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Sure Basic Questions repeatedly appearing for PSC Examinations

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30-Point- Basic Questions for PSC Examinations

The following are the very precious collection of knowledge,certain points are appearing repeatedly for PSC  examinations,Study them with utmost care

  1. Who invented telephone-
    Ans:Graham Bell
  2. The parliament of Nepal-
    Ans:National Panchayath
  3. The Indian who became the civilian police advisor of UNO-
    Ans:Kiran Bedi
  4. Whose book is, ‘Discovery of India’-
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  5. The architecture of Cochin port-
    Ans:Robert Bristo
  6. The first private television channel in Keralam-
  7. Who invented the oral medicine for polio-
    Ans:Albert Sabin
  8. The first female Governor in any Indian state-
    Ans:Sarojini Naidu
  9. Who established children’s book trust-
    Ans:Cartoonist Shanker
  10. Who is known as ‘Indian Shakesphere-
  11. In which place GV Raja Sports school situated
    Ans: Trivandrum
  12. The Indian President who served as the Kerala Governor before he becomes President-
  13. The first Indian who got Nobel prize-
    Ans:Raveendra Natha Tagore
  14. The first Malayalee who got Magsasey award-
    Ans:Varghese Kurien
  15. The first Kathakali actor who visited foreign country-
    Ans:Guru Gopinath
  16. Name of the first test tube baby in Asea-
    Ans:Baby Durga
  17. The first space traveler in the world-
    Ans:Euri Gagarin
  18. The persons in which field Templeton Puraskar is given –
    Ans:The person who works in the improvement of religions
  19. The creator of the cartoon character ‘The common man’-
  20. Who is known as ‘Little Corporal’-
  21. Whose pen-name is Kovilan-
  22. Whose autobiography is ‘Manasasmarami’-
    Ans:S.Guptan Nair
  23. The important religion in Persia-
    Ans:Sorashtra religions
  24. The monument constructed in the memory of Indian militants killed in the first world-war-
    Ans:India gate
  25. The first women in Asia who swam across English Channel-
    Ans:Arathy Saga
  26. Which Prime minister raised the slogan ‘Garibi Gattavo’
    Ans:Indira Gandhi
  27. The fastest earthquake waves-
    Ans:primary waves
  28. From which place in Keralam found out 1000th years old ship-
  29. Who established Reliance –
    Ans:Dheeru Bhai Ambani in 1966
  30. Which Indian scientist got World Food Prize in 1987


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