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Probable Questions for LDC and other PSC Examinations

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 Public Policy,Climate Change,Latest Economic Data


Prepared on the basis of latest trend in LDC Examinations and other PSC

Examinations .Climate change questions related things are appearing here.This parts

include the general knowledge in India.For every psc questions general knowledge of

India plays important role .Again this sections include public policy climatic change

economic data  consdering its importance .

  1. Which hill in Western Ghats is considered as the homeland of Soliga tribes.
    Ans:BRT hills Karnataka
  2. Which state has the maximum no.of districts coming in the Western Ghats ranges
  3. The decision to build a residence for British Viceroys in New Delhi was taken in—
    Ans:1911 Delhi Durbar
  4. What was the importance of the city of Calcutta before 1911
    Ans:Capital British India
  5. On which day the Viceroy’s residence became renamed as Rashtrapathi Bhavan
    Ans:January 26,1950
  6. Who was the chief engineer involved in the construction of Viceroy’s residence
    Ans:Huge Keeling
  7. The contractor who completed the main building of Rashtrapathi Bhavan was—
  8. The iseas to adopt bells in the pillars of Rashtrapathi Bhavan came from—
    Ans:Jain temple at Moodabidri,Karnataka
  9. From March 23 to 27,2012 Prime minister made a visit to Republic of Korea to attend—
    Ans:Nuclear security summit
  10. Who has been awarded United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s highest distinction ,the Agricola medal for the contribution to agriculture and social development in India
    Ans:Man Mohan Singh
  11. ICAR recently signed an agreement on the project on the preparation of World Mango Encyclopedia with—
  12. Central Institute of Plastics Engineering&Technology is an institution coming under the purview of the ministry of—
    Ans:Ministry of chemicals and Fertilizers
  13. Bureau of Civil Aviation security was formed in 1978 after the recommendation of —-committee
    Ans:Pande committee
  14. Which air port is the first ever airport to receive the Golden Peacock Environment Award 2012
    Ans:Bengaluru International Airport
  15. According to a report of Forbes Magazine which language is most precise and most suitable language for computer software
  16. Which is the world’s first granite temple
    Ans:Brihadeshwara temple Tanjavur
  17. What is the peculiarity of Chali Cricket Ground of Himachal Pradesh
    Ans:World’s highest cricket ground
  18. The word Navy is derived from the Sanskrit word—
  19. The value of “pie” was first calculated by the Indian Mathematician—
  20. The oldest European Church and Synagogue of India is situated in the city of—
  21. In 2011,RBI deregulated saving bank account interest rate in which differential rate interest could be set for the deposit over—lakh
    Ans:One Lakh
  22. Which is the major microfinance programme in the country
    Ans:Self help bank in linkage Bank
  23. What is RIDF
    Ans:Rural Infrastructure Fund
  24. Who was the chairman of the committee that studied the issues and concerns in the microfinance sector
    Ans:Y H Malegam
  25. Out of the six regions in India,which regions have achieved maximum disbursement of the sanctioned fund in RIDF and BharatNirman
    Ans:North and west 69 %each


    Analyse the questions to score good marks in psc examinations.Such a valuable questions are given below.This questions are little confusing things.Any way clearly understand and record in mind

  26. Which is the nodal agency for implementing the Agriculture Debt Waiver and Debt Relief(ADWDR) Scheme
  27. The The gross NPAsto gross advance ratio declined from 2.4 per cent in 2009-10 to—-in 2010-11
  28. What is the rate of growth in percentage of ATMs during 2010-11 as compared to that of previous year
    Ans:24 percent
  29. The short form of Non-deposit taking Non Banking Financial Companies is —
  30. Major source of funds for deposit taking NBFCs is—
  31. The number of registered FIIs in India as on31st March 2011 is —
  32. The new pension scheme ,NPS was opened to all citizens of India
    Ans:1 May 2009
  33. In order to make it affordable for economically disadvantaged people ,the pension fund Regulatory and Development Authority introduced a lower cost version of the NPS known as –
  34. Current account capital account errors omissions and change in foreign exchange reserves are the four components of —
    Ans:Balance of payments
  35. What position does India hold among the world countries in terms of foreign exchange reserves
    Ans:Sixth(the order is China,Japan,Russia,Brazil,Switzerland,India)
  36. Won is the currency of—
    Ans:South Korea
  37. India’s share in world merchandise exports in the first half of 2011 is –
    Ans:1.9 percent
  38. The top four items in India’s manufactured exports are—
    Ans:Engineering goods,gems ,jewellery,chemicals,and related products and textiles
  39. Which items rank rank top in the list of India’s textile export
    Ans:Ready made garments
  40. Which country is emerging as the India’s largest trading partner who replaces US for the three consecutive financial years from 2008-09
  41. India has high trade deficit with Switzerland because mainly of the rising of import of—
  42. What is “LIBOR”(associated with trade credit in foreign currency by banks)
    Ans:Londen Interbank Offered Rate
  43. Which is Indias second major export item
    Ans:Gems and Jewellary
  44. The largest cutting and polishing centre of diamonds in the world is –
  45. In related to bamboo and cane ,which town has been notified as town of export excellence by foreign trade policy measures 2011-12
  46. As per the data on state origin of exports of goods ,which state has been ranked top in the list










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