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Plane services and related countries -psc examination Questions

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Plane Services and Related Countries-sure question for psc examinations

 One of the most important sections in the psc examination is the following details.Surely one questions will appear from this section for any psc examinations .And it is the sure collection of psc question bank.Without any doubt study this details thoroughly that means you get one marks for any psc examinations

  1. Ithihad Airways-UAE
  2. Emirates-UAE
  3. Aftrikiya Airways-Libia
  4. Middle East Airlines-Lebanon
  5. Druke Air-Bhootan
  6. Royal Khamar Airlines-Kambodia
  7. Kathe Pacefic-Hongkong
  8. Aeriana Afghan Airlines-Afghanisthan
  9. Quandas-Australia
  10. Gulf Air-Begrein,Oman
  11. Viman-Bengladesh
  12. Brussels Airlines-Belgium
  13. Maya Island Air-Belis
  14. Hemus Air-Belgaria
  15. Lan Airlines-Chili
  16. Aviansa-Columbia
  17. Laksa-Costorica
  18. Air Pacefic-Figi
  19. Lufthansa-Germany
  20. Olimbic Airlines-Greece
  21. Heva Bora Airways-Democratic Republic of Congo
  22. Malev-Hangary
  23. Garuda-Indonessia
  24. Air Links,Riyan Air-Aireland
  25. Air Asthana-Kasakisthan
  26. Asiana Airlines-South Korea
  27. Air Baltic-Lathvia
  28. Flylal-Lithwania
  29. KLM-Netherland
  30. Koppa Airlines-Panama
  31. Aerofloat-Russia
  32. Get Airways-Serbia
  33. Andria Airways-Slovenia
  34. Iberia-Spain
  35. Virgin Atlantic-Britain



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