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Science Questions in PSC Question Bank are so important in psc Examination point of view. About 30 percentage of questions for psc examinations are appearing from this sectionsIt very useful to known the world around us.Differant types of creatures animals plants and their attachments with environment etc.

  1. Keratoplasty means the transplantation of-Cornea
  2. The first artificial silk is –Rayon
  3. Sonometer is used to study the sound of music
  4. Wireless wave invented by Marconi
  5. Lead sulphide-Galena
  6. In plants water is conducted by-Xylem
  7. The organic compound which contain Nitrogen are –Protein
  8. Spirit is known as –Ethyl Alcohol
  9. Eczema disease affects –the skin
  10. Cerebellum is known as –little brain
  11. Strongest muscle in our body-myometrium
  12. Christmas disease-Haemophilla
  13. Lighting rod invented-Benjamin Franklin
  14. Chromic acid is known as-misnomer
  15. Methane is known as-Marsh gas
  16. Methane was first isolated by-Alexandro volta
  17. ‘Animal electricity ‘ was discovered-Luigi galvani
  18. Hardest substance in the human body-Enamel
  19. Lysosome is called-Suicidal bag
  20. Father of genetics-Gregor Mendel
  21. The biggest part of human brain-cerebrum
  22. Shape of DNA-double helical structure
  23. Arachnophobia is the abnormal fear of –Spiders
  24. The non metal that remains liquid at room temperature-Bromine
  25. The average salinity of sea water-3.5%
  26. In fire-works the green flame is produced by-Barium
  27. Lightest metal in periodic table-Lithium
  28. The second most abundant metal in earthcrust-Silicon
  29. Life span of RBC-120days
  30. Study about skin is called –Dermatology
  31. Electro negativity was discovered by Linus pauling
  32. Lowest sub atomic particle is-Electrons
  33. Fuel of future-Hydrogen
  34. Dolomite is the ore of-Magnesium
  35. Study of tissue is known as-Tissue culture
  36. Fastest revolving planet-Mercury
  37. Father of Indian Green revolution-M.S.Swaminathan
  38. Plant with maximum no.of chromosome-Ophioglossum
  39. Pollination by water-Hydrophily
  40. Father of Botony-Theophrastus
  41. Rusty planet-Mars
  42. First women to space-Valentina Thereshkova
  43. First plant virus were discovered in-tobacco
  44. Seedless fruits are seen in-Grapes
  45. Nails are made up of-Protien
  46. Tumour inducing virus are called –Oncogenic Virus
  47. LPG consists of mainly methane,butaneand propane
  48. Magnifying glass is convex lens
  49. Solid carbon dio- oxide is-Dry ice
  50. Law of conservation of energy is first discovered by-Albert Einsteen
  51. Father of microbiology-Louie Paster
  52. Who is known as the first microbiologist-Anton Van Levenhook
  53. The average size of bacteria-0.3 to 2 microne
  54. How many millimeter are one microns are-.001mm
  55. What is the meaning of the word ‘Bacteria’-Small stick
  56. Who gave the name Bacteria for that organism-Got Fride Ehren Berg
  57. The most suitable temperature required for the multiplication of Bacteria-37 degree
  58. The temperature required for the destruction of Bacteria-100 degree
  59. Name of Bacteria seen in the saline water-Halophites
  60. The olden name of Bacteria-Animal Cules
  61. The name of Bacteria caused Tetanus,Typhoid-Basillus
  62. Name of Bacteria caused for Siphilus
  63. The meaning of Latin word ‘Virus’-Toxin
  64. Name of virus multiplied using Bacteria is known as Bacteriophage
  65. The first known Virus-Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  66. The size of Virus-20 nano to 1400 nano
  67. The first scientist who discovered Virus-Dimitry Ivanovski
  68. The elements which is more in universe-Hydrogen
  69. The principle of generating energy in stars-Nuclear Fusion
  70. The brightness of the star indicates its-temparature
  71. The first person who used the term , ‘Thamogartham’ for the first time-John Wheeler
  72. Who defined scientifically , ‘Thamogartham’ for the first time-Open Haemer
  73. Who is the author book ‘Brief history of time’-Stefen Hauking
  74. The name of place the Sun is situated in Sheerapadam-Orion arm
  75. The father of modern space science-Galelio
  76. Name of planet which is ousted from planet status-Pluto(2006 august 24)
  77. How many years  is needed to have solar wind-11 yrs
  78. The surface earth which is visible from earth-Photosphere
  79. The average temperature of the surface of sun-5500 degree
  80. The nearest star of earth-Proxima centuari
  81. The planet which is known as ‘morning star and evening star’-Shukran
  82. The planet which is known as rusty planet and red planet-Mars
  83. The element which is more in Sun-Hydrogen
  84. The planet which is having equivalent days and night to earth-Mars
  85. The person who spent more time in space-Kennadi Pedalka
  86. At present the ISRO chairman-A.S.Kirankumar
  87. Who wrote the book ‘sleeping on jupiter’-Anuradha Roy
  88. In which day of 2015 having one second more-June 30
  89. The little planet given the name of Viswanath Anandh-Vishi Anand 4538
  90. The newly invented galaxy given the name of a international footballer-Christiano Ronaldo
  91. In which year India launched the Edusat fo educational purposes-2004 sept 30
  92. World space day-April 12
  93. The name given by Russians to their space traveler-Cosmonaut
  94. In which year ISRO formed-1969
  95. The plant grown in spaceship -Clorella
  96. The first satellite successfully launched from Sreeharikotta-Rohini(1980)
  97. Name the star nearest to Sun-Proxima centuari
  98. The satellite of Mars which is known as the blackmoon-Fobos
  99. In which year Pluto is ousted from planetary status-2006
  100. The study of moon is known as-Selenology
  101. The Sun is enriched with elements of –Hydrogen
  102. In which year the first satellite of India Aryabatta was launched-1975 Apr.19
  103. Who invented the planet Uranus-William Hershal
  104. Who argued the Earth is the centre of Universe-Ptolemy
  105. Who put forward the theory of planetary motion-Kepler
  106. The international asronomical year-2009
  107. Which planet is known as red planet-Mars
  108. The first person who walked in space-Alexi Liyanov
  109. The planet which is revolving from east to west-Shukran
  110. The escape velocity of moon-2.4Km/Seecond
  111. In which year India launched Chandrayan-2008 Oct.22
  112. The star nearest to earth-Sun
  113. Who wrote the book ‘Almajest’-Ptolemy
  114. By which process the energy is generated in sun-The nuclear Fusion
  115. The planet which is known as morning star and evening star-Shukran
  116. In which state of America the  Cape Kennedy satellite launching station located-Florida
  117. In which year Kalpana Choula killed-2003 Feb.1
  118. The first female space tourist-Anousha Ansari
  119. The name given by ISRO to the attempt of exploration of Mars-Mars Orbital Mission
  120. The planet which is known as great Red spot-Jupiter
  121. In which year Mangalyan launched-2013 Nov.5
  122. The element which is more in atmosphere-Nitrogen
  123. How many second will take to reach moonlight to earth-1.3sec
  124. Whose countries space ship is known as Shensu-China
  125. What is called the Chinese space traveller-Thaikonut
  126. Who put forward the idea of tele-communication satellite-Arther C Clark
  127. In which city the head quarters of ISRO, ‘Anthareeshabhavan’ situated-Banglore
  128. Which countries expedition to moon is known as Luna-Soviet Union
  129. The launching vehicle helped to Indias 100th space expedition-PSLV-C-21
  130. In which state Satheesh Davan Space centre situated-Andhra
  131. Indias missile testing centre , ‘Chandipur is situated in which state-Odisha
  132. Indias first defence satellite-G-sat -7
  133. The busiest satellite launching centre in the world-Kouru in French Gayana
  134. The worlds first space shuttle-Columbia
  135. The spaceship agency of America-Nasa
  136. The vehicle which is going to launch by ISRO to study the Sun-Aditya-I
  137. Who combiled the astronomical book ‘Surya Sidhanthika’-Aryabatta
  138. In which country Galileo Galili born-Itali
  139. Name the surface of sun visible from earth-Photosphere
  140. In which olace of India hosted the Science summit India 2015-Mumbai
  141. Whose book is ‘re-ignited –scientific path to a brighter future’-A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  142. Whose book is ‘After the first three minute’-Thanu Padmanabhan
  143. The rocket which is used to launch Mangalyan-PSLV -C-25
  144. The rocket which is used to launch Chandrayan-PSLV -C-11
  145. The first chairman of ISRO-Vikram Sarabhai
  146. In which year Indian space commission formed-1972
  147. In which year Thumba Rocket Launching Station submitted to UN-1968 Feb 2

