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Sports and other Questions in General knowledge Sections

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Sports and other type of questions in General knowledge Sections in PSC Exams

Current affairs questions in sports in general knowledge sections are very important in psc Exams.About 20 percent questions from the sports questions in general knowledge sections are appearing for psc examinations.Differant types trophies are there related dufferant game in sports.The champions in those sports items are asking frequently psc examinations.In general knowledge sections that questions are so important

  1. French Open 2015(Male)-Stan Vavringa
  2. French Open 2015(Female)-Serina Villiams
  3. US Open 2015(Male)-Novok Dhyokovich
  4. US Open 2015(Female)-Flaviya Pennetta
  5. Wimble ton 2015(Male)- Novok Dhyokovich
  6. Wimble ton 2015(Female)- Serina Villiams
  7. World Badminton Champion in 2015-Karilina Marin
  8. Copa America Champions in 2015-Chili
  9. Fifa under-20 Foot ball champions in 2015-Serbia
  10. ‘Lokha Vanitha’ Foot ball champions in 2015-America
  11. The malayalee who got Dyan chand Award in 2015-T.P.Padmanabhan Nair
  12. The malayalee who got Arjuna Award in 2015-Sreejesh .P.R
  13. The Indians who scored 50 goals in International Football-Sunil Chetri
  14. The first Indian female player who played in English League Foot ball-Athithi Chouhan
  15. The ‘Yvefa Champions League ‘ champions in 2015-FC.Barsilona
  16. The ex-BCCI president who recently died-Jagmohan Dalmia
  17. SABA Cup Basket ball Champions in 2015-India
  18. The new president of International Council-Sahir Abbhass
  19. The first Indian player who became member national basket ball association-Satnam singh
  20. The country ,hosts 2022 common wealth games-Durban(South Africa)
  21. The tennis player who recently selected as the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF- Novok Dhyokovich
  22. Nehru Trophy Vallam Kali 2015-Jawahar Tayankiri
  23. The fastest 8000 runs in one day cricket-Abi Divilliers
  24. Tour-de-France cycling in 2015-Cris Frume
  25. The new head of Bengal Cricket Association-Sourav Ganguly
  26. The footballer who got 5 goal in 9 minutes-Robert Leven Dovsky
  27. The newly elected president of World Atlatic Federation-Sebastian Cro-(Britain)


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