelite-NISAR
  39. The highest employer in the world-US Army
  40. The second highest employer in the world-Chinas peoples army
  41. The Indian railway has got 8th place in the world
  42. Which city is known as craft city-Jaipur
  43. The first country which approved same gender marriage-Netherland
  44. The father of SMS-Matty Makonen
  45. The first women to be appointed as the Director of Indian Statistical Institute-Sanghamitra Bandopadhyay
  46. Where was the 4th migrant Resource centre setup by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs-Chennai(The others cochi,Hyderabad&Gurgaon)
  47. How many African countries have signed the historic pact of Tripartite Free Trade area-26
  48. Who headed the committee which submitted its recommendation to the Union Government on restructuring of Indian Railways-Bibek Debroy
  49. On 15 June 2015 Britain celebrated the 800th anniversary of which historic incident-Magna Carta
  50. Which artist and sculptor ,who created Chandigarh’s Rock Garden ,passed away recently-Nek Chand Saini

    Precious General knowledge Questions on Current Affairs

    The following General knowledge questions are repeatedly asking psc exams.They can be asked in differant manner for psc examinations.If you study the following it is clear that you are nearing to the top rank in psc examinations.Once you reach in the rank list you are repeatedly entering in another rank list as you are nearing to target

  51. World day against child labour was observed on- 12 June

  52. The Indian railway renamed the Ahamadabad-Haidwar Mail Express as-Yoga Express
  53. Hepatitis Day was observed on-28 July
  54. Who won the 2015 Tour de France-Chris Froome
  55. Which state govt: has decided to exempt small cars from paying toll taxes-Maharastra
  56. National Broad casting day was observed on -23 July
  57. Who is the new chairma of TRAI-Ram Sewak Sharma
  58. Name the former govt:of Kerala passed away recently-R.S.Gavai
  59. The supreme court has recently rejected the review plea filed by the Union Govt: seeking OBC status to which community-Jat
  60. The UNESCO has named which city as the World Book Capital for 2017-Conkary(Guinea)
  61. Which country became the 162nd member of the world trade organization-Kazakhstan
  62. Pierre Nkurunzia has been elected President of which African country for the third term-Burundi
  63. Ashish Bahuguna has been appointed the chairman of which national authority-Food safety and standard authority of India
  64. Who won this years Formula I Hungarian grand prix-Sebastian Vettel
  65. Present Chief election commission of India-Nazim Zaidi
  66. First chief election commission of India-Sukumar Sen
  67. Present Supreme court Chief Justice of India-H.L.Dattu
  68. Present Chief Information Commissioner-Vijai Sharma
  69. Present Attorney General-Mukul Rohatgi
  70. Present solicitor General-Ranjith Kumar
  71. Present Chairperson of Women commission-Lalitha Kumara Mangalam
  72. Present National Security Advisor-Ajith Doval
  73. Present Foreign Secretary of India-Subrahmanyan Jaishankar
  74. Present Comptroller and Auditor General-Shashikanth Sharma
  75. Present Electoral Officer of Kerala-K.Sasidharan Nair
  76. Present chief justice of Kerala-Asok Bushan
  77. Governor of Kerala-P.Sathasivam
  78. Present chairman of State human rights commission-Benchamin Kossi
  79. Present chairperson of Women commission of Kerala-K.C.Rossakutty
  80. Present chief information commission of Kerala-Sibi Mathews
  81. First Governor of Kerala-B.Rama Krishna Rao
  82. First women governor of Kerala-Jyothi Venkatachalam
  83. First acting Governor of Kerala-P.S.Rao
  84. First Governor of Kerala to die in harness-Sikkandhar Bhakt
  85. Kerala Governor of Kerala to become the president of India-V.V.Giri
  86. The place were first seismic-warning(Earth quake warning) centre system in India-Deradun
  87. Name of the state where more solar energy is generated-Rajastan
  88. The place where Indias first defence park is going to be established-Ottapalam
  89. The place where Indias first green police station is established-Mouris,New Delhi
  90. The last date stipulated by reserve bank of India to withdraw the currency note before 2005-2015 Dec.31
  91. The smallest planet known in the name of Viswanath Anand-4538 Vishi Anand
  92. The website started by Govt: of India to findout the lost children-Khoya Paya
  93. The lengthiest road tunnel in India-Patni Top Tunnel(Kashmir)
  94. The district in India which got general service award 2015 given by United Nation Organization –Nadiya(West Bengal)
  95. Name of the state where first e-Cabinet meeting conducted-Andhra
  96. Indias first e-state-Punjab
  97. Indias first digital state-Keralam
  98. Name of the state where first health adalath conducted-Karnataka
  99. How many villagesin India were handed over to Bengladesh as per the India-Bengladesh boundary treaty 2015-111
  100. Indias place in the peace index of world-143

