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Revolution and the Relations with PSC Examinations Tips

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40 PSC Questions-2016 related with Revolutions in  the world

In all the times the revolution may be the treasury of number of psc question appearing for psc examinations.Without world History there is no psc examinations.Some questions from world history are repeatedly asking for psc examinations.The following may be such types of questions.All these are the collection of  psc question bank

  1. In which country the bloodless or revolutions tookplace in 1688
  2. In which country the ‘long parliament’existed for 20 years from 1640
  3. Name the incidents took place as the starting of French Revolution on June 20 1789
    Ans:Tennis court pledge
  4. Name the incidents took place as the starting of French Revolution on July 14 1789
    Ans:Demolition of Bastle Kota jail by People
  5. Name the emperor of France during the French Revolution
    Ans:Loui 16th
  6. Name the French Emperor who declared, ‘I am the State’
    Ans:Loui 14th
  7. From which countries parliament the idea of left front and right front originated
  8. Name the notorious wife of Loui 16th
    Ans:Maria Antonet
  9. In which year the famous human right declaration passed in French Assembly
  10. What are the main three ideas donated by French Revolution to the world
    Ans:Freedom,Equality ,Fraternity
  11. Name the instrument used to kill the anti-revolutionist during French Revolution
  12. Who was the prophet of French Revolution
  13. “Human beings are free in born,but they are chained in all around”whose words are these
  14. Name the philosopher who revealed the fault of Emperor rule French through his works “the essence of laws”
  15. Whose work is the “The Social Contract”
  16. The famous French Philosopher whose pen-name is ‘Voltaire’
    Ans:Francois Mary Arout
  17. What are the three estates in France
    Ans:Purohitar,Prabhukanmar,Samanya Janam
  18. Which is known as ‘Fourth Estate’
    Ans:The Press
  19. The child of French Revolution
    Ans:Nepolean Bono Part
  20. Which countries independent struggle is related to the incident named the ‘Boston Tea Party in 1773’
    Ans:American Freedom Struggle


    Revolutions and Its Importance in PSC Exam Results

    In PSC Examination Hall the confusion of answers  surely you feel.Overcome it to attain highest rank.Withou conquering confusion in questions and answers nobody can achieve success.Get the psc examination marks from confusion very thrilling and enjoyable one then deserve in that post.Ok study clearly in each confused questions

  21. In which year American Independence declared
    Ans:July 4 1774
  22. Who is the main architect of American Independence
    Ans:Thomas Jefferson
  23. How many colonies of America fought freedom from Britain
  24. “No taxation without Representation” is the slogan of which independent struggle
    Ans:American Freedom Struggle
  25. Name the request submitted by American colony army to British Queen in 1775
    Ans:Olive Shaka Nivedanam
  26. Who is the leader of American colony army
    Ans:George Washington
  27. The first written constitution in the world
    Ans:American Constitution
  28. Who is known as the father of American constitution
    Ans:James Madison
  29. Who donated the statue liberty to America in connection with their Independent struggle
  30. Who was the first people in America
  31. The first President of America who is known as their national father
    Ans:George Washington
  32. In which country the industrial revolution took place
  33. In which country the agricultural revolution took place
  34. In which year Russian revolution took place
  35. As per Gregorian calendar in which month the October revolution took place
  36. Which countries known as the ‘Beeman of Asia’
  37. Name the spiritual leader of Chinese revolution
    Ans:Son Yath Sen
  38. In which year Chinese revolution took place
  39. In which year the Communist revolution took place in China
  40. Who was the leader of Communist Revolution in China








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