The leading producer of various items

The followings are the leading producers differant food items.Those questions are appearing in psc question bank.Predominant sections of general knowledge the leadin producers not only in among the states but also among the country wise also.And also a little typical general knowledge questions on computer is also given. 

  1. Apple-China
  2. Tobacco-China
  3. Rice-China
  4. Potato-China
  5. Sugarcane-Brazil
  6. Mango-India
  7. Ground nut-China
  8. Tea-China
  9. Grape-China
  10. Soyabeen-America
  11. Barly-Russia
  12. Pine apple-Thailand
  13. Kokko-Ivorycost
  14. Tapioca-Nigeraia

Agricultural revolution

  1. Silver revolution-Egg
  2. White revolution-Milk
  3. Blue revolution-Fish
  4. Brown revolution-Fertilisers


  1. The father of Internet-Winton Serf
  2. The ancient form of Internet-Aparnet
  3. The system which help the operation of Internet-TCP(Transmission Control Protocol)
  4. Who invented www(World Wide Web)-T-Bernersli
  5. The first person who used the term cyberspace-William Gibson
  6. Who called internet as information super highway-Al gor
  7. International cyber protection day-Nov.30
  8. The worlds biggest free encyclopedia-Vikipaedia
  9. The Indians who invented hotmail-Sabir Batia
  10. Internet protection day-Feb 6World computer literary day-Dec 2
  11. The full form of HTTP-Htper Text Transfer Protocol
  12. Who invented IC Chips-Jack Kilby
  13. 1 Byte-8 bit
  14. 1Kilo byte-1024 byte


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