    Current Affairs Questions in General Knowledge sections

    The more you study the current affairs questions in general knowledge you are nearing to top

    rank in psc examinations.So once you attain in that position you will not leave the studying of

    general knowledge.That will make attractive your future by attaining good rank in good post in

    government departments

  101. Name of the foreign country where Indian army attacked the terrorist-Myanmar
  102. The photo of Mahatma Gandhi were recently uncovered in the parliament of which country-Britain
  103. Indias first complete basic education state-Keralam
  104. The worlds fastest train-Magluv
  105. In which month in 2015 having one second more-June 30
  106. Name of the campaign to give up LPG subsidy-Give it up
  107. The person who spent more time in outer space-Gennady Pedalka
  108. In which field recently died Maathy Macanon became famous-The father of SMS
  109. The place where the former president Sri APJ Abdul Kalam died-Shillong(2015 July 27)
  110. The name of Indians who were appointed as the head of Google-Sunder Picha
  111. The oldest women who completed the Marathon-Hariat Thomson
  112. The name of Indians who were appointed as the chairman of BRICKS Bank-K.V.Kamath
  113. The new home secretary of India-Rajiv Meharshy
  114. Who is the first female president of Mouritius and also a chemist-Ameena Gurib Fakeem
  115. Name of the rescue operation conducted by India in connected with the earth quake in Nepal-Mythri
  116. The name of operation conducted by police department to find out the lost children in Northern India-Operation smile
  117. The first district in India connected by high speed internet network-Idukki
  118. The first govt:hospital in Kerala successfully conducted the heart transplant surgery-Kottayam Medical college
  119. The operation conducted by home department and social welfare department to find out the lost children-Operation Valsalya
  120. The weather forecasting system implemented by Govt:of India-NOWCAST
  121. The cabinet of Keralam decided to hand over the Vizhinjam project to which company-Adani port
  122. The place where Indias first modern Anganavady is going to be established-Sonipath (Haryana)
  123. Name of city which elected as the capital of books in 2016-Roklo
  124. Name of the project in Kerala which got PATA(Pacafic Asia Travel Association) Award-Musaris Project
  125. The worlds first Malaria waxin-Mosquirics
  126. The first Indians who got medals in world university games-Inderjith Singh
  127. Name of the project in India entered in world ginnes record having highest cash transfer project-Pahal(LPG subsidy transferred to bank account)
  128. The historic monuments having twitter account-Tajmahal
  129. Name of tele-medicine system conducted by govt:of India in co=operated with Appolo hospital
  130. Number villages mutually transferred as per the India-Bengladesh boundary treaty 2015-165
  131. Name given by American president Barak Obama to Makkinly ,highest mountain range in north America-Denali
  132. Name of the country which decided to boycott common wealth parliament in submit in Pakistan-India
  133. When did the Prime minister Narendra Modi inaguarated the Digital India Programme-2015 July 1
  134. The mobile application started for sheera Karshakar by national diary development board-Pashuposhan
  135. The name of the BRICKS bank going to be started on 2016-New Development Bank
  136. The capital of Asian Infra structure Investment Bank-Biejing
  137. The records of which freedom fighters were recently made public by govt:of West Bengal-Subhash Chandra Bose
  138. The name of web portal started by govt:of India to sanction educational loan for students-Vidya Lekhmi
  139. The new project started by govt: India to modernize the public sector bank-Mission Indradhanush
  140. The Tamil person who elected as the opposition leader of Sreelankan parliament-R.Sambandan
  141. The place where newly started Indian Institute of Technology in Keralam-Palakkad
  142. The 162th member of world trade organization –Kasakkistan
  143. Who elected as the president of national broad casting association-Rajath Sharma
  144. Which asian country recently passed the bill for the intervention of their forces in foreign countries-Japan
  145. Audit Bureau Circulation chairman-Sasidar Sinha
  146. The first female director general of DRDO-J.Manjula
  147. The Indian origin foreigner who elected as the administrator of the city Borne in Jarmany-Asok Alaksar Sreedaran
  148. The managing director Bombay Samajar ,Homusji N Kama is elected as chairman of-Press Trust of India
  149. The first municipality in India having complete free ‘Wi-fi muncipality’-Malappuarm
  150. The new chairman and MD of Air India-Aswini Lohani
  151. The malayalee who appointed as the commanding officer of national Disaster defence forces-Rekha Nambiar
  152. Whose book is recently published in the midst of strong protest of political party Sivasena in Mumbai-Khurshid Muhammed Kasoori(Book-‘Neither aHawk Nor a Dow’)


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