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Rare Questions asking for PSC Examinations

  1. The gas obtained from cow dung-Methane
  2. Pencillin is obtained from-Penecillium natatum
  3. The symbol of Md-stands for-Mendelevium
  4. Calcium sulphate is commonly called-Plaster of Paris
  5. The ship used by Darwin for his expedition-HMS Beagle
  6. Gonorrhoea is caused by-Neisseria gonorrhea
  7. Least corrosive metal is iridium
  8. The tendency of plants to grow towards the direction of the gravitational force-Geotropism
  9. The metal used in storage batteries is-Lead
  10. The gas formed as the result of fermentation –CO2
  11. Which scientist got Nobel prize both in Chemistry and Peace-Linus pauling
  12. Who discovered the infra red rays in sunlight-William Herschel
  13. The law of gravitation was propounded by-Sir Issac Newton
  14. Galileo’s first scientific discovery was-Pendulam
  15. Who used the word ‘rubber’ for the first time-Joseph Priestly
  16. Which organelle are known as the ‘suicidal bags of the cell’-Lysosome
  17. Latex is obtained from-Rubber tree
  18. Crescograph is used to measure the-rate of growth of a plant
  19. The system for writing by the blind people was invented by-Loise Braille

A plant adapted to live in dry places is called a-Xerophyte


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