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Questions related to constituition

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PSC Questions Related to Constitution

Constitution plays an important role in psc Examination.Without study constitution nobody can enter in the rank list of psc .How! these are important look!No need of thinking it in the examination hall .Parli2 to Examinations analyse and study with that much seriousness

  1. The structure of constituition of India when came into existence-395 article,8 schedule,22 part

  2. The present structure of constituition of India-444 article,12 schedule,22 part

  3. The state having common civilcode-Goa

  4. Who is having the right to declare emergency in India-The President

  5. Who acted as the advisor during the formation of constitution-B.Nagendra Rao

  6. The retirement age High court Judges-62 yrs

  7. Who is having the right to put casting vote in state legislature-Speaker

  8. The minimum quarum required to start the parliamentary procedure-One by tenth in the total strength

  9. The longest duration of zero hour in Lokh sabha-no definite time

  10. The total no.of nominated members in parliament(Both Lokh sabha and Rajya sabha)-14

  11. How many members can be nominated by president in Rajya sabha-12

  12. In which year the voting age is reduced from 21 to 18-1989

  13. The first deputy chairman of planning commission-Gulsarilal Nanda

  14. In which schedule of constituition deals with languages-8 schedule

  15. of languages included in the 8th schedule-22

  16. The schedule which deals with Panchayath Raj-11

  17. The duration of state public service commission-6 yrs

  18. The duration of American president-4 yrs

  19. The duration of French president-5 yrs

  20. Name of parliament of Israel-Nesset

  21. Total no.of members finance commission-5

  22. The first supreme court judge who underwent Impeachment in Lokhsabha-Justice V.Ramaswamy

  23. The first deputy prime minister of India-Sardar Patel

  24. The national flag is approved by the constituition formation sabha-1947 July 22

  25. The national song and national geeth is approved by the constituition formation sabha-1950 Janu 24

  26. The 100th centuary was celebrated in 2006-Vande Madaram

  27. The chairman of Lokh sabha-Speaker

  28. The biggest Lokhsabha seat in considering area-Ladak

  29. The centre cabinets are obliged to –Lokhsabha

  30. The lengthiest act passed by Indian parliament-Companies act

  31. To become a party as national party in howmany states its representation having-4 or more than 4



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