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Parliament of Differant countries ,Questions-appearing for PSC Examinations

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 Parliaments of Different Countries –Questions Surely appearing in PSC Examinations

The parliament of differant countries may be the turning point of our life, How?That may be the rank making points in our life and get the job Such a way that become our life savior.Study this, get one marks in psc exam,get or not that depends on your coaching on this.Any way sleep on it to become the actual life saviour


  1. Afghanistan-Jirga

  2. Bengladesh-Jathiya Sangsath

  3. Bhootan-Shogdu

  4. China-National Peoples Congress

  5. Cuba-National Assemblies of Power

  6. Denmark-Folketting

  7. Finland-Eduskunta

  8. Germany-Bundastag

  9. Lathwiya-Sayma

  10. Iceland-Althing

  11. Indonesia-Peoples Consultative Assembly

  12. Croasia-Sabore

  13. Iran-Majlis

  14. Israel-Nesset

  15. Jappan-Diet

  16. Maldives-Majlis

  17. Netherland-Staten-General

  18. Norway-Storting

  19. Russia-Federal Assembly

  20. Spain-Corts Generals

  21. Sweeden-Ricksdag

  22. United States-Congress

  23. Greece-Hellenic Parliament

  24. South Korea-Guko

  25. Neppal-Sansad

  26. Thailand-Rathasabha


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